The Looks of Jeans You Want to Copy

Who doesn’t have a pair of jeans in your closet? This is a basic versatile clothing that can be worn with a blazer and heels or with a t-shirt and sneakers. The truth is that the classic cut jeans never pass sets and are so comfortable that some of us have dozens of models in your closet. Continue reading  

The Basics of Professional Style

Know what are the key pieces of clothing in who should invest? A good professional wardrobe does not mean having a large quantity of pieces in the closet, but have the right outfit for every occasion, taking into account your age, lifestyle, body type and the profession. Continue reading  

Slogan: Hydration

Summer skin is more exposed, dry and fragile. So I have a SOS intensive hydration kit for when I need a bath of regeneration. In fact, it’s very uncomfortable to have lips, cracked hands and feet, or feel the body skin, dehydrated and rough flaky. As such, it is important to have effective solutions that protect, relieve and take care of the skin. Continue reading  

CIMTB Levorin in AraxÁ Approaches Brazilian Cyclists from Rio

With the unprecedented SHC rating in the Americas, or Hors Class for Internships, the opening of the MTB Levorin International Cup in Araxá offered the super-elite champions 160 points in the international rankings. Among the Brazilians, the Rio 2016 Games were the champion of the stage Henrique Avancini, with the maximum score obtained, and Érika Gramiscelli, runner-up, with 140 points added. Rubinho Valeriano and Raiza Goulão, both third placed, totaled 130 points. National cyclists have never scored as many points in the ranking as in the first of three CIMTB events of the year Levorin, which took more than 1,500 athletes from 13 countries and 20,000 people to the Tauá Grande Hotel. Continue reading  

Registration Is Open for Pedalli Costa Verde&Amp

Go through 65 kilometers of pedaling and still cross coastal and urban landscapes. These are the main objectives of the 400 cyclists expected in the next edition of Pedalli Costa Verde & Mar 2016 cyclotourism. The event will be held on April 17th and will pass through Itapema, Porto Belo and Bombinhas, mixing the diverse landscapes and natural beauties of the region . With the support of the Inter-Municipal Tourism Consortium Costa Verde & Mar (Citmar), the challenge has already become traditional among cyclists and is recognized by cyclists from all over Brazil. The region, moreover, is consecrated because it was the first of the country to create an official itinerary of bicycle tourism to gather rural and coastal landscapes in the same route. Entries are open and can be made through the ticket Now website until April 15th. Continue reading  

Sebrae-SP Guides Businessmen to Attend Public Cyclist

The Sebrae-SP launches the booklet “Cycle Opportunities-Pedale and profit more with urban mobility”. The material guides how the entrepreneur can adapt his business to receive bicycle users, as well as a list of 30 business opportunities mapped according to the needs of the public that uses the bicycle as a means of transportation in major cities. Continue reading  

Benefits of Cycling for Life

Everyone knows that by practicing any physical activity the body gains benefits. Now, cycling besides being a sustainable means of locomotion, helps a lot in the conquest and maintenance of a healthy life. Pedaling enhances cardiovascular conditioning, helps in toning the muscles, reduces the risk of various diseases and more. Continue reading  

Child Birthday Invitation: Tips and Templates to Print

Surprise children’s party guests with a cheerful, playful and themed invitation.

The birthday child is the first contact of the guests with the party, so he must be drawn up on a whim and according to the visual identity of the celebration. Check out tips for assembling the perfect invitation and models ready to print. Continue reading  

Clube De Cicloturismo Will Make an Expedition to a New Circuit

<h2>A Bike Trip From The Apennines To Tuscany Via The Historic Route Of The Small Squares</h2>
The Cycling Club of Brazil is organizing a bicycle expedition through an incredible region of Italy that connects Bologna to Florence. We will pass by beautiful visuals, by roads that cross the Apennine mountains and lead to Florence, the capital of Tuscany and one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Continue reading  

Olympic Delay Cancels Test Cycling Event

The delay in the works of the Olympic Velodrome led to the cancellation of the track cycling event, which was scheduled for 30 April and 1 May. The decision was taken by the Rio 2016 Committee in conjunction with the International Olympic Committee and the international federation of the sport to preserve the velodrome track. The assembly was already 12 days late and could be hampered by the event before the work was completed. Continue reading  

How to Prepare for the Olympic Cross Country

Team Technician Specialized Racing BR explains the peculiarities of the most dynamic MTB mode and what their athletes expect from the Campeonato Brasileiro de XCO.

The Specialized Racing BR athletes are ready for the Brazilian championship of Mountain Bike Cross Country Olympic (XCO) 2017 this weekend, on Sunday Martins (ES). The competition is the main objective of cyclists: Bruna Elias, Lucas Syrian and Érick Bruske, with the absence of Larissa Cristina Ember, who recovers from surgery. Therefore, the technician Henrique Furtado shares what are the secrets of a specific preparation for the most dynamic MTB mode in the present. Continue reading  

Miraculous Ladybug Party: 15 Ideas for Decorating the Birthday

Check out inspirational ideas for decorating with Miraculous theme.

