Pastel Colors Fashion Trend

Today let us see the results of our survey on the fashion colors for spring summer 2010, you voted numerous and this, as always, we are very pleased! The season Spring Summer 2010 is very rich in fashion trends, both in terms of the styles for the colors, is a season studded with crystals, sequins, animal print, hemp and straw but also very colorful, as is the all-white and all-black oranges and yellows and the stunning pastel shades, that were awarded the victory of our survey with an excellent 22% of the vote, but we see the whole list, to better understand what you like and what not. Continue reading  

Tomboy Fashion Trends

On the catwalks of spring-summer 2010 we saw many designers dress the models with their male clothes, following the style “à la garçonne.”Blazer male, masculine-cut trousers and even ties: the woman fishing from the wardrobe of his man to declare a strong stance, but without sacrificing her femininity. Among the designers who have paid tribute to this style we find Dolce & Gabbana, who alongside his clothes inspired by Sicilian women also thought rigorously masculine suits, and Ralph Lauren, who designed a stylish blue pinstripe. Continue reading  

Tezenis Swimwear Collection

Tezenis, catalog Spring / Summer 2014. The new proposal from the low cost label specializing in underwear, nightwear and homewear is full of trendy clothes and very feminine, glamorous coordinated realized in the colors most beautiful fashion this hot season. The Tezenis collection reflects some of the most interesting fashion must-haves teen, beginning with printed patterns, pastel tones and character applications. Heads of seductive lingerie complete the collection: let’s give it a closer look. Continue reading  

Best In-Ear Headphones on the Market

We are presenting the best in-ear headphones on the market, after testing the most outstanding models according to consumers but also brands. At the end we finished with a list of small sea but we’ve already got two favorite you’ll see mentioned throughout the article.

Even though we love the sound and the bass of the large and giant headphones over-ear, there are some situations where they simply tend to cause more problems the advantages contributing. Why we we opted to offer you a list with the best ariculares in-ear.

Now you’re in the gym, traveling or just hanging out, sometimes just want something more compact, something that you not despite, or perhaps a few sweat-proof headphones. With these qualities, you’re talking about exactly what you offer a few in-ear.

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10 Tents Between Design and Innovation

Summer hot, want imperative to leave, to leave the city and immerse yourself in the wilderness. Green therapy of Mother Nature is savored especially if camping is practiced. An ancient philosophy of life, I would say primitive, but now it can also be very chic. The design and the search for ever more efficient and innovative materials open to the world of camping new comfort options to truly appreciate the immersion in the landscape.

Tentsile Tree Tents , elegant and light, are tents structure designed as a tree house transportable anywhere. Camping and hang from a tree atro like a hammock blanket is an amazing new way to experience the great outdoors in style and comfort without worrying about the ground conditions. It ‘nice that for each purchased tent, the company plant three trees.

If paranoia disturbs the peace and the worry of unexpected visits by some animal host prevents the right relax in nature, these tents dewdrop are the solution. Hanging from a tree, Dre Wapenaar Summer Sleeping Bags Camping are born from an idea of the Dutch designer and sculptor Dre Wapenaar. These tents were originally designed for the ROAD ALERT GROUP, environmentalists who are fighting against deforestation in England and have lived in the trees to avoid killing.

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Pillows for a Good Night’s Sleep

To relax after work really well and you energy, everything in our house should bear the atmosphere of comfort and coziness. The main area where we relax each night is precisely our bedroom, and the things that surround us there are more important for our comfort and fabulous holiday. The element that we decided to look at today’s topic are beautiful and comfortable pillows to sleep, even if you think real Thread will understand that this is your favorite thing to everyone in his house.

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Must Have Fashion Spring Summer

The summer is upon us, but what are the must-haves of the Spring / Summer 2014 you can not miss in the closet of a true fashion victim? High fashion catwalks have launched many interesting trends in recent months, proposing an overall renewal in shapes, materials and especially in the color palette. Let’s find out which elements will form the centerpiece of the new proposals for the hot season.

1. Pastel colors and radiant orchid

Flipping through the pictures of the summer catalogs, you will find that the new reward collections this year the return of pastel colors, shades of sherbet and generally solar vitamiche colors and cheeky. Close-up on radiant orchid, the color number one Spring 2014 seconds Pantone: you’ll find it in clothing lines, bags, shoes and even accessories! Continue reading  

Mosquito Remedies During Pregnancy

With summer arriving mosquitoes and also during pregnancy is fine protection. There are many natural remedies to use against mosquitoes, let us look at some.

