How to Make Flat Braid

The braids passion knows no boundaries. If you feel like a different style, there is a small and easy trick to create a wide but not too bulky. The result is super cool. Learn how to do it with this tutorial.
Be able to realize these massive braids but not too who have won the Pinterest board, it’s much easier than you think. Just use a little trick: the cotonatura crushed.

The idea is to make your flat braid, like a pancake, so that it creates the illusion of a larger braid. To do this, your weaves strands as you are wont to do. Then, the trick is to pull the hair strands of each section of the braid with his forefinger and thumb. This way your hairstyle will dilate and immediately appear more voluminous.

If you have short hair, pull the hair, could melt the braid, but do not worry: This technique is suitable for many hairstyle. Even the smallest, and measured, tearing will add a nice oomph to your style.

And, then, to see how to make the flattened braid is fascinating. From a little look…

Size Matters Even Handbags

That handbag may not tune to a tee with boots, long ago everyone knows. But should tune with the overall outfit. Here’s how the vast sea of ​​colors, patterns and styles to lose and to choose the right one.

If you dream of a unique universal bag, that would be suitable for every combination of clothing, which could accommodate up everything you need to have on hand, then you dream the impossible.

The following tips will provide guidance as to a given clothes to choose the right one.

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Schott Jackets Review

This was a time I wanted to buy a leather. After I convinced of the need to have this piece in my wardrobe (yes, I assure you that this step takes time), I had become interested in market for a closer look.

So I started looking at what brands offered and, especially, watching the leather jackets worn in the street. This second stage has taken time, but very soon, I turned to Schott (inventor ofPerfecto ) because it is a brand that has a real expertise and whose prices are far from crazy.

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Are Wedges Back in Fashion

Interesting name “tights” comes from the military men nineteenth century form-fitting leather pants, leather sewn elk, deer … those tight military pants are predominantly white and decorated Hussars parades.

Today, Leggings have become an integral part of the wardrobe of the female half of Russians, as well as for all ages made from materials of this abbreviated form-fitting pants to stretch and maintain good form, leggings are very convenient in everyday life. In addition, as a skulpturiraŝo effect, they hide extra weight (not all of course).

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Nexus 6 Confirmed, It Will Be Great!

Google’s developer-smartphone goes back to its roots: it will be a fight.

It has been leaked in his Motorola variant, called Shamu, but is now confirmed as the future Nexus phone from Google. Android blog our site puts his head on the block, and confirms that the new Nexus will be a large phablet with a 5.9 “screen.
Around the big screen you will find front-facing stereo speakers. Volume buttons will be placed a little further down than in previous Nexus phones in order to simplify the single-handed.

Nexus 6 will inherit the aluminum edge from Moto X, as well as Motorola’s quick-charge technology. At the rear a 13 megapixel camera module will find space, paired with optical image stabilization and a two-toned LED flash. Front camera with 2 megapixels. Continue reading  

How to Make the Bun Hairstyle

A bun from the back, or more modern flavor such that high, a dancer or red carpet. How to achieve the most elegant of hairstyles.

  • Do you think that the bunis too demanding? Absolutely no! It’s elegant and romantic hairstyle if you want to show it off in the evening, but also ordered to have a perfect look that lasts all day. Here are the secrets of the chignon explained!
  • Venice 2016: three ways to make the bun
    On the red carpet of the latest edition of the Venice Film Festival in Venice the bun was featured in its most modern variations: disheveled and upwards.
  • Chignon in every way
    The disheveled chignon is rising, while the Knotter misfires. The crop on top of the head is ok as long as unusual in braids, even fake can go provided that it has an air of saucy. Continue reading  

Different Kinds of Hiking Shoes

The concepts Hiking and walking is relatively new among the general public in Sweden and there are still many who can not define exactly which use these shoes are suitable for. Are they to go on asphalt, or fits better in the woods? This guide aims to increase understanding about hiking- and walking shoes and you thereby hopefully get better advantage of your particular pair.

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High End Leather Jackets

Here are the most advanced brands findable in France often in the Ranger to often dizzying prices (between 1500 and 2000). Do not buy these jackets until you are certain the style you want to adopt for several years. You can find them on occasion Forums Superfuture, styleforum or sometimes that of BonneGueule.

Giorgo Brato

We can start having treatments and interesting cuts from this designer with use of asymmetry and presence of hoods that I have hitherto seen anywhere. The washes and treatments are particularly sharp, and cuts out of the ordinary: it is a good choice once you have found your style , for a second leather jacket. But there is little chance that you find a really versatile basic in its collection.

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GoPro Hero4 Launched: Actioncam with 4 K-Power

On Sunday the new Hardy GoPros will find their way to Denmark. Now with touch screen or 4 k video.

GoPro builds their self-created niche for action-cameras. On Sunday the fourth generation will make their foray and bid on two coveted features: 4 k-video or touchdisplay.

The series contains three steps: Black and Silver Edition and HERO. They share all along the rugged exterior that has made the series popular with action-the people. Black and Silver can take pictures in 12 megapixels, while the HERO must make do with photos at 5 MP.

Black and Silver want to share dimensions and extra equipment with its predecessor Hero 3+, with the battery as the only exception. Continue reading  

Retro Interior Decor For a Wedding And Valentine’s Day

Reasons for a family celebration very much! As a recognized and favorite holidays, and touching family events and celebrations-Every family they own House Decoration for the holiday creates a happy and a good atmosphere in the family, brings joy and uplifting. Allow yourself the luxury of a charming-as a festive decoration of the house just for the mood! This is not necessarily expensive and difficult-you will see for yourself, if you can see this great photo gallery albums decor ideas with their own hands.