The Miraculous Ladybug Party has everything for success among children. The theme is usually chosen by girls, aged between 4 and 9 years. Check out some really good ideas of decoration to put into practice in children’s birthday. Continue reading  

Casimiro, RJ, Hosts Cycling Event at the Weekend

Ecotrilhas begins at 8:30 am, on sunday (15). event should gather 140 cyclists from across the southeast region.

Next Sunday (15), Ecotrilhas-Green Valley Circuit will take place, with the presence of more than 140 cyclists. In all, there will be 55 kilometers of pure adventure and beautiful landscapes with departure and arrival of the site Fruta Pão, in Cachoeiras de Macaé, in the mountain region of Casimiro de Abreu, in Rio. The event with start at 8:30 am, has the support of the city. Continue reading  

Park Tool School Offers Inner Marching Hub Travel

The Park Tool School, pioneering institution in the training, training and qualification of bicycle mechanics, offers a course that will clarify all doubts about the maintenance of the internal gear hub. As a result of the partnership with Shimano, the course of the School teaches-in theory and in practice-amateurs and professionals to perform simple and correct maintenance on the Shimano Nexus, with all its peculiarities.

The next class of the course will be on April 1 at the Park Tool School unit in São Paulo, São Paulo. In all, there will be 7 hours of specific content on the subject. To know more,click here.

“The content of the course is complete. As he is apart in the school grille, anyone-amateur or professional mechanic – can do it. Even so, we recommend that the interested party has at least the diploma of the Advanced module. This facilitates understanding and learning”, analyzes Caíque Pereira Alves, instructor and evaluator of the Park Tool School in Brazil.

How it works: In practice, handling the Shimano Nexus inner gear hub is a simple task if you follow the manufacturer’s manual. With it, there is no need to carry spare parts during the pedal, as well as facilitate the work of the bike owner during possible maintenance required. All this without talking about durability. An inner gear hub can handle about 5,000 km and must be changed in approximately 2 years. Another strong point is resistance. It preserves other parts of the bike as the chain lubrication and requires low maintenance.

However, “learn by doing” is not as effective as the qualification of the pioneering institution for training bicycle mechanics and that it provides a world-class certification for its students. Then enter the differential of the Park Tool School.

Independence of the amateur

“The amateur will learn to differentiate the systems from each inner gear hub and how to use them. A cyclist, for example: if he is away on the road without access to a trained mechanic, the owner of the bike can. Also, with the knowledge that we get through, it will understand the maintenance time of the cube. In this way, the amateur preserves the piece more and will not condemn it in the first problem, “said Caíque Alves.

Difference in professional work

Stirring in the inner gear hub is not a big challenge, but many still break their heads.Therefore, having this type of qualification is a great benefit.

“For example, the amateur can not identify the problem in his inner gear hub. If he finds a mechanic who dominates the subject and already presents the solution, the ciclsta starts to trust the mechanic’s work. It’s a differential, “concluded the instructor.

Want to know more about Park Tool School courses? Enter the site our site or see on Facebook.

Reasons to Love Your Bike

The blog Go and Vir de Bike, from Gazeta do Povo, published a few years ago an interesting post with 50 arguments in defense of the bike for 50 different profiles of people. The original post you can access at out site.

Here are some of the arguments (each one has its own justification for using the bike, and in practice all are valid):

1) Ecologist: The bicycle is a sustainable means of transport that does not emit gases that pollute the atmosphere of the planet;

2) Democrat: it is a freedom of individual choice;

3) Legalist: the law guarantees me this right;

4) Altruistic: it is good for the world;

5) Selfish: it is good for me;


30) Impatient: bicycle will not get you stuck in traffic;

31) Lazy: of bike gives to cut path;

32) Driver: more space on the streets for vehicles;

33) Hippie: bicycle is peace and love;

34) Woman: you can pedal in skirt and high heels;

35) Feminist: men think that only they can pedal;


45) Conscious citizen: riding a bike can contribute to a better city;

46) Good-humored: pedaling makes you laugh;

47) Cordial: the bike socializes and helps make new friends;

48) Frugal: bike is simple and efficient;

49) Bold: Transit is dangerous. And???

