9 Keys to Dress Stylish and Fashionable

There are many women complain about their physical appearance, because they think that for them there are no fashion garments, because they are very wrong. Her wardrobe may be full of clothes, but they probably always say classic phrase has nothing to wear!

Therefore, this time I leave you some very important tips about the current fashion, so that you can dress yourself well and always fashionable. So, don’t complain about your figure, rather put into practice the 9 keys to dress stylish and fashionable.

Good taste is defined by simplicity and the balanced use of clothes suitable for established sometimes. Bad taste is defined by combining colors incorrectly, in where mixed styles of dress and sporty styles in a way few harmonious, clothes are too tight or excessive use of makeup and accessories.

Appropriate garments are responsible for highlighting the best qualities of your figure. They also have to be perfect for the occasion and at the same time have to emphasize the personality. If it is not able to distinguish between which means evil and good taste in clothes, it could cause a wrong impression.

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Why You’ll Want a Naked Cake at Your Wedding

The happily married beware! The naked cake coming, with all the delicacy which is peculiar, to compete for the post of King of sugar industry of wedding parties. Specialists in dainty guarantee: on behalf of the naked cake perfect, are you going to give up until the bride and groom from the top. Who can resist?

The naked cake is not exactly a novelty but became synonymous with finesse in wedding parties. It is, as the name suggests, a naked cake, with generous portions of interspersing layers of simple pasta stuffing. Not a thing. At most, a little fruit here and there. Flowers, maybe. Fine delicate, but chic.

The chefs Fernanda Rosset, pâtisserie Le Jardin Secret, and Isabella Suplicy, candy kitchen that bears his name, count here why you can and should give up the traditional (read: with fondant) and even the wedding cake toppers biscuit (so basic, no?) on behalf of the naked cake perfect.

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Vintage Engagement Ring Designs

The engagement ring is a symbol which shows the union between two people, in the dating means a serious relationship. In the old days people had the habit of giving an engagement ring only when they were engaged, in which was sealed with a gold ring. Today the exchange of silver rings of engagement are very common.

To get a sense of how common, you can find the ring in any jewelry store, in which the ring is made of poor quality material such as brass or aluminum, this is an option for those who don’t have much money to spend. But if you have a little more money the option is to go into stores that sell jewelry, where you will find the option of silver rings on http://www.findjobdescriptions.com/how-to-find-vintage-rings_44.html.

This type of engagement ring is very elegant, has more resistance than the store-bought costume jewelry rings, are modern and personalised. Has promise rings that has a design very well worked in which not an alliance, but a sophisticated ring. The material of this alliance which is silver, has a brilliance that don’t peel and not darken with time, if that does not occur with the engagement ring purchased in jewelry store, in most cases the ring darkens or peels.

The models of engagement ring can be found in different sizes, shapes and designs. Has thicker rings, others are thin and discreet. It also has rings that focus on the details as personalization element, as in the case of the rings which has a stone finish or even white gold. Also a very nice option is to put the name of the couple and the date you started dating.

Summer Swimwear Trends 2016

In each new season, the fashion world brings new trends to take over the shop windows and streets across the country. Summer is the season of various choice for many Brazilians, since this’s the more propitious time of the year to enjoy beautiful beaches, clubs, swimming pools and other refreshing. To take advantage of the hottest days of the year in style, most women care about fashion beach wear each year.

To help thousands of women in choosing the Bikini, bathing suits and beach items, today we’ll talk about the main trends in swimwear summer 2016. The temperature is already high enough, so now it is the right time to take advantage of the beautiful Brazilian beaches, clubs, swimming pools and even waterfalls. For that, check out toppharmacyschools.org for various models in bikinis, swimsuits and beach exits for all styles and tastes.

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Plus Size Sexy Lingerie Tips

Plus Size Lingerie: now it is the turn of the fatties to feel comfortable, beautiful and sensual!

People, I love seeing chubby women, like us, of plus size lingerie in commercial advertisements and fashion editorials. This is very good for my self-esteem. It may sound strange for a non-plus size, but we know the arduous task and even torturous which is to feel beautiful and sexy with an undergarment. Essays like this, the beautiful Miss Aline Zattar Plus Size for the site Paparazzo, fill me with pride. Check it out!

