14/15 Autumn Winter Jewelry Collection

The new autumn winter jewellery collection 14/15 by Twelve Thirteen Jewelry is now available – the motto is: City attitude! The summer is over – and autumn arrives with great strides. But it has also positive sides. Winter autumn 14/15 may be worn again more jewelry, darker, more intense colors are great, and one of our absolute favorite colors is on the new season: Gold! Our Designer Ben and Farid have subsided in the stuff and collection created a winter autumn 14/15, that based on current trends and is still unique. The twelve thirteen style at the pulse of time. There are modern, exclusive colours and a few new features for the trained eye of twelve-thirteen – one may be curious!

The trends of the season

Trendy winter 14/15 covered, quiet earth tones and the supposed non-colours are white and black this fall (both individually and in combination). Everything can be embellished with shiny metallic elements. Mainly white, its rays will spread this autumn winter as a piece of jewelry of any kind.

14/15 autumn winter jewelry collection

For the first time in the history of Twelve Thirteen there is a 4 × 6 series that combines various colors in universal design. The six color lines Brown, black and white, white grey, blue/pink and black are all elegant, chic and yet friendly companion which neither ever too thickly applied, even boring. From the autumn winter 14/15 jewelry collection a universal concept to make, we have processed these great colors in four designs. Glare, pure, Grand and minor meet any design in your diversity.


For lovers of magnificent glitter and eye-catching sparkle, we have designed the glare line. Each three to five Czech Crystals give the bracelet a distinctive look.


For those who like it a little simpler, but also on elegance and sophistication set value, there is the pure line. Color one to three depending on a bracelet of the extra class LogoBalls by twelve thirteen here.


The Grand line will delight all fans of CZ diamonds. Her bewitching glitter convinced even the most demanding jewelry makers.


Minor line of products can be worn in different ways. Through their small 8 mm bullets, they are perfect, to be carried as a “Stack” to one of the “big” bracelets, but alone, you simply do your job as a classy accessory well!
Are you a fan of black and white suits? Explore four different ways, to wear black and white!
You like to wear our CZ Diamonds? You have the choice between six timeless and always right Farben.Es is so no matter whether you come from “Design-” or the “color”side, the this year’s autumn winter jewellery collection offers twelve thirteen 14/15 bracelets, which you’ll love.

Black line

In addition, we have four particularly fine bracelets on sale: CZ dark Negro, CZ dark Suyah, CZ dark Kjar and CZ dark Noir make up the exclusive “Black Line” by twelve thirteen. LogoBalls, CZ diamonds and pure make these bracelets black to real luxury for your wrist. Also in combination with each other or with a watch very classy!
But not only the bracelets themselves up with new designs. Also, we have changed our macrame warp a little to bring a fresh breeze in our looks. It is certainly immediately noticed the twelve thirteen connoisseurs for everyone else here note: see the space between the stones to – instead of just a node, our factory has established three nodes. That makes the style a bit exclusive and elegant than ever before. And this is also new: instead of the well-known logo plate we have used designs a Logosquare in the autumn winter. More often something new! We hope you like the new design!

Jewelry Individalisieren

For anyone looking for an individual jewelry, we offer ornaments with engraving.