50) Reactionary: Do not even try to argue. Well, it’s not worth wasting time with those…

Learn How to Avoid Injuries Caused by Incorrect Cycling Practice

More common problems are tendinitis in the knees and disc hernias

More than adrenaline and speed, cycling can allow a unique sensation of freedom for those who practice. Considered the seventh healthiest sport by Forbes magazine in 2010, the modality provides cardiopulmonary resilience, strength and muscular endurance, flexibility, and caloric expenditure, but can be allied with bodily injury if it is performed improperly, excessive or serious falls occur . Among the occurrences are plantar fasciitis, penile paresthesia, muscle injuries and low back pain-which if left untreated can progress to a herniated disc.

Physical therapist Giuliano Martins, regional director of the Brazilian Association of Column Rehabilitation (ABRC), explains how this happens:

Back pain is due to the cyclist’s poorly adjusted position on the bike. The muscles that may be affected are the buttocks, piriformis, paravertebral hamstrings, multifidus, and the lumbar quad. The latter is located between the first lumbar vertebra and goes to the second sacral vertebra, known as L1 and S2. That is why choosing and properly regulating the equipment is important to avoid back pain, and in the future, herniation.

Martins explains that another common knee problem is tendinitis.

The movement of pedaling is done mainly by the quadriceps more specifically by the vastus medial. A pedaling with wrong technique or pedaling with a lot of overload (rises, pedals locked) will overload this musculature and can cause injuries. It is important to choose the correct frame size for each person size and observe the adjustments and adjustments for the body. Another advice is to avoid pedaling on very heavy marches so as not to overload the knees and perform warm-ups before and stretching after the exercises – clarifies.

In the risk group, the sedentary should take extra care when it comes to sports.

“These people have a great weakness in their muscles. These muscles are responsible for keeping the spine stabilized and the posture on the bike is a determining factor in the onset of cervical and lumbar injuries, so strengthened muscles are essential – Martins points out.

According to the specialist, in cases of herniated disc, it is recommended to treat the patient with physical therapy and the RMA (Reconstruction Articular Muscle of the Spine), which also includes the tables of traction and flexo-decompression.

The tip for preventing any damage, in addition to strengthening, is always to stretch before and after exercise, do sit-ups, adequate rest and, of course, know your own limit-complete.

Know other injuries and how to avoid them:

Muscle Injuries

They occur mainly in the triceps sural and in the quadriceps, usually by overuse (overuse). Stretch daily after exercise.

Try to practice bodybuilding to promote the strengthening of muscle groups involved in cycling.

Rest after very hard workouts and competitions. Rest should be part of your training.

Penile Paresthesia

It is the numbness and lack of sensitivity in the region between the legs, which is supported on the saddle of the bicycle. In women, the paresthesia of the big lips occurs.The nerve, when subjected to a compression for a long period of time, has a smaller signal of nerve impulse, which leads to the loss of temporary sensitivity. There are no reports of power loss due to cycling. Everyone should know the time limit that can be seated on the vehicle. For beginners, only 20 minutes can generate annoyances.

Wear cycling shorts with the liner made of a high-density foam, even in indoor cycling classes.

Try to get a saddle seat in the center that helps relieve the pressure in that area.

Plantar Fasciitis

It is the burning sensation in the sole of the foot, pain in the back of the sole when touching the ground. Usually the worst pain moment happens during the first few steps in the morning or during the beginning of the race. Among the predisposing factors are the lack of stretching and warming, more common in foot caves, obesity, excessive pronation and supination and advanced age.

Try to wear your own cycling shoes.

Brazil Ride Changes Region in Its Seventh Edition

The MTB’s top ultramarathon of the americas will be held on the discovering route, between porto seguro and the municipality of eunápolis, in the south of bahia. registration opens this Wednesday.

The main mountain biking ultra marathon of the Americas arrives at its seventh edition, between October 15 and 22, with great news for sports lovers. After being held between 2010 and 2015 in Chapada Diamantina, based in the cities of Mucugê and Rio de Contas, the competition will continue in the same state, but will change to the Discovery Route in the South of Bahia. The city of Porto Seguro will house one of the towns of Brazil Ride, while the second village will be in a locality near the municipality of Eunápolis and will be the second place of camping for the 500 participants. Continue reading  

Owl Birthday Party: 29 Ideas to Make a Perfect Decoration

See creative ideas to make your birthday party with theme “Owl”.

How about arranging a birthday party Owl? This theme is perfect for children aged between 1 and 3 years. Read the article and check out some ideas to enhance the bird in every detail of the decoration.

After taking care of the stamps, the OWL has finally arrived to the decoration of children’s parties. The bird suits girls and boys, besides allows you to work with several colors and elements of nature.

Owl birthday party ideas

Here are some ideas for organizing a child birthday Owl themed:

1-Colour composition

The OWL theme does not limit the color choices. In fact, he asks a colorful, lively and full of personality.

2-Frame photo

To leave the party with a vintage air, remember to put frames at the bottom of the main table. Parts can contrast with an area lined by green leaves.

