Milan Fashion Week Trends

The Milan Fashion Week continues its road shows with Fendi, Prada or Moschino. Up to our recap ‘fashion of the day!

Strong emotions in days following the Milan Fashion Week. Discount its aggression in the Italian city, Gigi Hadid appeared on numerous podium duet with Bella Hadid. Fendi, Max Mara and Moschino see double integrating the two sisters at their shows. Prada and Emilio Pucci are also feeling the Milan Fashion Week, they are questioning the temporality or do an ode to summer. Fendi futuristic princesses in the jungle of Max Mara, parades follow but not alike. After Gucci, Alberta Ferretti and Roberto Cavalli , instead recap our new ‘fashion of the day!

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How to Wear Bikini When Fat

She made the cover of ELLE magazine, she is the face of the latest Swimsuitsforall campaign, she posed for Bust magazine and the world no longer talking about her curves to make your head spin. You’ll understand, I speak of the beautiful Ashley Graham! Frankly, you do not find the super beautiful you? This larger model has something to rival the greatest of jealousy top models of the world! She is beautiful, buxom, has generous curves, and best of all, is that it assumes completely! I do not know you, but I find it so beautiful is sexy. I never tire of looking at her photos. Whether for large cap swimsuits, plus size clothing or lingerie is, again and again, sublime.  Continue reading  

Spring Summer Fashion 2015

Spring summer fashion 2015: bringing back the years ‘ 50 and the retro lace! In body or curvy, 2015 spring dresses with more sensual that it exists and that gives all the piazzo. For vintage style years ‘ 50, but also to combine with modern accessories, choose your lace minidress.

Spring demands lightness and colors, but without exaggeration typical of summer! For this, bright and romantic pastel tones, such as pink, blue, yellow and white are the most chosen and those that the big fashion houses have brought on the catwalk. Even the fabrics, of course, become lighter and airy, you put aside the “Grandma sweaters” that marked the winter season 2015 and ethereal dresses are chosen. Minidress and clothes in General, in fact, become the piece must have, but what is the right line and which the fabric? Continue reading  

Button Down Shirt Mens

Cutaway and turndownkrage are all very well but the shirt that feels most useful is in our shirt with buttondownkrage. The small buttons are skjortkragen in place which makes it perfect for a knit shirt or unbuttoned a few available cotton pants on holiday. If you want to dress up the model one can wear the collar to tie and unbuttoned collar with kragknappar, a soft wave-shaped case.

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Apple Smartphone Guides

Computer sales are falling for the first time in a long time. Those tablets and smartphones explode. These ultra light touch devices have everything to convince: you can take them anywhere, they are largely sufficient for common tasks like surf the internet, check e-mails, etc.. They can even be used for small office work, to condition some of their folks a real keyboard and a mouse. So what tablet to choose?

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White Summer Watches

With the arrival of summer, the white watches are back. They are set with precious stones, heated by the yellow or gold accented dark details, they shed light on the wrist gracefully. More original than models black or brown, but more sober than the green timepiece, red or orange, they are suitable for a sporty silhouette at a dressier look. Zoom on the white watches for men to adopt this summer.

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LG introduces LG F60-4 G to the Cost-Conscious

Korean LG is soon ready with a new 4 g phone for the Danish market, which also brings LG’s favorite features.

4 g is becoming more and more widespread, and LG’s newest addition to the Danish market is also addressed to those who want the high speeds. LG F60 is a 4 g smartphone that is not making a black hole in the wallet.

In addition to the 4 g do you get with the LG F60 the now familiar LG-features such as the Knock Code that can unlock the screen up on a number of user-specific pressure.

LG has also some camera functions hidden up his sleeve on LG F60, with, among other things, Touch & Shoot, using a one-touch focus and takes a picture, and also the Front Camera Light that uses the screen as information for selfies in dark surroundings. Continue reading  

Pilgrim Jewelery and Watches

New Pilgrim jewelery and watches

We can now announce that we now have new Pilgrim jewelery and watches which is really something we have been looking forward to. Pilgrims collections are always a great pleasure to look at and this is a company that continues to consolidate its position as one of the leaders in innovative shape and design. Since 1983, the Danes Anne Mette Markvad and Thomas Adamsen developed its jewelery design, and today there are few who do not know this brand.The original concept that went on to express the love for music and people in the jewelry remains up to date, but at the same time it is clear that the Pilgrims design has been honed to suit the requirements that we have today in terms of comfort and modernity.

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Black and White Fashion Trends 2015

Are you ready for a summer in black & white? The black and white is the trends for spring summer 2015 that will make your original and glamorous outfits. Minidress, trousers, skirts, dresses and Accessories from black and white to match with geometric patterns, paintings and black and white stripes.

