Mobile Phone Tariff

Sharing is in: after Vodafone is now now also available at Media Markt and Saturn a mobile phone lines in the household members can share a data volume.

The electrical retail giant media-Saturn introduces a new concept of mobile phone tariff. Together with the mobile operator Telefónica, the Media Markt and Saturn chains want to win families and couples with a

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The Peak Design Everyday Backpack 30

In December, I had you already from my first contact with the brand new Peak Design Everyday Backpack 30 toldthe I specialist Christian Ohlig “was fingering my friend and EIZO” of this chic and highly functional photo and camera backpack had obtained from the Kickstart program at PeakDesign. The report on this can be found your Here. The very first delivery batch like to consider the kick starter buyer. The second batch was quite small to Germany, so that I now on the first big swing is a the Enjoy your camera-container to the test got. Thanks to the team of Ingo Quendler at Enjoyyourcamera love for very many. Continue reading  

DIY: Dragonfly Necklace

Create a necklace with matching earrings from pearls and metal elements: Let us show you how! The delicate dragonfly jewelery, a necklace with matching earrings, hasdeliberately designed.

You need a dragonfly jewelery set:
Necklace (Meterware)
Toggle Closure
Rivet (min. 4cm long)
Ear hooks
Metal element with 2+1 eyelets
3 flat Howlith beads (12 mm)
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Android M Would Go to The Conquest of Information and Entertainment Systems in Cars

It seems that Google will not be been satisfied with that Android Auto It is simply a system that extends our Android on the screen of the car. According to Reuters Google wants to launch a new version which wouldn’t need to connect the phone and would have many more functionality and integration with the car to really conquer to the systems of information and entertainment on Board of automobiles. Continue reading  

Frida Kahlo-Pride in Corset

She was the most famous artist of Mexico, best known for her painting as well as for her corset: now, Frida Kahlo is honored with exhibitions in New York and London. The first Queen of the Selfie show the world.

Frida Kahlo contracted polio at the age of six, with 18 you drill a steel rod in the body in a traffic accident. At the age of 22 she Diego Rivera marries for the first with 33 years to the second time. 1930, 1932, and 1934 she suffers miscarriage. Shortly after the third, you be removed some toes on the right, polio-deformed foot. At about this time, her husband Diego has an affair with her younger sister Cristina. Kahlo takes revenge later by she – after all, style – with Leo Trotsky sleeps for a Communist.

in 1944 the artist endures a spine operation, six more will follow. At the age of 44, Kahlo’s in a wheelchair – the late effects of polio. Shortly before her death will be amputated right leg below the knee, the gangrene has eaten it away. The following still pneumonia, then, officially, a pulmonary embolism, which leads to her death on July 13, 1954. Continue reading  

How to Build RC Drift Car

Drift is a native of Japan motorsport. Drift cars are designed to lose traction in the rear wheels while turning so they slide on the road or track surface at an angle. A pilot must then turn the wheel hard right to go left, and vice versa. Drift racing remote control developed from a desire to experience the excitement of the sport without the risk of injury. RC drift cars are controlled like other RC cars, but are modified so that they are more willing to drift.Things You must.

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Caring For Wrist Watch

An exclusive clock is a fantastic investment, whether you prefer mechanical/automatic movement or Quartz Movement. To protect this investment, you need to take care of your watch and care for it properly.

Use our tips to keep your watches in new condition.

Care advice

Do not expose the watch to extreme high or low temperature. Similarly, the watch is taken off by vigorous physical activity that can cause condensation in the clock which in turn can cause “water damage”. Direct contact with hair sprays, perfumes or detergents may damage your watch. Since most of us use their watch on a daily basis, we need to nurture them, so they need to keep their shine. The best way to clean a watch is to remove the tape first, even if the watch is waterproof. If you can’t remove the bracelet, try not to get larger amounts of water in or around the dial. Continue reading  

Samsung Unveils Its New Galaxy Tab S2, with 4:3 Display and a Thickness of Only 5.6 Mm

We store today Monday July 20, and such, and as the latest leaks of last Saturday promised us, this was the day chosen by Samsung to officially presented its new range of tablets, a Galaxy Tab S2 that we already carry a few months listening to, but today he finally become a reality.

New Samsung tablets come with two different screen sizes, 8 and 9.7 inches, both equipped with the Super AMOLED technology and the 4:3 format, and stand out by his risky bets on 5433 Exynos processors and its extreme thinness of only 5.6 mm. Are the successors of the Galaxy S Tab which must be to highlight? We will now check it. Continue reading  

Blue-Ray Player Pioneer BDP 320

Pioneers engineers in the entry-level player BDP 320 (400 euro) show how the perfect balance of relaxation, sharpness and proper timing to a plastic picture fits together.

  1. Blue-ray player Pioneer BDP 320
  2. Data sheet

All candidates work quite well for its price class. Pioneer renounces experiments and offers the best, discreet design with two shiny silver buttons for power and play, which however, they look so pretty, feel for black plastic.

