Apple Pay Gives Apple 0.15 Percent

There can be good money in Apple’s payment method, which was presented along with the iPhone 6.

It is not only to give iPhone users an alternative to the classic wallet, when Apple has launched Apple Pay, because Americans get for 0.15 percent of the amount of all transactions being paid with Apple’s mobile payment.

So this means that for every 100 dollars spent with Apple Pay, then get Apple 15 ears into their bank account.

Bloomberg predicts that in 2017 will mobile payments amount to 60 billion dollars, and if Apple gets just one-third of it, then Apple will therefore earn 30 million dollars through Apple Pay. And in 2018 it will be twice as large numbers.

Not only do the pure numbers, so it’s unprecedented agreement that gives Apple a bit of payment such as Google does not have any agreements, and where Apple has the lead in relation to rivals.

LG G Watch: Not So Smart Clock [Test]

Review: LG G Watch will help your notifications out of his pocket, and to your wrist.

LG tend to be among the first on the scene as regards creations-LG G Flex with its curved screen, laser application in the latest flagship camera – G3, Quad HD resolution, etc.

After Android Wear was presented and received with applause around the world, it was Motorola’s Moto 360 smartwatch there should show how it should be done. At that time there was not, however, dates of availability, as Samsung and LG stepped in.
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Flipboard for Windows Phone Soon

The popular nyhedsapp Flipboard is now soon ready to be looked through Windows Phone users.

There are many who are happy to read their news through Flipboard app, but until now it has been reserved for Android, BlackBerry and iOS users, reading about Justin Bieber’s latest escapades in the bladrebare app, but now is also included in the list Window Phone.

Flipboard is in the process of making a version for Windows Phone, and right now is a private beta version ready, and according to a flip chart itself, so should the official version will be launched shortly.

It is possible to retrieve the private beta, but it requires that your Windows Phone has at least 1 GB of RAM, which excludes some models.

Flipboard has, however, been finding on Windows Phones before, in and with that Lumia 830 and 730both came with Flipboard preinstalled, but before long it will be therefore possible for everyone to get the popular app.


First Android Apps Coming to Chromebooks

The convergence between mobile and computer is well underway, and a step in this direction is Android-apps Chromebooks.

Although Chromebooks is not like the traditional laptops, they are nonetheless a long way in that direction, and the fusion between your phone and computer, both Apple, Microsoft and Google are in the process of, has been given a chapter more. Android-apps can run on Chromebooks.

The news comes from Google’s Chrome team, and initially there is only talk about 4 packs, namely Duolingo, Evernote, Slight Words and Wines. It is therefore 4 quite different apps.

Work is a result of a project, Google has called ‘ App Runtime for Chrome ‘, which was mentioned by Google’s I/O, and in the coming months we will work on that even more apps coming over at Chromebooks.

Try Virtual Reality for a 20′ Is [Mobildeal]

Google Cardboard turns your smartphone into a do-it-yourselfer VR headset. Now you can get it at the spot price.

Google Cardboard is basically not much else a piece of cardboard and rudimentary optics. Cuts and perforations the right spots, makes it possible to fold this simple cardboard for a mobile holder that turns your Android-smartphone to a VR display.

This allows you to test VR of Cardboard-app on Google Play Big. You can read more Google Cardboard here.

So far cost Cardboard 20 $, or roughly 115.0-bucks, but if you order here, you can get it home for just $ 4, or about 23 dollars-including shipping. You can pay with Paypal or international credit cards.

Google Carboard requires a phone with Android 4.1 or newer. In order to get the best experience will a newer smartphone with Full HD resolution and NFC work optimally. You can get an overview of available Cardboard apps on our site.

How to Get More Storage Space on Your Smartphone [Tip]

Do you need more storage space, so here are some quick tips that can give new life to your smartphone.

Quibble your phone over too little disk space, or will you make room, so your smartphone is ready for a major system update a la Android L, iOS 8 or Nokia Lumia Denim?

So here are some good ideas for how to quickly gets rid of the most redundant files, which is unused and just takes up space. Regardless of whether you have Android, iPhone or Windows Phone, so you can find a settings menu where you can view how much space is available, and what concerns most storage space. Continue reading  

Overview: All about the New iPhone and iPhone 6 Plus 6

The week’s main news is undoubtedly Apple’s launch of two new iPhones-and a smartwatch: Apple Watch.