Back on the catwalks and in fashion catalogues PE 2015 the timeless black and white look, becoming one of the most “in” for this year’s summer outfits. Elegance and class distinguish these two opposite colors that have always trendy look timeless and ageless. Continue reading  

2014 Tour de France Highlights

2014 Tour de France is the 101 edition and will start in England.The first stage begins and ends in Leeds and Harrogate. There are three steps executed in England after the transition to Le Touquet. The 5th stage begins Ypres in Belgium. The big favorite is Chris Froome. Strong external Alberto Contador and Vincenzo Nibali. Here you will find a complete overview of all races, results and standings of the Tour de France 2014.

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Comparison Between Smartphone and Tablet

Opportunities: Android and google put apple and IOS out of the race!

Apple creates and sells phones and tablets very well designed, of high technical quality, but in is kept to in lock use:

-Cannot connect a USB stick or hard drive to an apple device. It is unimaginable, but it’s so. When you leave with your device, it is imperative that it contains in its memory all you need. If you travel a week and you want to carry a movie by evening, a 16 GB ipad won’t allow that difficult if you have loaded applications and a few songs. Indeed, 16 GB, it is little. So, you will have to juggle to find the space. Most android devices allow to connect a usb key or an external hard drive. No worries for all your documents, movies, songs with you… If a friend or colleague you provide you with a file, you will have no difficulty with android. Simply a usb key.

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Tips for Physical Exercise

Start training requires time, determination and, above all, gradually.

It is impossible to think about to get real benefits from sport, in a short time.
For this it is good leisurely approach to the sport, start training small but constant exercises.
Over time, however, it becomes necessary to increase the intensity of our business if we want to get physical results expected.

For example, we may try to increase the difficulty of our business by setting up a slope, increases the speed at which we work, to practice various activities in different ways.
Here, in brief, any advice on how to optimize our physical exertion.

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Difference Between Skydiving and Parachuting

Skydiving and parachuting are similar but there are differences. There are also many similarities. So you get all the sports in which you float through the air, a great excitement and it is always adventurous and wonderful to experience again. While skydiving, skydiving and paragliding quite similar, there are differences. With skydiving example, you are in the air longer before opening his parachute. No use is made of a static line there. Skydiving is the English term for a skydiving freefall, before opening his parachute. When skydiving freefall is important, precisely because of the special feeling that gives the falling through space. Furthermore, it is in fact the same sport. Bees paragliding, you can control the chute and you can choose where you jump from.All three have their charm, but in almost all people when it comes to fall, floating and flying.Preferably as soon as possible. High in the sky like a bird. No longer dream that you fly but it really experience. You can with these three sports.

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Facebook Will Also Have a Bit of Health Cake

Apple, Google, Samsung, and more would like to help people to a healthier life and better health, and it will also Facebook.

There is time in everything that has to do with health in the tech world, and the last, who will play with, is Facebook. The social network is investigating the possibility of extending the functionality of its groups and perhaps make new apps dedicated to health.

Reuters spoke to three sources, which tells that Facebook will make small ‘communities’, or groups of people who have various diseases. In addition, considering Facebook also applications that can fit on people in advance and help with a healthier lifestyle. Continue reading  

Giving Watches as a Gift


It’s not so bad to have a little track of time and whether you have meetings to be on time or if most think it is nice to know what time it is. Nowadays used watches as jewelry and you can choose a design that is consistent with the type of accessories that you like to wear. It is out specifically for men or women, and there are more androgynous creations that both he and she can wear. The bracelet will affect how the clock looks but the clock is also an important part of the design. If you want the clock’s appearance should be more like a piece of jewelry, it’s fine with touches of crystal and other decorations, while a simple dial may be preferable when you do not want it to compete with other jewelry.

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How to Dress to Slim Legs

How to dress to slim legs and ankles, here is the most suitable look. There are many flaws in the body that can camouflage clothing and choosing the right accessories. These are our style tips to correct critical areas of your body and feel fine.
Who among us has not at least one critical point? There are many flaws in our bodies that can be felt as a cause of discomfort and make us live hurt our relationship with the mirror. Sometimes they are linked to a few extra pounds, in other cases to incorrect behavior in others to your body shape and bone structure. Who never complained to wide hips, short legs or small breasts? Where mother nature (or our discipline) comes to our aid we can intervene with simple fashion tricks that help us to fix the much-hated flaws. How so? Choosing the right outfit, can camouflage the problem avoiding to accentuate it with mundane style errors. Let us see How to dress to thin ankles and to slim legs. Continue reading