As important as the parts of plus size bras presented in the essay, which by the way are beautiful, is the attitude of Aline, the proposed site and the maturation of society. Some time ago, and it wasn’t that long ago, a job like this was unthinkable. So girls, let’s be proud. We are beautiful and hot!

Returning to the task of seeking intimate parts that fall right into plump, here are some tips that can help. The first is: we need to feel good and we can’t let go of it. In this sense, we can celebrate. Today, we found pieces of plus size lingerie that make us beautiful and we take comfort. Before, it was difficult to combine the two things. Or always comfortable in those models met basiconas colors, black and beige (my God, everything was Beige!), or open hand of comfort to have a more elaborate piece, more refined, with diverse colors and more sensual.

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Fashion Tips for Plus Size Ladies

The ethnic prints remain strong this summer. Here are some tips that can help us getting super tuned in this trend

Hello, ladies! I’ve missed you!

In this post, we’ll talk about the ethnic pattern that, frankly, I don’t even consider myself more as a trend, because she doesn’t come out of my dearest-wardrobe. Take a look, girls!

Iconic figure of 70 years, the ethnic pattern (or tribal), that came roaring back about five or six years, is one of the hits of our spring-summer season is starting. Monochrome, bicolor or colourful, full of print graphics combines perfectly with the tropical climate and the lightness of Brazil.

As the plus size fashion is increasingly linked to the fashion world, we fatties can and should use and abuse of this trend that’s here to stay.

For the girls who do not like to use many colors (you know the old story that gain weight with vibrant prints? …), I suggest using the ethnic figures in black and white, for example. I have seen many combinations in the P & B out there, not only in plus size dresses, but also in blouses, skirts and shorts, which allows one to produce gorgeous looks with matching color parts only. I have a short in tribal print in Navy Blue with white, which combine with a red blouse, which I love. Is a beauty!

Another cool tip is that the figures presented in the ethnic prints were representing peoples, cultures and customs differ throughout the years. In the beginning there was the representation of the culture of the pre-Columbian Andean societies and, in recent years, the figures have represented the African peoples.

Lately, I have seen emerge drawings representing customs and traditions of brazilian society, which brings to fashion any style and the originality of our people. I’m loving it!

But we don’t have to be only in the clothes, girls. Ethnic print accessories also fall super well. How about modernising the good old jeans with an ethnic print scarf, a mixture of bracelets (can abuse the amount) and a bag with fringes or a super charming sandals, huh?

So, girls, Razzle in choices of ethnic prints that you will be with all in plus size fashion. I guarantee that you’re going to kick ass!

Soon I will be back with more tips on plus size clothes for you!

Plus Size Models Star Calendar

Hi girls, okay with you?

Pay attention on this fantastic initiative! A group of women in Brasilia created the virtual magazine called BSB Plus Size, which aims to improve the self-esteem of women who are overweight and combat prejudice. The initiator of the project is Janaína de Brito, Miss Vivie Plus Size DF 2016, who has a history of life not much different from our own.

After three pregnancies, Janaína gained 30 Kg, which led to a crisis of depression that lasted five years. In addition to the low self-esteem, the non-acceptance of the body, difficult to relate to with friends, she also had problems in her marriage because her husband didn’t like weight gain. Who among us has never lived it?

The situation began to change when Janaína decided to enroll in Brazil Plus Size Pageant stage DF, it was awarded the 2nd Princess. She says that the contest was critical for the acceptance of one’s own body. “From there, I started to put pictures on Facebook and was sought by several women. I started giving tips for them, “says she.

The group, which meets every month, with the help of nutritionists, psychologists and volunteers. According to the Janaína, the objective of the project is to “help real women who live attached to standards set by a company Bigot”.

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How to Choose the Right Shapewear?

Day of a major party, you take your chosen dress and wear it, it is not perfectly satisfied with their appearance. A pneuzinho here, there fat and it seems that your event will be ruined because of it. He was able to identify? In such cases, the best and most saving option is a shape belt.

It was in 1907 that the shaping belt was invented by French designer Paul Poiret, after temporary retirement of corsets. Over a hundred years later, the current traditional straps have different models, adapting to the different needs and lifestyles, being made of highly technological materials and exerting the ideal compression for each time.

How to Choose?

