Missed You Apple’s Event yesterday? See or Revisit It Here.

Yesterday’s Apple event brought three promising products from tech-giant. You may experience, or review, the full presentation here.

It was one of the largest Apple Keynotes for a long time. The two new iPhones and Apple’s bet had their moments in the spotlight and a thorough introduction.

Unfortunately, the smoke that coke in mechanics. Live-streaming blinked for many who could not get on.

Streamed was temporarily restored, but multiple tracks crept into over presentation, at times accompanied by a Chinese translation.

Reached you not to watch the show, or the smoke connection, you now have the opportunity to revisit the event in its entirety.

Sea your popcorn ready, and fast-forward to 07:30 to see the iPhone 6 introduction or forward to 56:00 to see ‘ One More Thing ‘-the moment unfold.

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Steve Jobs: “No One Will Ever Buy a Great Phone”

If Steve Jobs lived and still was at the head of Apple, it’s not certain we had gotten the iPhone 6 Plus.

There are certainly divided on whether Apple’s ahead in the deceased spirit of Steve Jobs. Many people will probably think that most are completely in line with job’s thoughts, but at some point was Tuesday’s presentation is not as Jobs predicted.
iPhone 6 Plus with an extra large display at 5.5 inches would not fit in trouser pocket-the Steve Jobs thought he apparently even.

Now of course there must be space to change their minds, but back in July 2010, Steve Jobs held a press conference, dealing with bad signal on iPhone 4. Here, said Steve Jobs, according to Phone Arena, with reference to the Motorola Droid X with 4.3 inch screen, that “No one is ever going to buy a big phone.
This quote remember Samsung is manifestly clear, and therefore has the company amused themselves at the expense of Steve Jobs and the iPhone 6 Plus, by sending out a tweet with Jobs quote and tagline: “Guess who surprised thems elves and changed their minds” (“guess who surprised himself and changed their minds”).

Comparison: iPhone 6 and 6 Plus VS iPhone. iPhone 5S

Here you will find easily an overview of what Apple has created about inside the new iPhone 6 compared to the predecessor.

iPhone 6 has seen the light of day, and that’s why we’ve created a little comparison of the two phones and their innards to see where Apple has put into their improvements.

First the new iPhone 6 and its specifications:

Dimensions: 138, 1x67x6, 9 mm
Weight: 129 g
Display: 4.7 “, 1334×750 resolution, 326 PPI
Camera: 8 MP f/2.2 lens with digital stabilization, Focus Pixels, 1.2 MP front camera
Performance: Apple A8 1.4 GHz dual-core, PowerVR graphics, 1 GB RAM
Storage space: 16/64/128 GB Continue reading  

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TDC Business breathes to the price war, and launches new subscription with free speech in Europe.

To October TDC Business launches a new concept in their subscription packages for small and medium-sized enterprises.

The offer sounds on free speech in Europe to all Danish numbers, regardless of the country of sender and receiver are in the greatest choose package. do you get also free speech for all other numbers in the EUROPEAN UNION.

We put with our new mobile packs a whole new standard for the concept of free speech, and with that now applies the same rules whether you are staying in Denmark or in another EU country,” says Executive Vice President Jens Munch-Hansen from TDC Professions. Continue reading  

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Here Is OnePlus One Invitational Winners

Then there is found 3 lucky winners of an invitation to purchase a OnePlus One.

The clock has struck 12, and we have found the 3 winners of an invitation to purchase OnePlus One 64 GB Sands tone Black-phone, which has gotten so much publicity since it came into the world.

The 3 winners and their winning arguments is:

Jacob J

“Dear our site

I have now been faithful since the fledgling startup in DK androidfan. I have fought against the sith-power for many years, people who nod and commented on my choice of mobiles. Continue reading  

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IOS 8 Comes about a Week

The 17. September comes the latest overhaul for iOS operating system’s final release on the street.

On Apple’s giant news conference yesterday could Tim Cook and company in addition to some new hardware also tell that iOS 8 will be to retrieve the devices now running iOS, the 17. September, so in a week.

