Verdissima Swimwear UK

Verdissima introduces the novelty of his underwear collection spring summer 2013 and swimwear, a line according to the first images of the catalog, has a lot to say. The new collection dedicated to summer has been especially designed to the traditional must-haves of the period, the pastel colors in the foreground, but there are touches of glam rock character represented this year by a real trend now become indispensable: the studs. The above end up in the collection of swimwear, so let’s look at more closely line. Continue reading  

How to Avoid That Annoying AutoRefresh Pages

Several sites adopt the technique: add a small meta tag in the page code so that, from time to time, the browser automatically reload the entire contents. May be ten minutes, and two minutes, it depends on the site owner. The AutoRefresh bothers many people, but it has its reason to exist, as I explain below – and also explain how to disable it in some browsers, so stay tuned.

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French Translation of the Facebook Fold Piece Brat

Who stirs the internets for some time probably you know the tactic called Google bombing. This is a technique that uses a Google attribute to play tricks on politicians, celebrities, websites and anything else that is on the worldwide web. While I do not intend to describe the entire process, participants of nowhere mambembe 2007 BlogcampBH can confirm that it works. But this technique won a competitor to match: the translation of Facebook.
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What LED Bulb to Choose

For several years considering the purchase of LED bulbs (also called LED) for some lamp shades at home. Basically like savings in the sense to do the same (or more) amount of work with less resources, not in the sense of “deprivation”. So for a long time use energy saving bulbs and question time it was to go on LED lamps.

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Egyptian Government Sends Block Twitter and Facebook

The situation is tense there in Egypt. Protesters left up of government representatives, a wave of violence that has victim at least four people. To combat these people, the country’s leaders began a fierce censorship, to prevent more demonstrations are combined. Of course, the internet could not stay out of this.

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Google+ Gets More Space in the Pages of Orkut

If the Orkut still exist? Of course there is! Although suffering from semitotal abandonment now that Google makes every effort to Google+ social network, one that was invented to bring “social” to the web as a whole. To complete this picture, the team that develops new tools for old social network warned this week that some Google+ features will pop up in the pages of Orkut. Continue reading  

Guess Sunglasses Collection

If you are a fan of the brand Guess you’ll be happy to know that today we will see with the new sunglasses collection for spring summer 2011. The sunglasses Guess glasses are beautiful, solar and saucy, and the entire line has been called its “Sole”, a name you can trust for a solar and youthful collection! Guess eyewear line is pretty and young, if you look for sunglasses new, and tell all of you, here is the one where you have to bet! Continue reading  

Alberta Ferretti Online Store

They ‘a step that should make all of which are large medium or small commercial realities the world wide web now is the master and all those who have no time, between a commitment to work and the other, to enjoy a walk between the windows of the center they resort with a whole new confidence to online shopping. The fashion world is no longer a stranger to the network and almost the entire fashion industry is partially moving online. Continue reading  

Quality Content is Expensive

With nearly 2 billion users worldwide, the Internet has become a highly competitive environment for those who produce content in a professional manner.

This indicates that in the future will be increasingly difficult to settle. That is, everything will be quite different a few years ago when there were 3 or 4 blogs and 10 news sites here and there. The competition for attention and audience will be greater. Continue reading  

Google Launches Tool to Integrate Orkut to Google+

With a longer delay than expected, Google released on Tuesday (29) a tool that allows users to the old Orkut connect their profiles to Google+. In June 2011, during the launch of Google+, the web giant said that would “integrate features” of its new service to the old site, but this is the first move to integrate the two networks somehow.

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What is Yoga?

What is yoga?

Yoga (Sanskrit: “union”) is not only the practice of complex body postures. In simple words, the ancient discipline that originated in India is an invitation to bring attention to the body, mind and breathing. This means that includes: yoga postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama) and meditation. Through them, the body and mind experience a harmonious union pacifying the mind, bringing it to the present moment, and massages the organs while removing stress and tension in muscles and joints.

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Facebook Creates Remote Logout Option

By accessing social networks, e-mails and other web pages on public computers such as Internet cafes and libraries, you need to be extra careful with your passwords. Remember not save any of them and delete cookies and cache browser after finishing. But who is forgotten (cough cough) do not always remember to do this. It was for them that Google has created and implemented a remote logout option on your service mail in 2008. And it seems that Facebook is the next to create an equal option. Continue reading  

Chrome is the Most Used Browser in the World, Says StatCounter

The site browsers metrics StatCounter released at the end of last week more statistics about the browser wars. And for the first time in this vital industry, Chrome has become the most used browser worldwide for more than two weeks in a row. The change, which takes Internet Explorer from the throne where sovereign reigned, happened in the first two weeks of May and while the difference is only two digits after the decimal point. Continue reading  

App Center Facebook Will Distribute iOS and Android Applications

Facebook announced this week something that does not seem to have much to do with social networking: a centralized page applications. Call App Center, the page will serve to distribute the so-called “social programs” that use Facebook on the platforms Android and iOS, in addition to the application itself. The main trick is that it will redirect users to their respective stores in accordance with the platform he is using. Continue reading  

What Is the Best Filling for a Sleeping Bag

You will go into the mountains over the weekend as the weather will be cold and will not rain. You will spend the night outside and you need a sleeping bag, but what to take – filled with natural goose down or synthetic stuffing? Well, welcome! This is one of the oldest questions among the mountaineers – which of the two filling is better for clothes and gear mountain.

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Google Docs Gets New Discussion Tool

With the release of the document editing service Google Docs, also came included collaboration feature, imported directly from Writely, a company that Google bought. Different users of the service could access a document and make changes to any part of it. Over the years, this feature has been refined and also won a confused feedback system. Today this system has been improved and is finally decent enough.
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Yahoo Launches Browser for Android in Japan

The browser field for Android already has several and strong competitors such as Opera and Firefox, to name a few. Today he won another, launched by a company which is not exactly known for creating browsers: Yahoo. The launch took place last April 23, but probably the language barrier (perhaps the lack of relevance too) just now this announcement began to appear in the West web. Continue reading  

How to Use a Fishing Feeder

Feeder fishing is a very effective technique with white fish. It is a coup fishing on the bottom that you can go a great distance. The principle is to have a priming near the hook thanks to a primer feeder full of bait. Discover how to get started in this technique.



It is an essential element of this fishing. It is essential that can detect well chopped, because the fish are sometimes chopped small and discrete. Therefore, specific rods for fishing with feeder have a very flexible strut, to convey the slightest movement.

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