7 Tips for the Bathroom Renovation

For purely aesthetic reasons, functional improvements or repairs hydraulic, is eventually necessary to reform the bathroom. And as the reform of this space is usually not very simple task, we have prepared some special tips to help you drive to work without major complications. Are you ready to avoid further headaches?

  1. Always plan and

Any reform should start from a previous planning. At this early stage, it is important to analyze the need to move in the pipeline, set the space will be expanded and see if you need to break the walls and finishes. It is also essential to put on paper absolutely everything you crave for your bathroom and make a design layout. These preliminary steps are essential in order to have sense of how the environment will be after retirement.

  1. Respect your budget

Stipulates a maximum of spending and do your best to meet that budget. To do so, search and compare prices, negotiate special conditions with the store, think about the products cost-effective and prioritize the right price in the workforce – without compromising the quality, of course! You will see the super simple steps which will make a huge difference in the final spending.

  1. Hire skilled labor

Whether its reform aims to change the environment of the appearance, expand the space or restore the plumbing, you need to hire skilled labor to do the job. Remember that even in small works, it is important to have the help of an engineer or an architect. Also, you will probably need a good mason and a reliable plumber. And it may be that eventually need to hire an electrician. Continue reading  

Apple Locks Himself out with iOS 8

There is more focus on security in iOS 8, in fact so much that Apple even can’t see your files.

Apple has thrown the encryption key to the iOS 8 away, so to speak, and therefore you can be sure that Apple cannot look at the files on an iPhone or iPad. This also applies to the authorities, who want Apple to give them access to a seized iOS 8-device.

After misæren with Edward Snowden has been much more focus on private life in the tech world, and we are concerned about that sort of thing, you have to be happy for this.

Encryption, as Apple does not even can break only applies to local content on an iOS 8-device with a password. For example, home videos or have private images lying on a server like iCloud, so authorities can still get hold of them, if they have a legal basis for it. Continue reading  

Nexus 9 Rumored with Concrete Launch Date

There are now reports of a specific launch date for the upcoming Nexus 9 tablet manufactured by HTC.

Paul O’Brien is one of the men behind the MoDaCo, which is a site and a ROM for mobile enthusiasts, and he has heard that the next tablet in the Nexus series, Nexus 9, will be launched on 16 September. October.

There are as yet no reports of a presentation date for Nexus 9, but a launch on 16. October in conjunction with earlier rumors might suggest a day at the end of september.

The date comes from an anonymous tipper, who has spoken with Paul O’Brien, so it is not, therefore, to verify the source. O’Brien, however, enough trust on this tipper to sign the date out on Twitter.

Part details about the upcoming Nexus 9-tablet is already out on rumour base, and in addition, it is certainly not inconceivable that Google will introduce Android L at the same time. The name was then Nexus 8, but after NVIDIA has mentioned it as Nexus 9, then it must be the name.

Airsnap: Camera Plus Uses Second iPhone as A Trigger

There are photography apps such as sand on the sea, since it must be something special come up to stand out from the crowd. The developers of camera plus attempt by AirSnap to differentiate from the competition.

Camera plus is a good fee-based (1.79 euros in the app store) photo app that boasts features such as stabilization, self timer and digital zoom. With the PIX’d function, there is still a smart car improvement to shot photos.

But to stand out from the crowd of camera apps, developers have integrated a function since version 3.5 with AirSnap, which you can use a second device as a wireless remote shutter release. Also camera must be on the second device plus to be installed. The two iDevices join – it is no matter whether an iPad, iPod or iPhone – via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The devices are paired, you can for example from your iPhone with the camera of the iPads photos shoot, switch to video mode or switch to the front-facing camera.

Unfortunately, an important feature for real remote fun was missing in version 3.5: a live image preview. Without a preview function, it was quite difficult to shoot a photo. Now, these bugs have been fixed in version 3.6.


For groups Selfies AirSnap sense is quite reasonable, and thanks to the preview you can check the image before throwing. Camera plus 3.6 is a good photo app that has got a great extension with AirSnap. It’s short but still have the possibility to change the digital zoom, the luminance and other camera settings via remote.