On media diversity, all players use the usual buying media and the most popular self-made files from JPEG photos of up to compressed music in MP3 and WMA format. You may supply to them self burned DVD or CD or in an external storage medium. Continue reading  

How Do I Fold My Tent?

If you buy a tent, you probably immediately think about the removal. They are impressed by the tent and also by the many possibilities offered by the tent. All in all, the anticipation of the holiday there already. But after the holidays or after the season the tent to be packed up again. Although not the most pleasant task, but it should be done really so many years have fun with the tent. Like, we explain how you fold up the tent in 5 steps in a good way.

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Romantic Makeup In Pink

Do you have an important appointment?, you’ve been with your friends for dinner and don’t know how to makeup? or do you simply want to out of the ordinary and try new tones? Don’t worry, we have the solution. Our friend of the channel Makeup by Ailen brings us a romantic makeup in pink tones, ideal for this kind of occasions. Pay attention to how to do it, is fairly quick and easy.


-We will start applying a pre-base brush pore conceal and, in addition, the base help to fix, we will apply it here. Continue reading  

Toys: Dolls Do Too?

Our grandmothers Marist their dolls in porcelain. Through the imagination of a Spanish toy manufacturer, our children will soon be able to breastfeed their dolls. But how far can the toy imitate MOM? What is healthy for our end ‘ cabbages? Decryption…

As far as there was little girls, there dolls to amuse. And in all civilizations, like the precise Gisèle George, child psychiatrist: “She has long hair or she takes the form of a piece of wood, the doll is a must-have toy, because it has several roles necessary to the development of the child.” Continue reading  

It Illuminates Your Face

Currently, the majority of women have little time for makeup and skin care

. However, they want to be beautiful and radiant. Recalled that the makeup trend is naturalness without charging too, is simply highlight with color and brightness that more you like your face. Experts recommend you a quick and easy technique for the lighting of your face. Continue reading  

Anklet for Ladies

Many women ask about wearing the anklet. What is the significance of the anklet, anklet for women round on what occasion I wear, is that it’s vulgar? Well it’s not vulgar to the contrary! And all women can wear them, thin, round, small … it’s a gem for us all, anklet is always in fashion! So to answer the question, an anklet for women round , especially YES! For the meaning of the anklet, do not worry, the pictures on this jewel thing of the past! Continue reading  

How To Choose Your Gloves?

Choosing your gloves

In the mountains, for winter sports, while traveling in the Nordic countries, we find gloves for all uses: ordinary or extreme, here are some tips to help choose your gloves.

Types of gloves

Before knowing what type of gloves to adopt, it is wise to know the different models existing in the market as well as their different manufactures: Continue reading  

How to Build an Off Road Track for RC Cars

Build an off-road track for RC cars provides hours of fun and requires very few tools and supplies. With a few basic hand tools and a little time, a relatively small patch of open ground can be turned into an off-road race track with berms, jumps and obstacles. As manufacturer of the track that you can custom design the course by adding straight lines for high speeds, sharp turns and special sections with sand, rocks or other debris. The course can be adapted to a skill level or a combination of easy to intermediate and expert sections.Things you need.

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New Leaks Revealed Us New Galaxy Tab S2 Which Is Presented on Monday

We have been receiving various types of leaks on some new tablets that Samsung was going to attack the range high, two different models which have been more than one month without return to know nothing since may, but today again to teach the leg for show all luxury of details before a presentation that supposedly will take place next Monday.

It’s the Galaxy Tab 9.7 S2 and S2 8.0, two tablets which have been displayed by pages such as Tablet Magazine and Tablet Monkeys in the last hours. These two websites are not only limited to talk to us about their specifications, they also show us that could be first official images It would confirm us filtration made by OnLeaks in mid May. Continue reading  

Musical Fidelity Primo

Amplifier from a specific level of quality would have to sound more or less the same, has a certain logic. Instead however, this utopian “point of the vanishing difference” come closer, it seems with increasing effort to remove more of it.

  1. Musical Fidelity Primo
  2. Data sheet

Many decades of collected hearing test experience teach one thing above all: the HiFi devices are easier and that compromise, the diffuser their tonal characteristics, to commit them will seem less, and they are harder to pull off. Continue reading  

Mother’s Day – Jewelry As a Gift Idea

Just in time for mother’s day, Twelve Thirteen Jewelry introduces the Love Collection . Thanks for everything MOM! Find here flamboyant and playful jewelry for mother’s day no matter whether as a small token or symbolic link between you and your mother: you make something very special this day with a piece of jewelry by twelve thirteen. To the online shop! Continue reading  

Shop Lighting: Philips Coreline LED

CoreLine is the LED lighting range developed specially for the electrical trade by Philips. Whether for a new facility or rehabilitation, with the new family can create stylish, as well as energy – and cost-saving lighting solutions. Thus, there is an attractive LED alternative for the most conventional, professional lighting applications. The product selection includes also a Batten, a band of light and a downlight and a recessed light in addition to an insertion, wet room and lighting. Continue reading