Sonos Zone Player S5 in the Test

When Sonos 2005 exhibited for the first time at the Berlin IFA, the stand was still very small, the vision but already tremendously. The resourceful troupe from California made it then also within a short time by the insider tip in AUDIO to the successful brand.

The idea behind it is but also simply awesome: a network system which is neither outwardly looks at the networks still notes in practice. Whoever puts to a bundle with the second generation of the white silver zone player, consisting of Sonos 90, Sonos ZP120 including integrated amplifier and the extremely smart Sonos controller CR200 (all together around 1000 euros), not ten minutes will require by out of the box up to the first play of a song – even without IT studies. Continue reading  

Beyerdynamic T1

With the T1 Beyerdynamic wants to start correctly in the first division of the premium headphones – thanks to a new principle of driver and lots of magnetic power.

  1. Beyerdynamic T1
  2. Data sheet

Do you know Nicolas Tesla? He is the namesake for the most expensive headphones Beyerdynamic has developed in the consumer sector. While Tesla is long dead, has left but basic knowledge of AC for posterity as a life’s work. He was honoring the unit of measure for magnetic flux density Tesla baptized. Also the cryptic abbreviation in the name of the brand new flagship of the Heilbronn headphone specialists refer to Tesla and his legacy. The T stands for magnetic flux density (i.e. for the strength of the magnetic field) and the 1 subtly indicates it to be amazing how big the new premium listener. Continue reading  

Focal Electra 1028 BE

With the formula 1 material, beryllium focal want to get the friends of high resolution and impetuous attack at the boxes. What has the new Electra 1028 be else on it?

  1. Focal Electra 1028 BE
  2. Data sheet

In formula 1, Ferrari made out of frustration about the competition for banning the beryllium. Just as well that the Italians build no speakers. So focal fans can now enjoy on the reissue of the Electra be series with a tweeter from the light and stiff metal. As in the past, focal makes the innovations from the utopia series (whose top model costs around 130000 euros) come to with some decency skew even the Electra series. The sandwich Mebranen of low – and midrange driver are now cut with a precise laser, because the edges precision exerts an influence should not be underestimated on the playback quality. Also, the sandwich recipe over the years has been improved further. The three main claims of focal developers have always been subject to: maximum rigidity with low weight and maximum internal damping. Continue reading  

Clearaudio Concept

The Clearaudio concept offers easy operation, stylish design and magnetic bearing tonearm. Enough to convert to digital disciples?

  1. Clearaudio concept
  2. Data sheet

Magic seems to protect the record and to make such as the Highlander Connor MacLeod. In journals and forums lively guided discussions about the pros and cons of the black disc keep them as alive as some manufacturer of turntables, the you with detail improvements the last bit sound would elicit. That arouses curiosity even with music lovers, who himself had enacted in the wake of the digital revolution years ago from analog formats. Notwithstanding one or the other remembers well that still vinyle treasures slumber in their basement. Continue reading  

Onkyo TX-NR 5007

By because of “video killed the Radio Star”: the new Onkyo’s flagship offers upper-class image processing and brings Internet radio in the living room on top of that. But does the progress at the expense of the sound?

  1. Onkyo TX-NR 5007
  2. Data sheet

Where is that lead yet? When you TX NR 5007 briefly wanted to trade off all the details of the new Onkyo AV receiver, that beyond already the standing for this test available scope of text. One of these all-in-one-audio-video control units has rarely been so highly equipped for sound and image and then also still so perfectly built that you could omit themselves alone in several paragraphs long. Professional test reports there is Yes that is why: to steam to the wealth of information on a more easily digestible bite. But this 25 kilo Brummer brings the head of each author to the all-powerful – he is a real challenge. Continue reading  

Gamut Dana 1650

The Danish Highender of gamut venture for the first time in the affordable class: their new series of Dana can compete with there traditional competition?

  1. Gamut Dana 1650
  2. Data sheet

The third candidate is this time not from Germany, but like Dali from Denmark: gamut arises with the brand new Dana 1650 not only between the fronts, but dares to also simultaneously in relatively favorable climes. So far the only insiders known manufacturer of Ikast with its speakers only in the upper class was moving. There entrusted the Danes on slightly extravagant housing design and exotic veneers. Continue reading  

Mordaunt Short Aviano 6 in the Test

New series of Mordaunt Short Aviano offers advanced chassis technology in affordable, yet well-formed body. Especially the stand box Aviano 6 boasts a musical tuning.