Whatsapp for Windows Phone from the Store

“This application is no longer available” – who wanted to download the application of popular Messenger service WhatsApp for Windows phone since May 17, got this message displayed. The reason for the removal of app probably lies in the many malfunctions that occurred under Windows phone 8.1.

With a little luck, WhatsApp is but only temporarily taken out of the offer and will be available again in the near future, Windows phone Central reported. Apparently, the Publisher of WhatsApp have assured the portal that will work on solving the problems.

Technical Errors under Windows Phone 8.1 as A Cause

WhatsApp application seems to have disappeared so not randomly out of the Windows phone store. Error had occurred mainly under the new version 8.1 of the operating system–Windows phone 8 seemed the Messenger service to work. Probably the editor of WhatsApp optimize now the application alone, so that it runs correctly with all versions, Windows phone Central is suspected. WhatsApp work so closely with Microsoft to fix the error as soon as possible. So could WhatsApp again soon in the store Windows phone are ready for downloading – and then also under version 8.1 more cause no problems.

Update from May 21, 2014, 11:12 CET: Both Microsoft and WhatsApp reported that problems existed in the past few days, which is why the application was no longer available in the store. These were now fixed predictions WhatsApp for Windows phone will be available soon again.

Attention on the Water Tank for Bathroom

Knowing the exact measure of the bench or surface, including the depth and width where the faucet will be installed is critical care before buying a tub.

One of the most enjoyable stages of renovation or construction bathroom is the choice of the pieces that will make up the environment, such as tanks, found in models support, embed, and overlap or semi fitting. And so the choice of the product is accurate it is necessary to pay attention to some details.

First of all, it is essential to know the depth and width of the bench or surface where the tank is installed. This is important information, because if you buy a tub of greater depth than the bench, the play will be disproportionate and will influence the tap installation and hydraulic accessories (such as trap and valve).

You want an example? A tub that occupies all available depth of the bench, does not allow the installation of centralized tap, only the left or right side. And this can not be your initial idea of your project, right?

The account is simple: on the surface it takes space remains for tap installation with comfort to wash your hands, and you put other accessories such as soap and cosmetics. Continue reading  

iPhone 6 or 6 Plus-What Kind Are You?

From tomorrow you can pre-order the new iPhone, but what is the right size for you?

Apple’s otherwise very fine and compact iPhone gets growing pains. The new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus is growing tremendously, in both width and height, in order to accommodate larger displays.

With the large jump in size, it can be difficult to get an overview of what model that will fit the best. Here are some hints, to find out which model you need to order before the presale goes loose in the night.

The cold facts

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus offers new targets, but at the same time, there are some subtle differences in the specifications, as you can see in the table below.

In order to make it simpler to choose the resolution can be divided into three main stages: display size and camera. Continue reading  

Settings for Windows Phone 8: Getting Started

Tile system and cloud storage SkyDrive: Windows phone 8 differs from Android and co. But some comfort to the settings. So let the personal needs and habits to adapt the Smartphone and its operating system in many ways, especially for quick access to popular app, tracks, directories and other media content.

Use Personalized Tiles on the Home Page

The colorful, sometimes quite large tiles on the home page are the most characteristic feature of Windows phone 8. Whose initial compilation can supplement at will and change. Touch a tile with your finger and move it to another location – the crossed pin icon right above you can also deleted or with the arrow right below reduced in size or be expanded. Some apps already provide a useful live view on the home page like weather app – just try it out and see what’s convenient for you.

Use Shortcuts to Set the Tiles

On the home page almost any files, directories or documents for faster access can be – filed some favorite apps or albums, playlists, contacts, Web pages, photo albums and much more. Windows phone offers 8 corresponding settings on all ends. The corresponding button is “home” and can be called generally by tapping or pressing and holding of the object to anzupinnenden, she’s hiding sometimes but also right down behind the “…”-symbol.