Hype up to Apple’s event on Tuesday was about to approach historical heights. The 9. September would Apple launch something great.

All three news were it to: two new iPhones and Apple Watch, the Californian IT gigants bids on a wearable to iOSøkosystemet.

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Yet Another Manufacturer Jumps on Windows Phone-Bandwagon (Video)

German TrekStor has shown interest for Windows Phone and presented at IFA 2014 their tender to be launched in november.

Most recently, startups KAZAM shown interest for Windows Phone, but also German TrekStor is now on the road with a Windows Phone. The company showed off a model by IFA 2014 and the Italian page was on the stain and had taken a short video of the device.

It looks like a pretty standard 4.7 inch screen with 8 megapixel camera on the back, 2 megapixel front and 8 GB of memory. It will supposedly come to cost anywhere between 120 and 150 euros (900-1115 dollars) and had to hit the Italian market this november.

We do not know the particular very TrekStor to in these parts, but it is nevertheless noteworthy that more and more manufacturers get their eyes up for Windows Phone, increased competition in this otherwise very Android-dominant market is certainly welcome.

Amazon Four Phone, as Big a Flop as Facebook Phone

Amazon’s first smartphone is put so much down in price so quickly that only HTC’s Facebook phone surpasses it.

Back in June, Amazon presented their own smartphone, and even though it has always been clear that the sale has not gone entirely according to expectations, then they have now reached a somewhat dull milestone.

The phone is set down in price tremendously, from costing 200 dollars with a two-year contract with AT & T, costs the now less than three months after launch, just a dollar. Facebook phone HTC First experienced the same treatment as it just a month after being put on sale, were whittled down from 100 dollars to under a dollar.

There are probably many reasons why it’s gone so bad for Amazon’s Four Phone, among other things, some quite convincing lacked the new features to make herself noticed, the simulated 3D depth was simply not enough.

This does not mean that Amazon has done with smartphones, but in the future they will probably strongly consider not to launch a phone exclusive with an operator.

Humble Mobile Bundle 7 Is for Sale

Humble Mobile Bundle 7 is a reality, among other things, with the incredibly popular and velanmeldte Kingdom Rush Frontier.

So are the folks behind the Humble Bundle ready with yet another great deals on a variety of games for Android devices, the premise is the same as always, you decide how much you want to pay and it will be shared between developers, charities and Humble Bundle. You pay above average you will get access to all six games with more games on the road next week.

No matter how much you pay, you get: The Tiny Bang Story, Color Zen Premium and Heroes of Loot, you will pay more than $ 4.05 (~ 23,-NOK) you get in addition Kingdom Rush Frontier, Horn and Sorcery.

You have 11 days to jump on the offer after which a new Humble Bundle will occupy the space, the package is in this place certainly worth considering just for Kingdom Rush Frontier which is an incredibly popular and velanmeldt Tower Defense game.

BlackBerry Buy Movirtu Who Works with Virtual SIM Card

Use multiple phone numbers on the same device at the same time, it is a reality with Movirtu like BlackBerry would to spread.

BlackBerry has bought the English start-up company Movirtu as working to allow more active telephone numbers on a single device, it requires only that the virtual SIM platform will be integrated in the network. The price of the company is as yet unknown.

BlackBerry plans improve their device manager in Bring Your Own Device (BOYD) and Corporate Owned Personally Enabled (COPE) environments.

The virtual SIM platform allows that each issue be handled separately in the network, so an employee can switch between his personal profile and its working profile without having to carry two different devices-and without mixing calls and billing together.

BlackBerry wants to offer the virtual SIM properties through mobiloperatørene, the companies which also have BlackBerry Enterprise Service Platform integrated, will be able to specify an IT policy on business number without affecting the device for personal use.

Movirtu technology must be supported “on all major operating systems” as they say, which is to say the Android and iOS in parallel with the BlackBerry OS, Windows Phone is not part of the plan.

Director John Chen elaborates on the acquisition by explaining that “in BOYD and COPE world there is continually a number of challenges in terms of efficiency and convenience for businesses.” He also points out that “Movirtu complements the core strategy-delivering BlackBerrys value-added services through the existing global infrastructure which is connected to a large number of mobile operators around the world.” Continue reading  

Moto 360 and LG G Watch R Comparison (Video)

View the two round smartwatches Moto 360 and LG G Watch R in a side-by-side comparison.

