10 Reasons to Start Running

More and more people today start running. Maybe hard you go by yourself for a while or are you thinking of going to begin. This article describes the main reasons to go running. For example, you go running to lose weight or improve your condition, but there are many more reasons to start running. Even less athletic people will eventually often dependent on the positive effects that run.

1. Lose Weight

Running fit a healthy lifestyle. This type of movement is very effective when you want to burn a lot of calories. There are not many sports where you take more calories than running. In addition, the relative amount of fat you burn when driving large compared to other sports. A few times a week, for half an hour, running can already provide many kilos of weight in a few months.

2. Easy

Running is very accessible to both novice and experienced athletes. All you need is a good pair of running shoes and a set of sportswear such as running sports bra featured on JaneSportsBras. You can at any time of the day, when it suits you best, be active. Additionally, you can, no matter where you live, you can always find a good jogging route. So you do not need an expensive gym membership. Additionally, anyone can easily run on the level that best suits him or her. Even if you want to participate in a competition if you want to join a running group, there are in the Netherlands offer for runners of all levels.

3. Strong Bones

From about your 30th year of life, the density of your bones go of take. This is called osteoporosis or osteoporosis.The contraction of the muscles while running it will be pressure on the legs, which stimulates the production of new bone tissue. Through hard walk up to the process of osteoporosis prevention.

4. Less risk of diseases

Running can risk in several ways diseases such as heart disease and diabetes are reduced. Because running can reduce blood pressure and heart rate, keep your blood vessels in better condition. This effect of running results in a reduction of bad cholesterol, and allows for a reduction in your body fat percentage. This combination, together for a lower risk of heart failure, atherosclerosis and stroke. These factors also contribute to reducing the risk of diabetes. Also allows drive for better regulation of blood sugar levels, which also gives a lower risk of diabetes.

5. Relaxing

Due to run, you will not only less physically, but also experienced less emotional stress. While running make endorphins, making you feel happier and less stressed. It is also evident that running might help to reduce the symptoms that occur in depression. This seems to be due to the increase of the concentration fenyletylamine in the body, this hormone is also released when you are in love.

6. Better sleep

People who regularly drive seems to get better sleep and better sleep than those who do not drive. Note that you can not let the night go running. The high concentration of adrenaline as you sit in your blood, you may find it harder to sleep.

7. Fresh skin

By running you get a healthier and smoother skin. This is partly because it stimulates circulation while driving. This ensures that the waste is removed faster. Especially outside runs creates a healthier skin and better skin.

8. Improved Sense

Research shows that not only your muscles but also your mind trains rush. How exactly do, but have never been proven. Researchers suggest that this is due to the increased blood circulation, and as a result of the increased oxygen concentration in the brain. In addition, short-term memory and coordination capacity is improved by running.

9. Fewer Pregnancy Ailments

Those who remain in the first months of pregnancy run less affected by pregnancy ailments. For example, they are less affected by swollen hands, due to fluid retention, anemia and fatigue. The risk of gestational diabetes and varicose veins during pregnancy decreases. It is always important to seek medical advice if you want to continue to exercise during pregnancy.

10. Mindre menstruella Problem

Another advantage for women drive is that they generally have fewer problems with menstrual symptoms or PMS.It might not be the first where you want in your time, but a run, you can greatly reduce the symptoms.