With Skydrive Save Data from Windows Phone 8 on the Cloud Drive

On a Smartphone with Windows phone can be 8 under “settings |” Comprehensive backups configure backup”, that are backed up online at Microsoft’s SkyDrive cloud service. The option “application list + settings” stores the data of Windows phone 8 along with apps and offers additional fine adjustments under “Advanced”. Separately backups for news and photos can be also created. Also backing up videos is possible in the menu for the latter, for which the usual file size Wi-Fi is required, as well as at maximum quality photos. Photos can be stored in SkyDrive, but also on the road at any time manually.

Configure the Power in Case of the Case

Continue reading  

New iPads to October

Apple is planning to demonstrate next-generation iPads until October, when they hold an event on the 21st.

The 21. October we can look forward to being able to greet the next generation of Apple’s iPad and iPad Mini. It has Daily Dot at least heard from sources familiar with the matter.

It will be 6. generation of Apple’s iPad, which is expected to have a 9.7 “screen, and then it is the third edition of the smaller iPad Mini with a 7.9” screen, we can look forward to having presented. Continue reading  

iPhone 5s: Tips for the Camera and Video Recording

The strength of the iPhone was always intuitive and therefore relatively simple operation. This has not changed the iPhone 5 s with the introduction. But the mobile device offers additional functions which do not reveal themselves at first glance compared to previous models. Here are the best tips and tricks.

Make iPhone With the 5s Standard and Panoramic Images

If your iPhone 5s is in camera mode, you can make snapshots not only conventional, but also special series and panoramic images. To shoot a series of photos, the photo button hold down – and the camera take photos of ten frames per second. Based on a real-time analysis, the Smartphone proposes the best pictures in the series.

To take panoramic pictures, choose the appropriate option in the camera mode and press the photo button. Here’s important, the iPhone slowly but steadily to move left or right. The direction of movement can be changed by tapping on the arrow.

Slow-Motion Videos are Possible

Who prefer videos makes pictures, can choose to “etaizhou” in camera mode. Record the video as a conventional clip. Select a specific section of the videos after recording. This is then iPhone 5 s these quadruple slowdown. The images cannot be saved however. This requires an app such as iMovie.

Use Airplay and Airprint

Also nice extra features on the iPhone 5 s provide AirPlay and AirPrint. Stream can use AirPlay to via Apple TV live images on the TV. To do this, the Smartphone with Wi-Fi must be connected. To display the images on the TV, choose first “AirPlay” on in the control panel and then off the TV.

AirPrint, however, enables convenient wireless printing of E mails, Web pages, photos and documents. Requires an AirPrint-enabled printers. If you now want to print out an email, simply go to the “Print” option. Web pages is to first select the button “Share” and then the “print” button.

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OnePlus Cancels Interchangeable Backs

Though it was beaten up by the OnePlus great, that one would be able to replace the back of OnePlus One, as it is now called off.

There should have been an opportunity to switch back of the OnePlus One out with a in bamboo, kevlar, denim and many other things, but this is not it.OnePlus renounces to produce the interchangeable covers.
The reason for this stop is according to that too much OnePlus of the covers that will be created, should be discarded. It has proven to be too difficult to fix them, and change often, they can be solve, writes OnePlus on their forum. Continue reading  

Eco Mobius: the Modular Smartphone Becomes A Reality Soon

So far you can share most any parts in the Smartphone. This is possible only with computers, with many Smartphones you can even change the battery, but that should change now: at CES the Chinese Smartphone manufacturer has unveiled ZTE the eco Mobius, the prototype of a modular phone, that could come in the near future in the trade.

What breaks on your Smartphone, you can have the device repaired either expensive or at worst just throw away. That should change in the future. Recently, the Dutchman of Dave Hakkens presented his concept of a Smartphone under the name of Phonebloks, where you can change the individual components as desired to. Many customers are eager for such a Smartphone. That probably also some smartphone makers have understood, among them the Chinese company ZTE, that the eco Mobius, has developed the prototype of a modular phone of. At CES the visitors could take the first time’s scrutiny.