Already the first time we saw the Moto 360 there were many of us who so drooled over the round design, personally I can’t imagine having a square clock on the arm, which is why if I were to have a smartwatch, shouldn’t it be Motorola’s bid. But with the introduction of the LG G Watch R, there is now more about the dish, Android Central has taken a closer look at both watches.

The display on the Moto 360 is a bit larger, 1.56 inch versus 1.3 but resolution of 320 x 320 pixls are alike-without the lower field at Moto 360 which among other things sits light sensor. This is a point the LG tries to focus on by pointing out that they are using the entire display, whether it is a dealbreaker for someone needs to time display. Continue reading  

See Com1, the First Android Crowd Fundede Smartwatch

COM1 is a Android Wear smartwatch as just now collects money via Indiegogo which is put in the oven for a relatively cheap clock.

Since Android Wear became a reality is a host of producers jumped on the bandwagon and have created their own Android Wear smartwatch, however, there have not been so much speed on the remainder of the market, it seems to change with Com1 which is an Android smartwatch as just now started with a gathering on Indiegogo.

The competition is, as you know, incredibly hard on this market in these times, the design is not something that makes me completely out of the Chair, nor are the specifications some of which block the eyes up: Continue reading  

Sony Xperia Z3 Compact-First Sneak Peek [Web]

Sony’s mini-flagship Z3 Compact is small, but potent.Our site and nærstuderer the little topmobil unboxer.

The idea behind the Z3 Compact is obvious, but velimpleret. Back in January of this year, Sony realized that there was a need for quality phones in mini format. So far meant mini-variations of the popular flag ships from Samsung and HTC to the best properties often smoke under miniaturisation.

For more Android users the situation was untenable as topmobilerne broke the 5 inches in screen size and only real quality alternative rested with Apple’s iPhone 5-series.
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HTC Invite to Event 8. October

HTC’s latest invitation has been given the title ‘Double exposure’ but there is no more information to us

HTC has invited to a press event in New York on 8.October, but they have not revealed what this event is going to be about. The only little hint is an image and title.

The event has HTC dubbed ‘Double exposure’, but in addition to the artful placement of o’erne forming an 8-figure, which probably refers to the date, then there is no concrete information.
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LG G Flex 2 Brewing

LG working flat out to get LG G Flex 2 ready to take up the fight with the other great phones on the market.

LG G Flex was not a big success, but it scored high on innovation scale with its flexible screen, and LG work right now on its successor LG G Flex 2.

Yet there is not much information about LG G Flex 2, but sources tell our site that LG G Flex 2 will be more compact than its predecessor, without, however, come with a screen size.

In addition, it is reported also that the screen will be ‘better than Full HD’, although not mentioned specifically QHD.

LG will, according to the sources hold an event later this year to give LG G Flex 2 a proper introduction to the mobile market, where LG G Flex 2 first will come to South Korea and has since spread from there.

HTC-Smartwatch Coming Anyway

It was reported otherwise, that HTC had scrapped its plans to make a smartwatch, but now have whistling got another sound.

Would first HTC on rumor base make a smartwatch that reminded about Motorola’s Moto 360, so they would scrap the Agency due to too much competition, but now people from Taiwan have changed it again and hope to be able to send the watch on the street early next year.

CNet has heard from sources that should have knowledge of HTC’s plans, that HTC will still make a smartwatch that stands out from the crowd, about which will be launched early in 2015.

HTC hopes the Agency will include design elements and features that make consumers with the same will consider buying it.

There has already been a share smartwatches out on the market, most recently the long-awaited Apple Watch, and there are already unique elements as the round screen in Moto 360 and LG G Watch R and also in Samsung Gear Sthat works without a smartphone.

Windows 9 Caught on Photos and Video

A German site has got his fingers in some screenshots from Windows 9, which was supposed to bring the operating system closer to your phone.

Microsoft’s operating system for the PC came so in stormy weather with Windows 8, there have been a lot of criticism, and that is why it is important for Microsoft to hit right with Windows 9, which was to play more together with Microsoft smartphones.

