2015: Makeup Tricks Color Marsala

Make up 2015, the success of this year’s nuance color Marsala, chosen by Pantone to illuminate the cheekbones, make irresistible lips and magnetic gaze. To make key nuances were also a large number of beauty brands.
It’s called Marsala, and it is the Pantone color choice must of 2015 nuance. A deep red that recalls the nuance of fortified wine that we all love, a refined and natural nuance that is reminiscent of warm earth tones and red wine. This was announced by a top authority on colors, which defined this earthy red color that “meets a sophisticated elegance in a refined way.” A Burgundy-Brown that we see at work also with regard to make up, especially since this color fits perfectly to all skin types and it combines very well with other warm colors of the season.
For Pantone step is sharp and decided, without any qualms. “While the captivating Pantone 18-3224 Radiant Orchid, color of the year of 2014, stimulating creativity and innovation, Marsala enriches our minds, our bodies and our souls, by enacting security and stability,” said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, state that “just as the Marsala fortified wine from which he derives his name, this solid meal satisfying taste refined epitomizes the satisfactory While its stabilizers red-brown roots exude a sophisticated and natural substance on Earth. This vigorous, yet elegant shades, has a universal appeal and is easily applied to fashion, cosmetics, industrial design and furniture“.
Marsala on the eye but above all on the cheeks, to make the complexion understated but warm, impeccable but naturally. It is no coincidence that brands like Sephora, Deborah and Shiseido as Collistar and Yves Saint Laurent have declined this nuance in a wide range of products ranging from super matte opaque lipsticks to various shades of blush and ideal for summer and for winter.The Pantone color of the year, elected, in pink and delicate version we end up on the hands to thwart the Tan with a flawless manicure, hot but at the same time very light and soft.

How to match the color Marsala

The makeup artist on Carswers.com advise us to play with nuances and shades ranging up to bronze and gold tones, especially during the summer, to bring out the natural golden brown skin tones. If the goal is a natural makeup in shades nude then we can experiment with a lipstick marsala opaque, or still with a blush of an earthy shade very clear. For a brilliant makeup, intended and bold the marsala will be paired with other shades metal axe, in which case the advice is not to further encumber the make up with dark lipstick, but moving on the lips just a layer of gloss. Also remember that those who have small eyes should select lighter shades, or smudge for good eye shadow.
We discover together what products make up missed that reinterpret tinged with unheard of Marsala, chosen by Pantone color of the year 2015.