To choose your ideal corsets the most important is to try it and ensure that it has perfect fit. That means you, to experience a modeling girdle, she must see if it is imperceptible in the body, making all kinds of movement in front of a mirror to test.

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Valentine’s Day at Elle Shirt

Love is in the air, is an atmosphere of romance for all sides, and the site is also increasingly in love … we can’t stay away from you! Galerinha, has more tips on Valentine’s Day gifts out of the oven and this time the couples in love can celebrate because the palpiteco is for them and for them! When we think about presenting a man soon comes to head to buy a shirt. And why not? The shirt is a joker, which never goes out of fashion and he has proved to be little Darling not only in their wardrobes, but also in women. The shirt is able to transform a look in a matter of seconds and is an eternal companion, whether it be for work or for a more formal occasion. It’s the kind of gift that you can’t miss! But who thought a clothes, male, could fall so far so good on any woman? Of course you have the little finger of Auntie Chanel about it! In 30 years, by adopting the shirts in his productions, Coco Chanel popularized the use of this article even more among women. Some divas of Hollywood cinema, as Katherine, Hepburn, Ingrid Bergman, Greta Garbo, Virginia Cherrill, Louise Brooks, soon donned the idea. Today, the women’s shirt is a clothes easy to combine and compose the visual feminine and modern!

In Campo Grande (MS) ELLE Shirt is expert in male and female shirts, and offers 1001 options: has models for all tastes and styles! The store has been around for 3 years, commanded by Munir Ferzeli and Michele Ferzeli, who created the company with the objective to offer the modern man the most diverse options on shirts, combining comfort, colors, prints, quality fabrics and fine workmanship in production, following the trends of what happens in the modern universe of fashion. But it didn’t take long for the ELLE Shirt also invest in women, since women began wearing much the shirt on a daily basis and, above all, for being a basic part and Joker time to work! Today the store sells several brands of plus size shirts (male Dudalina, female Dudalina, Poggio, male and female, Lady women’s Tie, Says male and male Ducote) and also own manufacturing brands such as Elle, male and female Elle. In addition, with the demand in the manufacture of shirts, the company also began to make shirts for uniforms. The own shop designs and creates the uniform according to customer needs. We went to check out the latest from the Elle Pottery Barn and, is we set up a Fashion Editorial, beautiful and romantic super to inspire couples in love!

Elegant Dresses for Weddings

One of the problems that happens to nearly all women not to say all is that when you have a special invitation to an event or party they don’t know dresses put it, such is the chaos when it comes the invitation to the celebration of a wedding, the first thing that is thought is in the model’s dress. So don’t be all a headache, I leave you with some models of elegant dresses for wedding.

These elegant dresses are those who are part of the latest trends in fashion, so if you want to be the most beautiful guest at the wedding that you have to go soon, you don’t have to hesitate to opt out of some of these models. The variety of models of elegant wedding dresses is broad, in the same way that you have a wide range of colors so you can choose the best suited for your style.

Elegant short dresses

These beautiful elegant short dresses are one of the alternatives is currently going strong for celebrations of weddings and parties full of glamour. So you can have a better source of inspiration leave you with some pictures of the most prominent short fashion dresses for this season. See also: topschoolsoflaw.com

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Lingerie That Excites Men Most

When we are about to hold intercourse with your partner, anything goes when it comes to increase arousal, both ours and theirs. To excite our guy, we can avail ourselves of anything that we know you like it as voice and sensual movements, toys, kissing and fondling other.

But if there is something that excites men’s lingerie fine and erotic partners. And is that a cheap set of lingerie is something which no boy can resist since this underwear shows everything that is to come, hinting the body and curves before teaching the full body. And is that when men love that overtone and imagine everything you can find under the underwear.

One of the pieces of lingerie that most excites men are the garters, the sexy garment that is placed at the height of the hips and helping to hold thanks to its suspenders stockings. It’s one of your favorite clothes. Fine and Erotic lingerie lace parts are also very exciting for them.

The thongs and the shorts are the biggest praises, and while some men like the thongs by the mere fact that you can enjoy the best views of the back of his girl, others many like more cycling short since it is a very sensual garment that knows insinuate and excites very much.

