WireWorld OASIS 6 Speaker Cable

At the WireWorld OASIS 6 (510 euro), the resourceful developer salt put on good copper and a helix structure.

  1. WireWorld OASIS 6 speaker cable
  2. Data sheet

David Salz uses an own building in the wire Wold OASIS 6. There are four conductor strands where 18 wires with a particularly pure polypropylene are isolated. As a cross section, approximately two times 4.5 square millimeter arise. Continue reading  

Twitter for Android Is Updated, Now with Push and Multi-Cuentas Support

The official Twitter app, that usually come embedded in most of the Android phones, has been updated. I have already talked about this customer previously, when he also received an update, but in this case comes with two major improvements that were asking for shouting: push through automatic updates and support for multi-cuentas. Continue reading  

Speaker Cable Fadel Art Greylitz MK II

With the Fadel art Greylitz MK II (600 euro) everyone is happy well, who wants to sound not change its investment, but “only” increase.

  1. Speaker cable Fadel art Greylitz MK II
  2. Data sheet

The Jean Fadel in his Greylitz MK II made some special has connoisseurs of the eccentric math teacher from Paris is not surprising. There are four cross-Assembly inner conductor insulated with polypropylene at the Greylitz MK II. These are realized with same stranded wires but not as usual, but have a thicker solid conductors and 72 individually insulated with varnish and very thin wires. The four conductors then surrounded with polypropylene, is now no longer unusual. Stabilizes the twisted strands are then of a braid, also made of polypropylene, and a fairly transparent PVC sheath. Continue reading  

The Five Best Applications to Keep Your Social Networks in Honeycomb

On Android, there is a number of applications for follow our social networks. Whether it be Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare or another of our networks have an application to stay up to date with everything that is happening around them and of course have our contacts what we are doing.

Little by little These applications are coming to tablets Android to offer optimized interfaces that allow us to enjoy a different and more complete experience. At the moment there are few but in this post we have collected the five best social networking apps optimized for Honeycomb. Continue reading  

Blue-Ray Player Panasonic DMP BD 80

Panasonic’s engineers trimmed the tonal balance of the BD 80 (400 euros) more in the corporeal, he sounded most wuchtigsten in comparison, what movie fans sure appreciate from the corner of the action.

  1. Blue-ray player Panasonic DMP BD 80
  2. Data sheet

Panasonic DMP BD 80 has in comparison to the Harman BDP 10 more easily processed, costs for the least and the prallste facilities. So he holds access USB storage and SD cards under a flap beside the drive keys and analog either 2-channel plus can sound 5.1 channel or 7.1 channel offering. Also on the menu, Panasonic offers the most diverse way, the audio output for analog and HDMI to configure and thus to adapt to every situation so exotic. The drive only digested the DVD-RAM discs 4.7 GB, popular with DVD recorders. A quick-start feature halved roughly the time that the player by powering needs up to the game ready, but tenfold the standby power consumption. Continue reading  

Blue-Ray Player Samsung BDP 4610

Samsung BDP 4610 (450 euros) showed sharp fine figure and provoked a bobbing my foot at the listener. However, he contracted some details in comparison.

  1. Blue-ray player Samsung BDP 4610
  2. Data sheet

Samsung’s plexi players BDP 4610 fits to the design of the high-end TVs of the same brand. To reduce the volume, the developers outsource similar to usual power supply like in notebooks. He may stand flat, Panel-like half set up by means of foot or hang on the wall like a painting. The appearance of the material meets the high demands, only suspiciously easily, the player with one acts just 1.8 kg. Instead of buttons, symbols light up discreetly behind the glass front, which controls the player touching. Continue reading  

Speaker Klein + Hummel O 110

Correctly to the self-denial and positively attributeless 110 was the O (1780 euro the pair) by Klein + Hummel as the epitome of high neutrality to recognize.