  1. Mordaunt Short Aviano 6 in the test
  2. Data sheet

In terms of terminals trusts Mordaunt on the Australia-born Bullet Plugs – beyond all legends surrounding the connections from “Down under”, a very practical, solid way of bi-wiring terminals. Banana plugs, fork terminals or bare cable here tight circumference. Continue reading  

Network Player Linn Klimax DS Dynamics

With the new power supply the Linn sound with Klimax DS Dynamics (15,000 euros) fine again dissolved and dynamic, more space and location.

  1. Network Player Linn Klimax DS Dynamics
  2. Data sheet

The flagship, the Klimax DS, had to be the first in the ring. With him, the testers wanted to test as an example the sound differences between software and hardware in all possible combinations. The music came from a RipNas statement, asset served as a server program uPNP by dBpoweramp. Continue reading  

Stereoplay Special: RIP Server

Who wants to comfortably store CDs and manage, not get around a RIP server.

As data suppliers for network player, network attached storage devices (NAS) are essential. On them digitized music finds its fest(platten)en place, manage and stream them using appropriate software. But more and more users demand convenient solutions: the NAS to rip the CDs at the same time without much effort. Continue reading  

Test: Turntable Transrotor ZET 1

22 kilo turntable Transrotor ZET 1 with pick-up 250 STR and pickup Goldring MM 1006 moves to fight price of 2000 euro the owner.

  1. Test: Turntable Transrotor ZET 1
  2. Data sheet

Transrotor-chef Jochen Räke graced during the last months the analog world is surprises concrete with two. First, he devised an evolutionary new magnetic bearing, can be installed also in elderly TRANS rotors. Then he followed up immediately a revolutionary, which is reserved but excluding new constructions. The third surprise rotates for a few months in the AUDIO listening room: the ZET 1 deliberately eschewing Räke all these innovations and created a plate screwdriver, whose pricing record appears with well-known and proven components. A real mass drive, this time 1. Continue reading  

Logitech Squeezebox Touch

You can elaborate plan for a music network, cables behind walls and invisible using loudspeakers. This is likely to be costly. You can get but also a few intelligent colluding network player that wirelessly get the music from a central ¬ Media server. AUDIO shows the strengths and is called the weaknesses of Logitech and tests the newcomer: the Squeezebox touch and Squeezebox radio.

  1. Logitech Squeezebox touch
  2. Data sheet

Founded in 2001 in mountain view, California, slim devices is one of the pioneers of the network-HiFi – a small, fine team with brilliant concept, which it has remained even after its sale to Logitech in 2006. The player of the Squeezebox family have little own intelligence and thinking largely left to the server. This excludes although too weak NAS plates from the role as central computer reduced but the player and reduce the risk that their hardware eventually slows down the progress. Continue reading  

Speaker Ayon BlackBird

Sara k. seemed about the Ayon BlackBird (EUR 17 000 the couple) to approach their audience particularly close and seemed incredibly alive and soulful.

  1. Speaker Ayon BlackBird
  2. Data sheet

Since the early days of high fidelity use boxes manufacturer sound ducts and Horn attachments, to more effectively link the movements of the speaker cones into the room. In the professional area such tweaks are the order of the day. While commercially available Horn speaker use typically separate systems to process large transmission areas, the Austrian high-end-Manufaktur Ayon of uses a coaxial two-way Horn BlackBird. The double compression driver originating from the Hanoverian chassis specialists BMS covered as a gigantic frequency range from about 500 to well over 20_000 Hertz. Continue reading  

Speaker Dark Sirius

When the dark SIRIUS (20000 euros the pair) could umher walking it almost at will in the area, without having to record significant sound changes.

  1. Speaker dark Sirius
  2. Data sheet

While owners of one dough er boxes comparisons easily come in thinking, which model of which brand they happen to have before, not the slightest risk of confusion is at the SIRIUS of the Lower Saxony boxes manufacture Duevel. Continue reading  

Bury RC 9060

Only three buttons are necessary for the operation of the bury RC 9060: one to activate the voice control and one to make the system volume. The advantage: The small remote control can be unobtrusive. Everything you get with it, is the voice of the voice control and the excellent performance of the system during a telephone conversation.

  1. Bury RC 9060
  2. Data sheet
  3. Rating

Until then, you have to practice but a little, because the first steps with the voice control can be bumpy. Here the telephone hotline feeling comes up ever: says the voice commands too early or quite simply does not know, the operation is canceled by the system so that man himself must again work up to the last menu item. Especially when you venturing deeper in the numerous submenus, you miss the overview of display a little. Continue reading  

Bury AD 9060 (UNI System 8)

In addition to its Bluetooth hands-free kits bury has the successful UNI system 8 in the program. This consists of two versions, the UNI CarTalk for 109 euros and the UNI CarTalk business for 130 euro.

