13 Gift Tips that Kids Will Love!

We are almost in October, and whoever has a dear child at home already begins to wonder what to give as a gift for the pimps. There are many ideas, toys, drawings that they like … That’s why we here at MC S / A have prepared a list with super cool gift ideas for children’s day.13 Gift Tips For Kids
Children love to get gift toys, especially gifts of the favorite designs and as every year some character or drawing becomes a fever among children, there is always news in stores to please the little ones on Children’s Day, see our tips.

1- Peppa Pig Toys And Gifts

The Peppa sketch turned into a fever among the children. Peppa Pig is a success in many countries and with children of various ages. The charming and stubborn little pig lives with Mama Pig, Daddy Pig and her little brother George. Peppa’s design is the second most watched design of the children’s channel Discovery Kids, second only to the dog Doki.
That’s why our first tip for children’s day for children up to 7 years old is this: Toys of the Class of Peppa, you can bet, will succeed.

2- Toys And Gifts Of Chicken Pintadinha

We have already done a post here on the Blog with super cool tips on gifts and toys from Chicken Pintadinha . Every baby and child up to 3 years old loves Pintadinha and his gang. Your chance to hit the children’s day gift is great if you choose the Chicken class.

3-Frozen Movie Toys And Gifts

Frozen is a Disney children’s film that made the biggest success with the kids. It was so successful that it became the highest grossing animation ever! That is, if your child has seen Frozen and liked it, he will probably love to get a gift from that movie on Children’s Day .

4-Avengers Toys And Gifts

Now a children’s day gift tip for the boys in 2014, gifts and Avengers dolls (Thor, Iron Man, Captain America and Hulk).
The boys love these films of heroes, especially of the “Avengers” because it turned into a super cool movie.

5-Sports Toys

Nothing is better than encouraging children to play sports, to teach them how to have fun practicing physical activities. According to Wholevehicles, a good way to encourage them is to give toys such as bicycles, skates, skateboards, scooters …
So, the little ones have fun enjoying the outdoors, practicing exercises!

6-Board Games

If your little one is already maiorzinho, q ue as present him that day children board games ? So the whole family can have fun and you still help your child develop skills, logical reasoning and social interaction with this type of toy . Great gift choice for kids.

Toys & Hobbies

Nowadays it is difficult not to see a child, even the little ones without a Tablet or even with the parents’ cell phone in hand playing a little game or watching a video of Little Fowl in the application.
Kids love a game, an electronic toy. If your child likes this type of toy, a Tablet, a console or a cell phone could be a cool gift for children’s day. But do not let your child stay all day in front of a cell phone or video game. Teach him to play outdoors, play sports, enjoy nature, live for real!

8-Educational Toys

If you want to stimulate your child’s learning a cool tip of gifts for children’s day are educational toys that stimulate thinking and aid in development.

9-Toys Ninja Turtle

One more gift tip for kids on Children’s Day: Ninja Turtle Toys!
Boys who love adventure and action movies must be crazy about the Ninja Turtles because of the movie that debuted this year.
The design is from my time, but certain classics pass from generation to generation and are rescued with new films and come back to be successful with the children.

10- Transformers Toys

Another film that made success with the children was the Transformers, where the cars saw robots.
Of course, boys love the toys in the movie and it’s a great idea to please your little one.

11- Lalaloopsy Toys

The Lalaloopsy dolls became feverish among the girls, they are dolls that look like cloth, but are made of vinyl. It’s a super cool children’s day gift for your little girl.

12-Monster High Toys

Monster High dolls are the new phenomenon among girls. The monstrinha dolls with colorful hair, visual fashion and strong personality turned the little girl’s sweetheart. Want to please a girl nowadays? Surely if you give her a Monster High Day doll from the kids it will hit you right.


Encourage your child to read, if it’s a baby give them those little booklets, if they already know how to read, find cool, fun books about themes they like.
These were our 13 ideas of children’s day gifts in 2014.
Take advantage of our tips and be creative. Is the budget tight? You do not have to give that most expensive gift from the store, you have child gift options for every pocket of your child’s favorite character.
There are many possibilities, I hope you have enjoyed it.
If you are looking for a two-year-old toy, see the post we wrote with super tips!
And you already know what you are going to buy on that day from the children to your son? Do you have any legal tips? Tell us.