At the eco Mobius you can share components such as RAM, ROM, or CPU separately, also changing the camera is possible. This is useful: If after one or two years, new and better components for the eco Mobius are designed, you can simply remove the old parts and replace with new and better components in its eco Mobius. You must then no longer buy back a completely new smartphone.

A not functioning prototype so far unfortunately only exists by the eco Mobius, the Chinese group wants to bring a working model on the market but within the next two years. Until then, there are still some issues that need to be resolved but in the realization of the eco Mobius.

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Offer Ideal Water Temperature for Shower

One of the most relaxing moments and expected the day is the bath time. To further improve the time of the shower, some products are indispensable. This is the case of mixers for showers, parts responsible for mixing hot water with cold in a single command. Rotating the lever opposite sides, you get the ideal temperature for your bath. In addition to this benefit, you will save by purchasing here because we have the lowest market prices.
As we want your shopping experience to be complete, also separated some tips for you to make an accurate choice. Search the model has good independent functioning of water pressure or if it is indicated only for high or low pressure. It is important to remember that the single lever does not heat the water, so you need a heater for heating the part, whether gas, electric or solar.

Another very important attribute that should not be overlooked is the decorative power of the piece. Products available here is a more beautiful than the other and will leave your bathroom more elegant. There are models with round, square levers and other modern formats that will make your head without having to empty your pocket.

Water economy

By knowing all the benefits of the single lever listed above you may think the advantages are over, right? Wrong. The product provides greater control over the flow of water and therefore is able to save water. This is possible because both the hot option as the cold is driven in only one command. In the case of a common mixer, wasting water can happen because temperatures are driven in two different registers – are not simultaneously as in the single lever.

IOS 8 Requires 72% More Space. How to Get Rid of Inventory Hassle. [Tip]

Installation woes: iOS 8 installation requires 5, 7 GB of free space. To install it, without having to delete precious apps or photos.

IOS 8 tikkede in favour of Apple country. The update adds a lot of functionality to the iOS 7.1 but also creates distress in Apple devices with limited storage space. IOS 8 requires namely 5.7 GB available storage space before it can be installed on the iPhone.

Thus it requires 72% more free storage space than at the last iOS 7 update, then filled the 3.3 GB. Are store on your iPhone, iPod or iPad stuffed up, it soon becomes a challenge to free up enough space to install the update. Continue reading  

Choose the Ideal Faucet for Your Bathroom

Pay attention to ach decorative detail when building or renovating a bathroom. In the case of taps for bathroom, it makes all the difference to research and assess the most suitable for your environment. One must keep in mind that the more practical, the best, and that despite the temptation to make the choice based on the design. It is important to put in balance their real needs and expectations with respect to the model.


Mixer: always a good option, as it varies from hot to cold, with only a lever and regulates the temperature and flow of water in addition to combine comfort, beauty and practicality.

Timer: taps with timer, suitable for the most environmentally friendly and concerned about water savings, and homes with children who sometimes forget the tap, are activated with a button or a motion sensor, interrupting the supply of water automatically after a certain tempo. Timers are used in malls and other establishments, which are very helpful in rationing water. Continue reading  

Microsoft Lumia 530-Cheap and Basal [Test]

Review: Microsoft Lumia 530-a cheap phone that has been cut to the bone.

Microsoft and Nokia have sent Nokia Lumia 530 on the street. The phone will replace the popular and inexpensive Lumia 520, but the new entity can be just as popular as its predecessor?

Lumia 530 is cheap, very cheap! The suggested retail price is at 699 dollars, and the price will most probably could be with.

Plastic, plastic, plastic …

Lumia 530 is a small plump case on 119.7 x 62.3 x 11.7 mm – it weighs 129 grams and so feels it as it is: the Plastic! Continue reading  

Upp – Load the Mobile Fuel Cell for Smartphones

The British company intelligent energy at the Electronics Show CES in Las Vegas a mobile fuel cell presented, that fits in your pocket and with you on the go can charge smartphones and tablets without you need a power source for this.