The summer has now arrived and many women live with the baby bump, maybe for the first time. The small steps of always are even more important during the nine months of gestation, like drinking lots of water and eat fruits and vegetables, then follow a good diet during pregnancy but a problem is often represented by mosquitoes. Continue reading  

What is Vintage?

Never before at this time there is talk of Vintage . But what meaning does this word mean?

Vintage comes from the French vendenge indicating, in a general sense, the vintage wines of a certain value. Easy to make the comparison with the wonders that fashion past has bequeathed to us. The thing we must never forget is that vintage is not old : it is rather a nuance eclectic past, a tribute to the historical decades that have built our collective imagination.In recent years it has become a way of understanding “that was” perhaps too enlarging its original concept. Here everything is vintage: movies, books, cars. But we must never forget that all originated from the clothes, the clothes that have been worn and that have permeated with meaning a single shirt or jacket, and that today remind us of the past.

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Heart Print Fashion Trend

The prints hearts are the new trend of fashion season autumn winter 2013 2014, reinvented, adapted, redesigned by small and large brands in many versions. We find them on most classic t-shirt printed in many colors, but also along very elegant trench as those of the new Burberry Prorsum, and again on skirts, mini-dresses, dresses and even on shoes and handbags lines always meant evergreen class as that of Hogan! Let’s see what the leaders missed.

The Autumn Winter 2013 2014 starts to show us her must-have and guidelines that are marking a bit ‘all the collections of clothing and accessories. These include the rediscovery of the jaws passion for the white, always color associated with classic elegance and timeless, also revisited by lesser-known brand in a very interesting casual and glam rock keys. Continue reading  

White Color Fashion Trend

The white back to be one of the trends most interesting for next season autumn / winter 2013-2014, the undisputed protagonist on the catwalks of the fashion house’s most important fashion scene and as a result, also taken by commercial brands and low cost. Let’s talk about the end of one of the most classic color, always associated with an idea of sober and sophisticated elegance, worn over the years by the divas of the world particularly in highly refined occasions. But let us see in what way has been redesigned this year.

The winter season 2013 2014, according to the images of the first collections of luxury brands and economy brands, will have as reference dictates the clear contrasts, and this inevitably white has a prominent place. But we will find next to white also very black, adapted to leather garments and leather effect material above all, not to mention brands that have not wanted to give up thecolorful prints. Continue reading  

Knuckle Rings Fashion

They are called knuckle rings, or rings on the middle fingers, and are one of the must-have of the most successful in recent months around the world, jewelry or real jewels worn at the top of the phalanges, individually or in combination with others, but always glamorous and fashionable. Many models and versions on the market, the shaped rings record to those in range, from those with romantic applications such as pearls, to variants with lucky charm symbols of many different cultures. In short, here is the new must-have accessory of ‘autumn 2013!

The jewels are a very important part of a real fashion victim look, are well aware leggings like Brigitte Bijoux and Accessorize that year after year creates collections of accessories inspired by the dictates coming from the high-fashion shows.That of knuckle rings is a trend that can be inserted between the most chic trends of spring summer 2013, with obvious aftermath even in winter because in the end it is a craze that has no real reference period. Continue reading  

Black and White Fashion Trend

They are striped, polka dots or fantasies, it does not matter: what is needed is that the combination of both white and black. Who says that? Fashion: the spring-summer 2010 catwalks have seen many designers interpret this trend, by Givenchy, which has made ​​a real flag, Krizia, pasando for Roccobarocco, Emporio Armani and Moschino. Even today we show some proposals for shopping, you really understand everything: bags, shoes, jewelry, dresses, sweaters … for all budgets! Continue reading  

Plastic PVC Fashion

One of the spring-summer 2014 trends more fashionable concerns PVC items, clothing and accessories in this latest generation of material that are depopulating in all proposals for the hot season. Launched as a must-have on the most beautiful walkways in the world, that of PVC bosses has become a very successful trend also in the lines of bags, shoes and small accessories. Let’s find out what are the coolest models of the moment.

The PVC in its transparent or colored variants has been introduced in the fashion industry in recent years, first discreetly, then becoming a leading player and today, one of the must-have spring summer 2014 the most successful. Continue reading  

Collars Fashion Trends

The 2013 winter enshrines the collars with one of the hottest fashion trends. We are one of the many Accessories including fashion victims more attentive cannot do without. Besides, every Fashionista knows that in the end are just accessories to make a difference in a manicured look, unique details that they know how to talk about themselves and add a touch of character to each outfit.This year the collars, lay down the law proposed by the big brands, from maison more glamorous, but also by economic brands really variations for all tastes and needs. We give them a closer look.