  1. Speaker Klein + Hummel O 110
  2. Data sheet

One of the preferred suppliers of the broadcasters is the traditional German provider Klein + Hummel has been intertwined since quite some time with the headphones manufacturer Sennheiser. At the O, 110 are cast from a composite body and baffle. The construction is designed to reduce to a minimum its own sound shares and avoids interfering edges. Continue reading  

Blue-Ray Player Harman BDP 10

Pioneer BDP LX 08 (5/09) as a comparison model resulted of the Harman BDP 10 (700 euros) extremely well and him could both analog via HDMI in terms of musicality, Paroli offer.

  1. Blue-ray player Harman BDP 10
  2. Data sheet

The Harman acts by 3.7 kg mass and fine material look best processed and offers a real power switch back only in the test. Otherwise, only composite and component video connections, an optical and a RCA digital audio connector, stereo analog audio connections, a network socket and of course the HDMI output can be found. Front storage for Internet content to specific discs can be via USB dock or play to, for example, photos. Exceptionally well managed the remote, pressed take not only the form of the symbols and thus feel themselves well let the designers, it is suitable for home cinema illuminated in the test as only. Continue reading  

Tuenti for Android, Leaving Behind The Facebook Application

It is somewhat regrettable that the Facebook application, much more popular social network worldwide and certainly more users on Android, malfunction so and however the application of Tuenti, frankly enfoncada in a similar but more exclusive of Spain network, works well in all the senses as well as specific updates and enhancements that have been able to listen to your users. Continue reading  

Loudspeakers Dynaudio Focus 110 A

Eyes closed, every sound connoisseur on expensive bag standing speakers of class would tap where the spatial representation of the Dynaudio focus 110 A (1800 euros the pair) precious plane projectors recalled.

  1. Loudspeakers Dynaudio focus 110 A
  2. Data sheet

110 A Dynaudio has created with its focus a frontier, linking the Visual stimuli of HiFi-boxes (housing in real wood and high-gloss) with the advantages of an active Studio monitors all the greater flexibility in terms of placement, but also aural benefits through more efficient crossover and more direct coupling between chassis and power amplifiers. Continue reading  

Speaker KS Digital C 5 Tiny

High sovereign and free of overconcentrations of any kind the small KS digital C proved 5 tiny (1190 EUR the pair) as a Studio monitor par excellence.

  1. Speaker KS digital C 5 tiny
  2. Data sheet

C 5 of the Saarbrucken Studio supplier of KS digital is a treat for users with limited space. In a cube with an edge length of just 20 centimeters (only the depth is slightly larger) a coaxial system is contains German provenance, consisting of a low-midrange driver with stable carbon fiber cone and a central dome with a compact neodymium magnet system. Continue reading  

Speakers ADAM A7

Is atypical for studio monitors at the ADAM A7 (970 euros the pair) light midrange emphasis, which contributes to a busier and more direct sound.

  1. Speakers ADAM A7
  2. Data sheet

Like the JBL LSR 2328 P, is the A-7 the young Berlin boxes brand ADAM audio, to price-conscious newcomers. She can wait to for pairwise almost 1000 euros a strikingly lavish chassis fitted with. The A-7 is lighter than the virtually the same price JBL and slightly more compact well 4 kg, which gives you advantages in tight spaces. Continue reading  

Speaker JBL LSR 2328 P

The bass filed with the JBL LSR 2328 P (970 euros the pair) to regions to 40 Hertz, manages what passive compact boxes often only with the help of separate woofers.

  1. Speaker JBL LSR 2328 P
  2. Data sheet

By the probably most famous Studio supplier in the world, JBL, American tradition brand a truly pounds offer for cost-conscious Studio beginner reached us. Two good 12 kilograms near field monitors in the House, which bring all the essentials, what sound inventors need to work cause the list price by exactly 964 euro. Continue reading  

Linn Klimax DS / Dynamics

Linn put: the DS network players sound even more explosive with new software and a thoroughly revised “dynamic” power supply

Virtually from the first day of the sale on owners of Linn sneaky DS network players, Majik DS, Akurate DS and Klimax DS vividly about discussed, whether the device firmware, the operating system of the player, affects the sound quality of each model. There was enough opportunity for speculation, because the Scots were a new version every few months: even small bugs were ironed out, then came larger updates, which brought new Operating features or extended the range of supported audio formats. The Linn developer had denied previously but always a sound impact of these updates that download in a few minutes by the owner himself and let play on. Continue reading  

Denon AVR 3310 AV Receiver

Denons of new 1300 Euro receiver AVR 3310 initially proliferates with facilities pounds, basically, but completely different benefits characterized him.

