How to Stop Water from Getting into Swimming Goggles

Water entering the swimming goggles seems to be unimportant but it is a real annoyance for vision and this can cause eye irritations and infections among wearers. Fortunately, there are ways to address the problem. Learn how to choose your swimming goggles, how to properly position them and what are the alternatives to conventional swimming goggles.

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Speaker Revel Ultima Gem 2

One thing is clear: today no one can say a maximum free speaker positioning is the real deal. There must be only the revel Ultima gem 2 (9800 EUR the pair) hanging on the wall.

  1. Speaker revel Ultima gem 2
  2. Data sheet

The over 17 kilograms per piece and well 60 centimeter high Ultima gem 2 of the American luxury brand Revel is living proof, what devotion some manufacturers now handle the theme wall speaker. With already the pair price by nearly 10_000 euro may apply as an indication, that the three-way speakers piano black or mahogany veneer-clad are more than a replaceable alibi solution. Continue reading  

Sonics Amerigo Loudspeaker

Together with the Sonus Faber, of the generation and the Cabasse counted the Sonics Amerigo (5200 euro the couple) was the most converters of the field, but always a bit like lashed.

  1. Sonics Amerigo loudspeaker
  2. Data sheet

From the outside, the Amerigo by Sonics appears like an ordinary column speaker. Three chassis can be seen wearing all rigid metal membranes and are thus sorted in size, as almost all make it in the industry. The 22 mm bass below, about the 15-midrange and top it all off the ring radiator with generous fabric surround and fixed protective grille. Continue reading  

How to Wear a Smock Dress

The famous little sailor … it is emblematic of our locker room, I am also sure that you already have one in your wardrobe and it is just as timeless. A perfect garment for mid-season, which is not so hard to give it.

Follow my guide and my three tips to always wear the smock, you might want to go out for a cozy look on Sunday, or more pointed for a special occasion!

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How to Maintain Swimming Goggles

It is essential to equip swimming goggles that allow you to carry out your session of swimming without damaging your eyes, chlorine being dangerous in the long term and risk of infections. However, it is important to properly maintain your glasses to keep for as long as possible and not be embarrassed during your sessions. How to care for your swim goggles? What are the things to avoid?

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Speakers ADAM Pencil MK 3

In no uncertain terms was the sound of ADAM pencil MK 3 (3600 euros the pair) never annoying or even inhomogenous, also the temporal interplay worked excellently.

  1. Speakers ADAM pencil MK 3
  2. Data sheet

Right that alphabetically first participant is a good example, how thoroughly some of here represented experts, in this case the Berlin studio equipment, different ADAM audio from the usual monotony in the boxing scene.

Pairwise 3600 euros the pencil MK 3 is the best participant as well as with the greatest height. Class atypical 1.18 meters shoot the pillar in the room and thus brings its acoustic Centre on a tonally convenient height. Continue reading  

Spring Summer 2015 Fashion Colors

Each year is characterized by a few dominant colors. We choose unconsciously our purchasing and also looking at the wardrobe every morning according to your mood and the mood of the day.

In short, the color is a constant fashion. That’s what the second Pantone colors for spring-summer 2015. We we made ​​a game by choosing for each of the accessories and clothing that we like.

Which is your favorite?

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Where Do You Buy Cheap Clothes?

Every woman wants to always be beautiful and well – groomed, but sometimes financial matters difficult this desire. Who does not dream of parading through the streets with a Chanel bag, against the rain with a beautiful umbrella Burberry or at least have a little darling of Tiffany? See the best stores to buy women’s fashion clothes!

However, dressing up has nothing to do with money and today we will give you all the necessary tips to buy cheap women’s clothing! And for this, it is important to remember that “cheap clothes” is not synonymous with “poor quality clothes” quite the opposite!

Where do you usually buy cheap clothes?

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PMC Speakers Whether 1i

As long as the PMC whether 1i (4300 EUR) not with overly complex sounds called her character remained comfortable broadband and tonally balanced.

  1. PMC speakers whether 1i
  2. Data sheet

Boxing’s friends, the who whether 1i of the British Studio supplier of PMC in the living room, get should be ready for curious questions in the circle, because in this country almost only insiders know the long-established manufacturer. But PMC owner in the best company are in fact, because the customer list reads like the who’s who? the music scene. Robbie Williams and Peter Gabriel are also including such well-known record companies, as Decca, Deutsche Grammophon and Chesky records. Continue reading  

Tropical Fashion Trend

For the summer but also for autumn, tropical clothes, with clothes and accessories inspired by the mood with an exotic fragrance!