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10 Reasons to Start Running

More and more people today start running. Maybe hard you go by yourself for a while or are you thinking of going to begin. This article describes the main reasons to go running. For example, you go running to lose weight or improve your condition, but there are many more reasons to start running. Even less athletic people will eventually often dependent on the positive effects that run.

1. Lose Weight

Running fit a healthy lifestyle. This type of movement is very effective when you want to burn a lot of calories. There are not many sports where you take more calories than running. In addition, the relative amount of fat you burn when driving large compared to other sports. A few times a week, for half an hour, running can already provide many kilos of weight in a few months.

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Signature Luxury Watches Tag Heuer also Wants His Smartwatch

The presentation of the Apple Watch is the touch of necessary care to seriously rethink the smartwatch

Apple’s entry into the world of the smartwatch was the wake-up call they needed many companies to seriously rethink this new technology category. Previously occurred with mobile phones and conventional manufacturers, none believed that the iPhone could become a serious rival expel them so comfortable that position they occupied in the market. And finally it happened.

Now, with the lesson learned, many traditional watchmakers do not want to see its market share reduced by the incursion of technology into the world of watch companies. Only one week after the presentation of Apple Watch, the CEO of Tag Heuer has spoken with a Swiss newspaper about his own plans for the creation of a smartwatch and how this will have nothing to do with the device presented by Apple.

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New HTC-Rumors up to October-Event

In October holder HTC a event in New York, and now there are new rumors about the impending showcasing.

Part bread crumbs have pointed out that HTC the 8.October in New York will show an action camera. However, there may be more in store, among other things, with thought for the title ‘ Double exposure’, and it may have with HTC One (M8) to do.

Listen to jungle drums, so can be for hear about HTC Eye. There should be something that in rough outline is an HTC One (M8), but which has got a better camera.

There should still be talking about HTC’s DuoKamera, but on the other hand, should the HTC have gone away from their UltraPixels. The idea behind UltraPixels is otherwise that they are bigger and should capture more light, and it would provide better images. Continue reading  

Learn How to Makeup for Carnival

Loved ones are prepared to stay beautiful at the Carnival? Because if you still had no idea what makeup do, a friend who loves makeup was keen to help us. We have a tutorial for the blog I’m that will leave you excited to Carnival. Come on then?

Makeup Super Pink for Carnival

Before starting the make, it is necessary to prepare the skin, which is made as follows:

Cover your face and neck with exactly the tone of your skin. Don’t forget to cover the area of the eyelids and around the hair root. Now, apply a compact colour, with the sponge. Spread well, make a generous layer of dust, because this will help after cleaning up the smudges made with the shadow, the fallout in the face. If you want, apply liquid Concealer under the eyes, making a triangle between the beginning and end of the eyes and cheek.

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Are Leggings Still In Style

There are fashion trends that are gradually disappearing from the scene and then suddenly experience a true revival. Such rebirth celebrating the leggings for some time. Today leggings are close to the body, ranging from about the navel to the ankles. However, over the years many different types of leggings have developed and changed further. Inspire online from us the offer of leggings.

These pants are gladly worn during exercise, such as in yoga.Here you can access to special sports leggings, made ​​of thick cotton fabric and are opaque. Especially sexy leggings are called tights which set the curves of the body in scene. For the sports are, for example adidas leggings . Falsely these pants is often confused with tights or used interchangeably. Tights cover, however, as the name suggests, the entire foot, while a leggings leaves free the feet.

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How and Why Wearing a Leather Jacket?

Why is the leather jacket still trend?

Thee leather jacket is one of the cornerstones of a male dressing room and this for decades. Indeed, the leather jacket through the years and trends without really taking a wrinkle. Sometimes it’s even a product that passes from hand to hand and especially from father to son.

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Leather Jacket

Leather Jacket

Skin looks very impressive, but to prevent the jacket from her still and warm is you have to choose one that has a leather lining.

podstezhka Usually this is fixed by means of clasp, which makes it possible to wear a coat and season period. Razgranichavane natural faux leather lining is very prosta. Gorya plucked hair si. Natural burning with characteristic smell of burned hair and artificial just melt.

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So Much Bends the Various Topmobiler

A us consumer magazine has put the screws on 6 topmobiler, including the new iPhones. Conclusion: they made up every one, but plastic is best.
Early rumors about unfortunate iPhone 6 users have created a wave of negative publicity by Apple’s latest products. As a follow-up to the rumors went bloggers from Unbox Therapy in the flesh on the big iPhone 6 Plus and managed to bend the big iPhone for open screen. iPhone-torture quickly gained viral legs to walk on and has now been seen small 50 million times. Trend #bendgate was to end.

Whether there are teams in the accusations of cheap aluminum and fragile design, Apple has understandably denied. The brand behind Apple points out at the same time that new iPhones go through rigorous testing before they are let loose. The American consumer magazine Consumer Reports tests now Apple’s claim by performing a bend-test of 6 popular topmobiler. Continue reading  

Makeup for Wearing Red Dress

Stay beautiful with red dress is very easy and glamorous, but the previous process to stay beautiful, lead many women to madness, once, make combinations between makeup and dress, and further combine with some accessories and even the enamel, is not a simple task and encouraging.

Yes, red is a dominant color and this influence, and in time to harmonize with the other colors.

If you already chose the model of your red dress to go to the prom to prom, wedding or any other occasion and is in the process of how to do your makeup, you’re in the right place! Check out the tips that we have prepared for you:

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