As for the colors, Red and black are Palm which in fine lingerie is concerned, because they are the colors more sensual, but it also is true that there are light-colored clothing and different combinations of colors that are ideal to excite your partner.


Routine, Our Friend or Enemy

Unsurprisingly the adventure is overrated. Don’t get me wrong, I love an adventure! Want to eat a new dish? Invite me! Want to meet a new continent? Count me in! But even at these times, the routine can be your friend. It is a mistake to think that the routine is 100% bad, which could mean support and comfort, without emotion.

What is routine?
It is usually followed by a trodden path; path already known. It is a habit of doing things the same way, automatical or unconsciously.

Let’s stop here, because, in this post, we’ll talk about how routine can work in your favor. Some things I like a lot in these definitions:

  • Usually trodden path does not mean that everything is always done in the same way. That would be bad and monotonous.
  • Everything that is already known is more comfortable to be done. Take the path that you already know to work.
  • Do something unconsciously, by practice, and eliminate the tension of having to reason to do the simplest tasks. Imagine if you had to think about every time I wanted to breathe?

Small routines put us on track when we’re threatening to derail, which is why I have a morning routine and a night. None takes more than 30 minutes, kicking high.

A very important Tip: place the routine on paper in a visible place. The fact of writing makes it more real. Don’t believe me? Try a week and tell me how it was. You will be preached in the mirror! Continue reading  

XXL Ladies Blazer

Blazer are worn for special occasions and celebrations in life like. They are also an integral part of business attire, because this garment provides reliability, elegance and class. Even if a more casual outfit should be upgraded, the classic Blazer is the right piece of clothing. So, there are many combinations to make the elegant garment style scene. If the Blazer is worn to the elegant suit, it exudes a certain seriousness and class. When combined the Blazer to the casual jeans or various skirts, a very successful outfit that provides a focal point in different moments of life arises!

Nowadays, the Blazer from the wardrobe of a stylish woman is impossible to imagine. We find a wide range of Blazers in different versions on the market. Also korpulentere women today find a great range of clothing in large sizes on http://www.hoticle.com/cat/plus-size-blazers/. So there are many nifty Blazer in XXL, which flatter the figure. Blazer in XXL should rather be kept in dark colors, since dark colours rather reduce and in the background are problem areas. Blazer in larger sizes should not too snug, but also not to loosely hang on the figure. If you want to cleverly conceal the upper body, you should avoid patterns or conspicuous colors on the Blazer in XXL, because they draw attention to themselves. Blazer in XXL should be slightly longer cut and go beyond the hip, because thus wide hips in the background.

Nowadays, blazers in different materials are available. Who is on elegance and tradition, you can buy a Blazer Tweed. Blazer are available, such as for example cotton and linen in several synthetic and natural fibres. As in the usual fashion, there are ever-changing trends tracked by style-conscious girls. In the area of the Blazer, models in boyfriend style Blazer in summery colors and eye-catching prints in fashion are this year.


New Collection of Impala Nail Polish Colors

When everyone thinks that it’s over all releases of enamels of the season, comes more…

There are so many glazes each season, which is too hard to pick favorites.

So it is always essential to ask yourself if you like it or not even a trend or current product. The conscious consumption doesn’t care about the “fast fashion”, but with what will contribute to enhance the style and personality of each. Think about it before you buy. Don’t buy if you can’t spend it. That said, let’s show one more launch of glazes.

After the collection Impala Art Love, is the time of the launch of the collection Impala Illusionist. There are 5 colors of nail polish. All polishes in this collection are limited edition.

The glazes were inspired by the world of magic, the magic, the art of surprise viewers. The aim was to play a bit with this idea of nail tricks. The magic has always enchanted the human being. And, now, will delight in aesthetics. Continue reading  

Find Latest Fashion Trends Winter

Many people love to take advantage of the trends!

Just that, increasingly, people want to see usable fashion. That is, the trend turned into fashion possible, sets for use, without that enormous distance between the catwalk and everyday life.

Each season is a “flurry” of trends. How to use all this? What to use? When to use? That’s what many wonder!

The winter fashion is beautiful, sophisticated and elegant. There are trends that seem to be so well for this season as for any winter. That’s something I always look familiar, reinterpreted, capable of leaving the next winter bursting with style.

