15 Boxes Toys DIY

Say bye bye to stacks of toys that invade every corner of the House of your little ones! These 15 home made toy chests are going to save you.

Parents followers of creative and do it yourself ? We have selected for you 15 tutorials to make your own toy box of your toddler.
How many parents have almost spraining an ankle sliding on a car or a piece of puzzle in the room of the little monsters? In the face of disorder, no family is immune! To get by and do not abut against a mountain of dolls whenever you open the door of the cave of Ali Baba, only solution: multiply the storage! Because how can expect an otherwise orderly room?
Multiply the storage, is to offer them solutions adapted according to the toys that are in their room. No need to offer a huge library or a wardrobe to clothes if they are still small and you crumble under comforters and stacking cubes. Opt for a toy chest! And if you don’t find the model of your dreams or that it costs an arm, make it! Made of wood or cardboard, case of wine recovered, there are a large number of ideas, same for the toy beginner according to foodezine.com. Thus, we have selected 15-not creative. These home-made toy chests are bonus very practical: sometimes they are on wheels, other times they also serve as bench. The choice is vast and your children will have more excuse to not store! Finally, feel free to sort the toys that your children use more regularly by encouraging them to participate. You can then give them all to an association that collects for families in difficulty.