  1. Bury AD 9060 (UNI system 8)
  2. Data sheet

Both are classic holding plants with an antenna and loading facility. The connection to the external antenna has received the advantage that the protective cage auto – bypass and is sent via the antenna. Thus, the transmitting and receiving performance will be even better. Continue reading  

Loudspeakers Quadral Platinum M 4

The Quadral Platinum M 4 (1400 euro the couple) had the best accuracy and the least sound of the boxes. At times the impression that it was outrageously expensive, membrane-controlled active speakers.

  1. Loudspeakers Quadral Platinum M 4
  2. Data sheet

The apparently highly sound-rich M 4 is a harbinger of the new platinum series with the Quadral wants to set new standards in terms of price/performance, also against so-called direct distributors without stationary distribution network. Standard painted surfaces in brilliant black or white underpin the new self-confidence. Continue reading  

Speakers Dali Lektor 8

Easily loudnesshafte vote Dali Lektor 8 (1340 euro the couple) had a somewhat sub-par on duration and went audiophileren minds a little bit on the cookie.

  1. Speakers Dali Lektor 8
  2. Data sheet

Some centers poorer and slack in timing and rhythm a lot ERGO 670 DC, the lecturer worked as the canton 8 by Dali, without therefore equal to the bore. The three way box blessed with significantly more volume and two large 8 inch bass was attracted, more gritty rock and pop discs where she claimed the tester for attention with striking bass and emphasizes fresh highs. Continue reading  

Speaker Heco Celan XT 501

Dignified and highly concentrated, so the sound character of the Heco Celan XT 501 settled (1400 euros the pair) together.

  1. Speaker Heco Celan XT 501
  2. Data sheet

Recently, Heco has the second generation of its Celan range at the start, formally identifiable on the addition of “XT” and an additional draft at the top of the otherwise little modified housing.

The XT 501 is the most favorable of currently three standing speakers in Celan’s portfolio. Within our ranks among the more stately models and impresses with a material-intensive design of also seeming trivialities. Continue reading  

Speaker ELAC FS 187

Generally, the strengths of the ELAC FS 187 were (1340 euros the pair) in the high frequency range, which was marked by great freshness and freedom of fatigue.

  1. Speaker ELAC FS 187
  2. Data sheet

With the FS, 187 ELAC may want customer even decide he land in which value category. Below standard versions are only the fronts and painted base, the body is wrapped in foil. The version shown on page 19 in white lacquer extra per couple 160 euro. Judging by the practices of the furniture industry a fair contract. Continue reading  

Speakers Canton ERGO 670 DC

Test-proven sound jewels reach the Canton ERGO 670 DC (1500 euros the pair) with audiophilem fine flair and impressive roundness.

  1. Speakers Canton ERGO 670 DC
  2. Data sheet

True to the motto “affordable but yet noble” canton has been building a round quarter-century his ERGO line. Since then, the Interior has been revised often, the design with black flocked baffle and the rounded edges but only gently adapted. The current generation has a gently curved wall of sound for the first time. Light woods such as beech were deleted in favor of darker types such as Wenge and cherry, which are currently the most popular. Continue reading  

AV Receiver Pioneer SC LX 72

Hands-on-lumpy-plastic and solid so, there was praise for the bass. However the pioneer SC LX 72 (1800 euros) became the voice of a Vienna Deng rather backwards.

  1. AV receiver pioneer SC LX 72
  2. Data sheet

Although his seven switching power amplifiers with very high efficiency of work, comes the SC LX 72 with a luxuriously large power transformer. So the ICEpower modules really do without heat sink, a small fan in an emergency fans to air them. The pioneer can burn anything so when it comes to performance. Continue reading  

CD Player Lyric CD-100

CD player with tube output stage are considered digital sounds occur first once suspicious insider tip for listeners who are seeking analog warmth and where. The lyric offierert this rare feature at an affordable price – the equation?

  1. CD player lyric CD-100
  2. Data sheet

Electron tubes have luxury components, which cost much time and material not only in manufacturing but also circuitry require a totally different and thus raise the overhead. Whether and how is worth investing in this technology, can be particularly vivid to investigate at the lyric. The player has two pairs of RCA output: in addition to a balanced XLR, referred to the test device only with “1” and “2”. Who screws off not the thick-walled sheet steel lid and look behind the scenes, could mean that it is only two parallel outputs, as they are simply common in many distinguished players for comfort reasons. Continue reading  


“When can I buy the AVM MT-F? When will it be tested by connect?” No other DECT telephone has generated in advance as the youngest member of the Berlin PBX – and IT specialist AVM so many requests to connect.

  1. AVM MT-F
  2. Data sheet
  3. Rating

No wonder finally its DSL PBX with integrated DECT base have successfully conquered the market and perform their service already in many living rooms. A suitable handset comes in there just right. Continue reading