The website brings outstanding winter fashion trends to be used at any time that the cold appear. Is that guy that will pass, but will continue doing many interesting winters! Continue reading  

Tips to Make Lipstick Last Longer

The lipstick is one of the basic and most important items of makeup.

The makeup of the lips makes all the difference, even for those who like to use colour more discreet, erased. And there’s more…

Use lipstick is one of the foolproof tips to end that usual pallor that reaches almost everybody.

A lot of people don’t leave home without passing a color on the lips. Everybody would like the lipstick that last longer.

With some techniques and tricks, you can make the lipstick stay on longer in the mouth. Today’s post brings tips on how to make your lipstick last longer.

  1. Moisturize your lips. What many people don’t know is that the hydration of the lips is fundamental for the smooth finish of the lipstick on the mouth. The lipstick best fixed with the softest lips, smooth. This hydration is not just before passing the lipstick, during the makeup, but a frequent hydration. Must be part of the daily beauty ritual. A cheap product for use on the lips to hydrate is bepantol (that famous baby powder). How about moisturize every day before bed? Moisture prevents the lipstick stay with that “Crackle” and releases those hairs on the lips. If hydrate during the makeup, the advisable is to remove the excess with a tissue. Otherwise, the lipstick does not set very well.
  2. Less Brightness = more length. It’s not an absolute rule, but usually, lipstick with satin finish has length smaller than a common or Lipstick with matte coverage.
  3. Primer on the lips. This provides better cosmetic finish type and duration of makeup primer on the lips. Continue reading  

How to Choose Clothes During Pregnancy?

Dress during pregnancy is not always easy! Over the months, the belly will become rounded and the body will change at high speed. Check out http://www.bestaah.com/c/maternity-tops/ for choosing her pregnancy clothes.

Textile: Comfort above All!

When you’re pregnant, it is particularly attentive to the comfort of our clothes. To dress it favors an easy wardrobe for everyday wear, with clothes made of breathable, elastic materials such as cotton or mesh in summer and winter. Many maternity clothes fit for example spandex in their composition, which allows the fabric to fit the curves without compress. We adopt them without hesitation!

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Hairstyles for Prom with Braids and Curls

After years of study, it has come the long awaited and expected time of graduation. Be with party or just with the traditional ceremony of graduation, this is a moment that can and should be celebrated. Thus, if you are forming or is invited to a celebration like this, hairstyles for prom is one of the points on which you should think.

When choosing between hairstyles for prom, however, we need to pay attention to the fact that more complex hairstyles need a professional or you run the risk of ending up frustrated and without the desired hairstyle. If you have already practiced or chosen a simpler hairstyle, though, you can use the celebrity inspirations and tutorials on the internet to make your own hairstyle.


The prisoners hairstyles have a lot of adepts, being the favorites of many people to bring sophistication and practicality. If you want the free lap, hairstyles for graduation in this style are shown.

It is also recommended that you use a prisoner hairstyle if your dress has many details in the neck area or if you go to use cords or earrings that deserve special mention. Thus, the hairs will not slow you down.


Coke is a classic hair up, but you do not need to stick to a bland version with little personality. To escape the tradition, opt for a looser coke and texture of smell, break, bring a light tuft.

This type of hair style will appreciate your face as well as hair, especially in the case of thinner and plain hair. In addition, the bit straight-laced look will allow you to dance and enjoy the ease, no worries. Continue reading  

Scratch Nail Polish and Color Effect

Plenty of nail polish … The brands they bring releases!

In the year 2011, the brand has brought the line Risque Color Effect with holographic nail polish, the so-called 3D nail polish. In other words, the newest on the market is in this regard.

This collection was successful! With the market acceptance, the brand has just announced new edition of Risque Color Effect.

This time, glitter nail polish is the focus of the collection. The difference of these glazes with glitter is that each has a different effect, whether because of the format of the glitter or, even, because of the mixture of colors that provide different color reflections.

The colors are: Risque Copper Canutilho (copper and gold fillets), Archa Disc of gold (Golden effect “hard balls”), Risque Grainy Rose (Pink with points of light), Risque Paet cloud (blue with glitter), Risqué Diamond Fuchsia (Fuchsia pink with glitter). Continue reading  

Brazilian Donations of Dog

Brazilians sure like pets and one of the most requested are dogs, they are very dear to us, no matter the race, but the friendship that is created between man and dog.