The German site has gotten hold of some screenshots, which should come from a so-called ‘technical preview’, so an early version that gives developers and its equal opportunity to have vision for the job. Continue reading  

Autumn’s Best Mobile [Vote]

The last few weeks have Mobile gods sprinkled part exciting mobile news about us. What do you think is most exciting?

Many leading manufacturers lifted recently unveiled their fall collection. Apple, Samsung, Sony, Motorola and Huawei offers all in with topmobiler, each with its own force.

Apple’s recent launch ranks enough as the greatest: two new iPhones were it to, in sizes Medium and X-large. New power friendly processor, NFC payment and new design are some of the main features in Apple’s new darlings. Continue reading  

Windows Phone on Their Way into Oblivion

Microsoft will shut down Windows Phone and slowly start to give space to the Windows in their smartphones.

With more and more different units rates part companies to make transitions easier, and Microsoft is one of them. They would like to run Windows on all their devices, and this means that the Windows Phone must die.

Apple calls it the ‘Continuity’, when iOS and OS Yosemite must play together, but Microsoft will only take Phone portion of Windows Phone, so Windows 9 will run on both PC and smartphone.

This shift could among other things be read out that Microsoft imposes support to Internet Explorer 8, and on the way force users over on the newer versions.

The Verge also has noticed that in most new commercials in the United States, Microsoft does not mention Windows Phone, and the version of HTC One (M8), who has thrown away, has also been named Android HTC One (M8) for Windows. So no Windows Phone.

Apple Think of 80 million. Sold the iPhone 6 This Year

Apple is optimistic about sales of iPhone and iPhone 6 Plus 6 and plan to sell 80 million this year.

iPhone and iPhone 6 Plus 6 is going to sell well, if you ask Apple yourself, and in fact is Apple so optimistic about the sale of the two iPhone 6 phones that Apple has asked its suppliers to make ready to produce 80 million copies.

DIGITIMES has been told by sources in Apple production chain that Apple expects to sell 10 million iPhone and iPhone 6 Plus 6 in the course of this month, and that they will have sold 60-70 million more during the last quarter of the year.

The 10 million copies in the month of September may sound a bit when compared with more than 20 million a month in the last quarter, but Apple also doesn’t have the entire month to sell in September.

For example, comes the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus the first iPhone to the Danish customers the 26 September.

Google Play Lets You Undo in 2 Hours

If you regret your purchase of an app or a game on Google Play, so you now have 2 hours to get the money back in.

Google has given you longer time to decide whether it actually was a good idea to buy it that game, after all. From the previous 15-minute withdrawal right, Google has now given you 2 hours to make a decision.

The same applies if you get bought an app, but don’t get downloaded it immediately. There are also 2 hours deadline, otherwise, the purchase is not completed.

If you get the urge to cancel his purchase on Google Play, one must go into Google Play store on a phone or tablet and find the app you want to cancel the purchase of and opens its page in Google Play store. From there you will be able to open the app or to get a refund.

Prices on iCloud Updated

Apple has updated their pricing on your iCloud-service, and prices have become more competitive.

There is good news if you’ve spent money on to get more storage in the cloud at Apple, who have adjusted a bit on costs in order to have data lying around in your iCloud.

Prices have been somewhat more manageable and competitive when compared with some of its competitors, where the largest may be Google.

Apple’s prices for storage space in addition to the 5 GB free space in iCloud is:

  • 20 GB-7 USD per month
  • 200 GB-29 USD per month
  • 500 GB-$ 69 per month
  • 1 TB-$ 139 per month

For comparison, you can Google buy it for 100 GB of storage space for 2 dollars a month, so barely 11.5 crowns and 1 TB costs 10 dollars, well 57.5 dollars per month with the current courses.

iPhone 6 Camera-Is It Bad?

On paper, the camera in Apple’s new iPhone 6 is not improved. Subtle improvements can however ensure better-looking photos than with its predecessor.

iPhone 6 houses a camera with 8 megapixels. The same number as in the predecessors iPhone 5 and 5S, even three years old iPhone 4S could boast as many pixels. Is Apple mon gone completely?

With rivals Samsung, Sony and Nokia is topmobilerne packed with pixels. They offer both 20 megapixels, 16 megapixels and even film footage in 4 k.

It means that Apple is at a standstill? Continue reading