The mobile fuel cell is called “Upp” and has been for two years on the market. So far, you get them only in Africa. Soon, however, there will be the mobile upp fuel cell which you can put in your Pocket comfortably, but also in the United States, and then also with us in Europe. The Upp fuel cell consists of two components: the actual fuel cell is a part, the other part is a cartouche with “Fuel”. However, the Upp fuel cell for the user is not dangerous, because she works at low temperatures and without a pressure tank. And unlike other fuel cells, such as those used in the automotive sector, the Upp fuel cell has the required hydrogen not in the form of gas. It uses a metal hybrid storage. This has the advantage that the hydrogen without pressure tank is stored and can react at low temperatures. With a cartridge, the Upp fuel cell can load about five times a Smartphone. The cartridge is empty, you need not just to throw it away, because for very little money you can recharge them. About an app for iOS and Android you can check the remaining capacity of the Upp fuel cell or the number of completed cycles. Probably, there are probably already this year with us the Upp fuel cell. First to come but for now in the United States on the market.

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Apple Watch in Gold Will Be Expensive

A well known tech-blogger predicts the price of the Golden Apple Watch, and it will be anything but cheap.

Apple presented along with the iPhone and iPhone 6 Plus 6 also their Apple Watch, which comes in several editions. One of them is in gold, and it may come to have a starting price of 5000 dollars.

The prediction comes from John Gruber, who has tech-blog Daring Fireball, and he justifies, among other things, its reflection with that Apple Watch will not be overlaid with gold-it will be made of an alloy with 18-karat gold, which is extra tough. Continue reading  

What is TLC?

TLC is an acronym (a term formed by the initials of the words that make up a complex name of institutions, organizations, etc.) of the North American free trade agreement.

FTA or NAFTA is a trade agreement of binding character that signed two or more countries to regulate their trade relations, to increase trade and investment flows, to agree the granting of preferences for mutual tariff and non-tariff barriers decrease in regard to trade in goods and services.

Within a Treaty of this nature there are various regulatory aspects with regard to the trade. These range from access to new markets, intellectual property, investment, financial services, e-commerce, environmental provisions, solution of controversies, telecommunications, competition policy, labour issues, among others.

These treaties, in turn, have a nature of perpetuity, i.e. are in force for an indefinite period. Or until one of the Parties propose their termination or renegotiation. This is done through a procedure that is normally regulated by international law and the Treaty itself.


Economists believe that FTAS are part of a business strategy long term whereby you try to the consolidation of the markets for the products of the involved Nations. This of course, in addition to developing the possibility of offering products competitively at external level; at the internal level, it generates more occupation and employment.

However, it should be noted that not all the treaties are the same, and that they may vary in topics that include and the level of commitment by the countries that sign it. However, it is considered that they must at least contain procedures and rules with reference to the higher amount of goods that can be traded between the parties.

Among the benefits that has for a country to be part of a free trade agreement are:

-the reduction or elimination of tariff and non-tariff barriers in the marketing.

-the increase of foreign investment to give investors certainty and stability in time.

-the improvement of the competitiveness between companies.

-the creation of new jobs arising from the increase in export.

-the integration of the country into the world economy. This generates to reduce the level of country risk in the cases that are small and fragile countries in terms of its economy. And it also reduces the cost of financing of private activity.

However, there are also disadvantages, such as:

-protection of trade protection of certain sensitive products in the negotiation process.

Although these negative effects on certain products can be reduced if adequate measures are carried forward to achieve its competitiveness.

Usage examples and phrases

“China has signed with South Korea the most important FTA in its history”. Here, applies to the signature of such a treaty between the two countries.

“Thanks to the FTA signed by the three countries, trade between these Nations has tripled in two years”. Refers in this case to the increase of marketed products.

“Before signing the FTA with the United States, the Congress of the small nation has asked information about several of the clauses that make up”. In this example, used with the sense of the legal steps taken to ensure the effectiveness of the agreement for all parties.