When commit ourselves to get a dog to create, we just assuming a commitment to our lives. So think long and hard before you get a dog for you to create, think carefully, if you have time to give attention to the puppy, resources to be able to take care of him. Because it is a life totally dependent on people who will have to give care and attention to the pet.

Studies show that in Brazil there are about 32 million dogs, 10% of them in State of disrepair. To have a notion of example only the city of Sao Paulo, meaning 200 1000 dogs, that is, SP has a huge shortage of homes for the dogs.

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Popular Nail Polish Color

Woman like to change the entire wardrobe, hair and nail and they don’t like to be unnoticed. Hand hygiene is an important aspect for us women, so nail is a sign of pure femininity and delicacy. Paint your nails with nail polish becomes a symbol of being a woman.

The months go by and more and more the number of enamels manufactured triple. The cosmetic industry has grown quite a while here, giving you your success to the incredible consumers who idolize each new color. Mislead the people who think that the enamels were born recently, with the apex of women in the labor market.

It was in Egypt that the act of painting nails started. Cleopatra and Nefertiti used it and at that time it was a symbol of status and power. The Chinese also had the same perception: certain colors represent a certain class. Now, we should focus on today! I’m talking about nail polish trends for 2016!

The year has begun and the glazes are still popular. The only difference is that it will always be changed and renewed every year. This year the stakes are the metallic colors. Yes! Golden, silver, ruby, blue, green, all these colors are metallic. The sets that color also follows in clothes, where the brightness and the metal (spikes and studs) are being fairly used. Continue reading  

Can you boil water be in a plastic bottle?

Thank Jessy! Indeed, one can boil water in a plastic bottle without it melts. This is because the heat receiving the bottle, is transmitted to the water dissipating. Thus it is achieved that the bottle temperature does not rise enough to melt. We could say that in a certain way, the water cools the bottle, grabbed for itself the heat.


And why boils? By monopolizing water heat, this temperature will begin to rise until reaching a point to a boil. “But … if the water boils, it means you are at 100. Should not melt at 100 ° bottle?” Nope. It turns out that the melting point of the plastic bottles we use in day to day is 260 ° C. If we put these bottles over a flame, its temperature rise of 260 ° and melt. But if we heat water inside, and dissipate the heat getting that temperature does not rise, the bottle may contain boiling water at 100 ° without melting.

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How to Match Jewelry Sets and Clothes

The truth is that every woman is in love with jewelry and clothes.

The jewels give an elegant touch on the clothes and leave the more still incremented.

Are your casual or formal combinations, the jewelry become elements of sophistication to any look?

But sometimes that can be beautiful, also leaves us in doubt. Although both are beautiful, the harmony between jewelry and clothes must exist.

Exaggerated combinations can cause an opposite effect and make you look awkward and out of context.

But how to match clothes and jewelry the right way? In Wholesaleably.com we will help you to match jewels and clothes without crisis. If you make these little tips, will rely much more on your verdict and never miss.

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How to Take Care of Your Hair While Pregnant?

The pregnant women also need to take care of appearance to keep beautiful until the date of delivery, needn’t we? In this stage of life, the beautiful hair root grows, but the hairs tend to be more dry so take care of the hair becomes a difficult task. This can happen due to natural factors or because during this period the chemical properties are prohibited. But the good news is that there is a right way to help you take care of hair in pregnancy to let you keep beautiful and healthy.

For pregnant women who had already given up on recovering the hair at that stage, thinking that would be the nine months with the hair up to hide your dry aspect, you can leave the hair shiny and beautiful throughout the pregnancy. Chemical should be left out, since most of them pass through the bloodstream, and may harm the developing baby. However, there are several other techniques that can get great results in the hair of pregnant women.

To help you keep your hair always beautiful and healthy throughout pregnancy, check out the following several tips.

Hair care in pregnancy

Tincture: Nowadays, most women dye their hair, but pregnant women should live far away from this at this stage. Some doctors allow the use of tinctures in ammonia-based version, after the third month of pregnancy. However, do not to take any chances, the ideal is to use only shampoos tints. They help to enhance the natural color of the hair and help let the yarn over uniforms. Continue reading