A riot of bright colors, exotic patterns, palm trees, toucans etc., to wear to the beach but also in the city, one simple but trendy, consisting of several must-have missed as dresses, palazzo pants, tank tops, jumpsuits, silk shorts, swimsuits and midi skirts.

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Ets the Fitness Track & Field

Hello guys, who loves to workout, ride, run, nothing jumps rope and don’t have too lazy to move the body … today our post is especially for you! ? Prepare an editorial super inspiring, full of suggestions of fitness fashion to give aquele mood in (the) lazy (the) on duty and help you choose the “look of the day” to burn off the calories with a lot of “style”. The first law of fashion is fitness choose comfortable clothes so as not to disturb his performance during the activities. Time to buy the outfits, prefer pieces appropriate to the activity you’re doing. But beware: be comfortable does not mean be relaxed! The outfits, in general, mark the body and learn to value their strengths will make you safer when making all of those moves. In addition, the academy is always full of gatchenhos, right? So, for favor girls, forget that old t-shirt t-shirt (only Carnival relic! kkk) and invest in fashion and modern looks to make nice in fitness. We are fans and indicated with his eyes closed the products of Track & Field. The brand is feraaa in sets for outdoor sports, to make the academy style or up to face the beach!!!

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Phono Preamplifier Ayre P 5 Xe

Looking for big changes 5 xe (2800 euro) at the model well-maintained Ayre Phonostage P in vain. And that is a good thing.

  1. Phono preamplifier Ayre P 5 xe
  2. Data sheet

If a successor machine cheaper than its predecessor, the suspicion of fiscal austerity is close. He does not apply to but 5 xe with the phono stage Ayre P, although it costs less 400 euros with 2800 euro than its predecessor P 5 x (07/04). Because the new evolution version has undergone only subtle changes; the price reduction came about through a change of distribution and low dollar exchange rate. Continue reading  

Our Site Go 630 Traffic

The go 630 is hardware based on the still available 730/930er series and the gap between the new 740/940er top models and the one – / XL devices.

  1. Our site Go 630 traffic
  2. Data sheet
  3. Rating

For around 300 euros, the go 630 with TMC, Bluetooth and voice control offers all the features of the former top models, but saves on the card facilities.

It contains also the clever feature “IQ routes, which distinguishes between working day and day of the week. Continue reading  

LG BL40 New Chocolate

The noble Black Label series from LG has a new flagship: the LG BL40 new chocolate looks good enough to eat good and white with a very pleasant haptics to convince. Processing is exemplary, each bolt is clean and the housing acts like a cast.

  1. LG BL40 new chocolate
  2. Data sheet

Only the battery cover has a little air and something creaks when you press it. The body is long with 128 millimetres, but very slim kept with only 11 millimeters height. Continue reading  

What to Wear for a Trip by Plane

Getting ready for the holidays? Which one of you is about to leave for vacation, will certainly have already prepared your luggage, it will have slipped pack bikinis and sarongs and will have carefully selected the beauty products to take with you, but it remains one last thing to do before you leave: choose what to wear on the trip. You typically how you dress when you face a plane trip? You want to be fashion at all costs, or prefer to opt for simple and comfortable look?

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5 Things I Love About Winter # Diywinterlook

If, like me, you hate the cold, the leaden sky, darkness surrounds you at 5, the layers of garments that increase dramatically the time it takes to dressing… now that summer is a distant memory, need to take quick and effective countermeasures.

And so… Since Happiness is not having what you want, but wanting what you have, I have thought about that a lot, but in the end I was able to find 5 things I love about winter:

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Test: Nokia N96

Nokia fans will be cheering: the eagerly awaited flagship N96 also in Germany is finally available. Resting on its advance praise can’t do it himself but, because we have of course immediately ordered the good piece in the test lab.

Nokia fans will be cheering: the eagerly awaited flagship N96 also in Germany is finally available. Resting on its advance praise can’t do it himself but, because we have of course immediately ordered the good piece in the test lab.

On self-consciousness, lacks is not the N96 anyway. The clear design is the art cars to shame, but also at the awards, he goes to the full: 699 euros without a contract – a potential buyer must have only once on the high edge. Continue reading