The collars have become increasingly popular in the last winter season 2013, immortalized in complete look really chic for celebrity fashionistas. It is not difficult to coordinate this kind of accessory with the right garment, and although i look hot when they see black garments combined with mainly collars, if you dare remember that 2012 was the year of the color block, so why not? Continue reading  

Animals and Fashion

Animals and fashion are usually irreconcilable concepts, but apparently the web is ready to prove us wrong with our image four-legged friends with very fashionable look. Pets are immortalized almost daily now from their masters in funny poses but especially with clothes and designer accessories that inevitably tear a smile to those who watch them. In the era of selfie mania, even dogs and cats are not saved by this trend, so here is full pages on social networks dedicated just to them, the most chic pets on the net showing off glamorous items from envy. Continue reading  

Knitwear Fashion Trends

No one, for next autumn-winter 2010/2011, appears to resist the allure of knitwear. Whether knitted, crochet, perforated or enriched with braids does not matter, the important thing is that the wrap wool, in the form of coats,sweaters, capes and dresses the body of the woman next season. Who celebrates the charm of this material, which for the next autumn-winter will star as never before, is definitely Prada, which draws the entire collection on embroideries and weaves the wool, also realizing a collection of bags that is destined to be talked about! Continue reading  

Sporty Chic Fashion Trend

Trends Spring Summer 2014: leaders and sporty chic accessories. Surely there will have noticed, the summer season has brought with it a very particular mood, launched by some of the high fashion catwalks of the most famous in the world, first of all those of Chanel and Prada. The new collections for spring 2014 are filled with printed sweatshirts, shorts in fabric, sports pants with glamorous details, but also baby carriers, luxury sports shoes and many other easy chic details can not miss.

As we looked forward, we were precisely the high fashion house those that led to the catwalk collections marked by this mood, proposals such as those who marched for Gucci, Prada and Chanel particularly have left everyone speechless, imposing the sporty chic style as one of the most popular must-have leggings in the spring summer 2014 collections. Continue reading  

Hippie Culture Fashion Trend

The woman of next autumn-winter 2010/2011, according to many stylists will be a traveler from the style bohemian. The past influences more than ever the style of many autumn-winter collections and inevitably the designers could not even propose anew the typical style of the sixties and seventies, the hippies. The women designers such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Ralph Lauren and John Galliano are always discovering new worlds and new atmospheres and their clothing is a mix of ethnic and contemporary. Visit pharmacylib for how to wear leggings. Continue reading  

Red Color Fashion Trend

In the collections for next fall winter 2010/2011 stands certainly one color on all the red. A shade spirited and appealing, which for some designers is now a real trademark, a color turned on you either love or hate. Usually they prefer to choose such a strong color for spring-summer, but this year the red will be one of the autumn-winter fashion colors. We find in the collections of Valentino, Just Cavalli, Gucci , Givenchy and … if you want to know, read on! Continue reading  

What is CCTV

1) What is a closed circuit TV system 
A closed circuit system (CCTV) is a television system that operates on the basis of a private memo signal distribution in “closed loop” …
Unlike radio or television, which are available to anyone with a suitable receiver (Radio or TV), CCTV images are available only to those directly connected to the circuit or who, from the outside, have appropriate authorizations to access it.

2) When and where to apply
Security and surveillance are the most common applications for CCTV systems. With the use of these systems enables the security officer to oversee the affected areas while maximizing the efficiency with the certainty that no potentially dangerous event gets out of control.

3) Camera selection
The camera is the “eye” of a CCTV system and at its heart lies the CCD technology.
The human eye and the camera lenses operate on completely different lines.
The human eye adapts to different lighting conditions, the camera is inherently less flexible for this reason, the design of a CCTV system should be accurate and targeted to the environment in which it will be installed.

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Animal Print Fashion Trend

Right from the catwalks of last February and last March we had realized that the’ animal would have been one of the great protagonists of’ autumn-winter 2010/2011. In fact the designers were not able to resist the charm of the wild leopard machine, a real trademark for some designers, an animal temptation for many others. And if there are those who like Alber Elbaz took as a muse’ anonymous but eccentric woman spotted as inspiration for his collection Prefall 2010, there are many other brands that have “stained” their collections. Continue reading