Samsung Galaxy Mini: S5-S5 Features without Performance [Test]

Review: the little version of Samsung’s latest flagship, Galaxy S5 Mini, frames the dial, but not in the bull’s eye.

It is easy to know that a Samsung Galaxy-mobile, and as soon as one turns it on, so you will also recognize the distinctive rear, who also graces the Samsung Galaxy S5. It is the experience from the Galaxy S5, you also find in Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini, although there has been cut down on both size and organ meats.

The small smartphones, and especially those who are smaller versions of the more famous top models, are popular, and there are now a number of them, but there are several ways to get around it.

Sony’s doing not a mini, they make a compact, because it is a compact version, but comparable performance. Other pills also some performance out of the nedskalerede models, and it makes the Samsung with its and thus also with Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini.

Continue reading  

Sony Screws Expectations Dramatically down

Sony must scale back expectations, for the sixth time, due to stagnation in mobile sales.

Despite a wide ecosystem of electronics for home, Office and Pocket must Sony true that sales do not go as hoped.

Sony’s ceo Kazuo Hirai had therefore to scale back expectations for the sixth time since he stepped into in April 2012. It writes Reuters.

Latest forecast pulls additional 180 billion Yen from the expected earnings. Sony’s financial forecast points, therefore, at a total loss of 230 billion Yen, or about 12.4 billion Danish kroner, for the fiscal year 2014.

Sony must therefore look long after the otherwise long coveted third place behind Samsung and Apple, and instead see it overtaken by both Huawei, Lenovo and LG.

The economic downturn stands in contrast to a mobile market in strong growth, and despite a staff reduction of 15 percent.

Kazua Hirai explains to Reuters that Sony’s strategy in the future is turned from an earlier focus on growth, and instead targeting a further adaptation to the more competitive market.

Telia Offers Free Speech in the EU for Business Customers

Telia 4BUSINESS: as of today can business customers at Vodafone free calls to and from EU countries.

Telia is offering a new package for their business customers, with 4BUSINESS-EU can call is absolutely free, to and from EU countries. In addition, the package includes 20 GB of data in Denmark, as well as 1 GB of Data in the Nordic countries and the Baltic States.

Thus would Telia to addresses a customer desire for cheaper telephony abroad. Corporate Director Morten B explains the intent behind the new package:

“We look very much forward to introduce the new subscriptions and are pleased that we can now fulfill a strong customer desire even freer and more budget secure telephony abroad. We have made sure to cut all worries away, since e.g. as customer is not obliged to check, whether they are on the correct network. “
Continue reading  

Goat-Games Coming to Android

The game has gained many fans in the Simulator Goat short time, now are the goodies come to Android.

Goat simulator is a relatively new game, which has puzzled and alarmed many people. The game was launched on 1 April 2014 to Windows computers, and one would also think that the game is an april fool’s joke.

It is a third-person game, which in short is to verify a ged, so there happen as much damage as possible. The game is also known for having a very large number of errors, but it’s part of the charm, believe the developers. The developer only removes the error, which makes the game unstable.

Now the game is on its way to Android, and in the United States costs $ 5 and the game here in Denmark, 32 crowns. There is no in-app purchases, only the 32 crowns. Continue reading  

Oppo N3 in New and Different Image

The mystery surrounding the Oppos upcoming smartphone, Oppo N3, spreads-a new and different image have sprung up.

It is no more than a couple of days ago, we couldshow a press picture of the upcoming Oppo N3, which looked quite striking out, but now a new image emerged, and they are far from identical.

On the first picture it rotate just camera mounts in a kind of drum or cylinder, which takes up more than the rest of the phone, but on the new image the camera is not nearly as much differ from the rest of the phone.

The style is somewhat closer to the Oppo N1, so maybe it’s new image, which comes from soyacincau.com, is a bit more credible than the first.

On the other hand, could be the last image pointing in the direction of even a small detail about Oppo N3.It might as well look to the Oppo has covered the upcoming phone with a shell in the metal.