  1. Denon AVR 3310 AV receiver
  2. Data sheet

The new surround Forty-four pounders from Denon is far more solid and better than its price suggests. His beautiful plain appearance is deceptive however when he carries lots of technical refinements. Continue reading  

Surround Set Dali Fazon 5.1

DALI offers a nice speaker set (2000 euros) for all conceivable applications with noble cases and surprisingly full sound. His name is well chosen: Fazon.

While media fans express very precise ideas in installation and performance with many years of experience often in advance of a purchase of boxes, beginners place often emphasis on flexibility – especially in terms of sound formats, sound pressure capabilities, room size and last but not least cost. Continue reading  

Amplifier Music Hall a50. 2

The Music Hall a50. 2 (1000 Euro) is the Music Hall above all those who find powerful dynamics and appreciate a good phono stage.

  1. Amplifier Music Hall a50. 2
  2. Data sheet

Roy Hall, owner of Music Hall, can look back on a long time in the HiFi industry as he has worked in more than 40 years. His beginnings were in Scotland, where he worked for the then young company of Linn. in 1975, he emigrated to America and organized a license production for Linn speakers in the early 80s there. in 1985, he founded Music Hall and focused on the distribution of EPOS speakers and Creek products. in 1994, he began to build their own turntables at Tesla in the Czech Republic. This factory by the Pro-Ject turntables noted connoisseurs. Continue reading  

Pioneer A-9 MK II Integrated Amplifier

An extensively equipped amplifier which itself offers a phono MC input is the pioneer A-9 MK II (1000 Euro).

  1. Pioneer A-9 MK II integrated amplifier
  2. Data sheet

Much, helps a lot, have thought of the Japanese engineers and at the A-9 MK, a lot invested II. For example, the power supply unit with two toroidal transformers and fast-switching Schottky diodes is channel separately built. Also the amplifiers sit face to mirror image separately. The preamp section with the MC/MM phono, but must take place but on a Board between them. Continue reading  

Amplifier Moon I. 5

Only the 100 Eure higher price, as well as the absence of a tape output prevented, that the Moon i. 5 (1100 euro) a highlight was awarded.

  1. Amplifier Moon i. 5
  2. Data sheet

The products, which sells under the name Moon Simaudio, enjoy the best reputation many since the double highlights for the phono stages (4/09 & 6/09) in the stereoplay. As the tension was great, then of course as the new, affordable integrated amplifier from Canada is. It is only logical that the i. 5 has no phono inputs. The body with gold-plated traces is as squeaky clean as when the external phono stages. Canadians using a motor-quality Alps potentiometer the i for the input select of semiconductor ICs and the volume control, what. 5 is fully remote control. Continue reading  

A 28 Arcam Power Amplifier

The Arcam A 28 (1000 Euro) with extensive facilities and clear sound.

  1. A 28 Arcam power amplifier
  2. Data sheet

Centuries-old traditions associated with the university town of Cambridge. At Arcam however, you already made the step into modern. So is equipped with an extensive menu of A 28 like the previous A-70 (6/2007), which allows not only to vary the Vorpegelung of the individual inputs as needed, but also to change the volume steps into three levels up to fine 0.5 decibel pitch. You can record a different source than you can just hear, and preamp outputs, the fan knows already. A tone control, because the Englishman also under Chinese rule are very traditional, it remains opposed to in Cambridge. Kindly offered a good, practical MM phono input. Continue reading