3-Lights of OWL

The flasher of OWL, available for sale on Aliexpress, can be used to garnish to decorate the birthday child, especially if the party happen outdoors.

4-Owlets to decorate the table

The main table asks owlets, plush fabric or felt. There are many creative ideas that can be put into practice to enhance this decorating theme.


You can turn the gas helium balloons in beautiful owls to decorate the party. To do this, simply use colored cardboard to make the details of the bird, as in the case of the beak and the large eyes.

6-Delicate Ornaments

Use delicate ornaments for decorating Owl’s birthday party, as is the case of the owlets with bullets hanging in a small tree. I’m sure people will love the idea.

7-Japanese lanterns

Japanese lanterns, made with paper, can turn into beautiful little owlets to decorate the party. The principle of customization is the same of the balloons.

8-OWL Pillows

Decorating and craft stores, you can find many OWL pillows. The pieces mimic the shape of the bird, as well as the details of the face. Use these elements to enhance the visual of the party.

9-Perfect Cake

The cake for birthday party Owl must be perfect and able to enhance the theme the most. Don’t just decorate the top with a tawny made from fondant, you also need to bet on other elements that refer to nature, like flowers and trees.

10-OWL-shaped Snacks

You want to make children even more involved with the theme of the party. Then prepare snacks with OWL format. Do this using sliced bread, ham and mozzarella.

11-Artistic Bakery

An OWL themed party asks for confectionery. The theme can serve as inspiration for candy, Candy Apple pastry, cookies and many other delicious treats.


Make a long colorful papers, using as shown below. Then, just fix it on a toothpick and use this embellishment to increment a vase with flowers. This idea of embellishment is simple, inexpensive and perfect for centerpiece.

13-Glass Bottles

Time was that the drinks were served in plastic glasses. The trend now is to buy bottles of glass and decorate it as the theme of the party.

14-Main table decorated with whim

The main table is the most prominent point of the party, so she deserves to be decorated with whimsy and creativity. Reserve the Center to put the cake. Then, distribute candy trays and ornaments all over the table. Don’t forget to think about the composition of the Fund. Check out the images below and has good ideas of decoration:

15-Frame and lights

Put the picture of the birthday girl in the picture and use this item to decorate the party. You can also leave the composition even more beautiful with flasher.

16-Pastel colors

You want to highlight the innocence and delicacy of childhood? Then bet in a palette of pastel shades to decorate the party. These colors are light, clear and smooth.

17-Froot Loops

Froot Loops is the colored breakfast cereal Kellogg’s, which can be used to make even more creative and cheerful décor. Look at this surface lined with colorful Donuts:

18-Macarons of Owlet

The traditional light blue and pink macarons can turn into beautiful edible owlets.

19-Decorative Items

Know the OWL ornaments that you use to decorate the shelf, the rack or the trimmer? They can also be reused in the decoration of children’s Party.


“Owl” conveys the idea of delicacy and romanticism, so the tall vases with flowers cannot be left out of the decoration.

21-Tree branches

Provide some tree branches. Then, just use them to hang colorful owlets of felt.

22-Provençal Furniture

The Provencal furniture are old, light and have cut-outs (imitating an income). They can be used to make the anniversary with theme “Owl” even more romantic and delicate.

23-Specific issues

“Owl” seems too generic? Then search for something more specific. One suggestion is the “Owlet Cook”, which yields a very pretty and colorful decor.

24-Tags of OWL

You have no skills with artistic bakery? So bet on OWL tags to decorate the candy.

25-Floral print

The floral print, especially with a vintage footprint, it has everything to do with Owl birthday party. Try to match the colors white, light blue and light pink.

26 – Tower of cupcakes

Draw up a thematic cupcakes to decorate the main table.

27-Glass with candies

Use transparent glass containers, with different sizes and shapes, to put colored bullets and confectionery.

28-Juice filter

The juice is the new trend in children’s parties, so he can’t stay out of the OWL-themed decor.


Pot cake, acrylic box with colorful candies and owlets are felt some options of party favors for a birthday party.

And there? Like the ideas of tropical party decoration? Leave a comment.

Blue Circles Identify New Ciclorrota of Curitiba

The City Hall of Curitiba is implanting the first signaled ciclorrota of the city, linking the Portão neighborhood to the Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná (PUCPR), in the Prado Velho neighborhood, and Avenida Comendador Franco (Avenida das Torres). The blue circles, which have caught the attention of the population of Curitiba in recent days, identify the cycle. Continue reading  

Canine Patrol Themed Birthday: 25 Ideas to Decorate the Party

The drawing PAW Patrol can be an inspiration for children’s Party of your son. Check out ideas.

How about organizing a Canine Patrol-themed birthday party for your child? This theme is making very successful among boys and, of course, will yield a fun party. Read the story and check out decorating ideas. Continue reading