In addition, we were also unveiled, who can look forward to iOS 8, and it is all the iPhone from the iPhone 4S and later, it is the iPad 2, 3, 4, Air, Mini and Mini 2, and so is the 5. generation of iPod Touch. And then comes the iPhone 6 of course with iOS 8.

We have gathered a little information about the main features of iOS 8 in our overview article about the new update, but some of the highlights is that Apple will forge closer ties between the mobile and stationary units, just as there will be the possibility of third-party keyboards like the popular SwiftKey.

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Apple Blåstempler NFC Med Apple Pay

Apple har inkluderet Near Field Communication i iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus og Apple Watch.

There has long been speculation about whether Apple would include Near Field Communication (NFC) in their iPhones, but Tuesday we got sight of the case, and here it was clear that the NFC is a part of the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple’s new wearable Apple Watch.

Apple presented the NFC, along with Apple Pay, there is a step on the road to kortløs payment.

Very simplified payment with NFC works by the user to save credit card information in your phone, which can be kept to a terminal at the supermarket, after which the payment can be carried out, without the user having to bring his credit card.

Samung, Sony and Nokia has long included NFC in their products, but there were doubts as to the last, whether Apple would take the NFC, or trying to make their own alternative.

With Tuesday’s presentation, Apple has accepted the NFC, and thus will be the NFC a standard in line with WiFi and Bluetooth and GPS used on smartphones across operating systems.

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New iPhone Can Be Felt with Insurance Companies

Evil tongues have long postulated that certain Apple users are utilizing the insurance companies, but now there will be figures on the table.

Apple’s products is at the high end of the price scale, and iPhone’n is no exception. Therefore, there is every year a part that looks average to exploit their insurance company, by getting money for a newer model.


Is insurance sinners just a myth?

The insurance company Gjensidige stands now with numbers and graphs of insurance cases. It shows a clear trend, with clear peaks near a new iPhone launch.
Continue reading  

Buy Toy Vehicles

Continue reading  

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If you want to increase your wardrobe, rain pants are ideal. In fashion articles among other things modern bathing suits and evening dresses are available for you. See shipping rain pants at the source and look even for rain gear. To buy the popular fashion trends for the winter 2016, at source. You may rest assured that all pieces of it will be characterized by specific product quality – see for yourself. Choose the rain pants and opt for your purchase in online store.

Buy Rain Pants OnlineBuy Rain Pants Online 1 Buy Rain Pants Online 2

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In fashion assortment you will sure find it, if you want to buy rain pants. Rain trousers here match the coveted fashion for the winter 2016 and are certainly well enjoyed. See source rainwear and order something new for men, women and children. Select your favorite articles without any problems and choose one of payment options in the next step: pay rain pants, in the mail order source either by credit card, purchase invoice or in flexible monthly installments. Have you become curious about the service? Then watch it right over and order rain pants and shoes, costumes, or men’s fashion.


Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus: Here Are the Danish Prices

It was feared that Apple would raise the prices of the new iPhone, but the prices are actually less or unchanged.

iPhone-Apple-fans and analysts feared that Apple would take advantage of the new version, to raise prices compared to the iPhone 5S.

The fear was unfounded.

On the other hand, do you expect bigger price cuts among iPhones, price adjustments are small. So you must either wait for the first offer comes into force, or wait until the next generation. Continue reading  

Buy Products from Germany

Shop made in Germany and other interior design ideas

You want to make your empire according to your own ideas and still save a bunch of money? Then take the opportunity now and order cheap living room from the source range for made in Germany and Topics & events at reasonable prices in the source shop.

Furniture – like for example made in Germany – to be not only useful, but also match the existing interior. This can cause problems under certain circumstances. Finally, you’ve found your existing facility – like for example made in Germany – in numerous shops in your area. Certainly you remember this experience with discomfort. Countless shops, crowded offices, crowds, are pushing through narrow corridors and that all are on the lookout for made in Germany. The next obstacle comes from beyond, the business: full parking lots and a car, which can not absorb all boxes.

You say goodbye to such problems and order your new products made in Germany from the offer here for topics & actions in the future easily online to home. Discover the modern innovations in terms of made in Germany. Like forwarding provides you with the Issues & actions quickly to a residential address of your choice. For questions about made in Germany customer consultants here are of course available around the clock.

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