Becomes The Fifth Humble Bundle for Android

The grouping Humble Bundle Returns to offer a new pack of indie games with a version for Android. As usual, it is a collection of high quality games that one can buy at the price that you want, but with clear advantages for those who contribute more, that include, in addition to recognition, a couple of games extra.

The rules are always: you can pay the price you want for a lot of games, but if you pay more than one dollar you get codes for Steam and Desura of games, and if you pay more than the average in addition games extra. You decide what you want to pay and if you want the money to go to developers, an NGO or organization. Continue reading  

Kairosoft Tea Teaches How to Be a Good Landlord with Your Game Dream House Days

Kairosoft It continues to offer us management for mobile games, each with a theme in particular after playing all kinds of situations and business. This developer still left many good ideas, as his last game Dream House Days, the second title, throwing in a free-to-play model and that, therefore, can enjoy free.

In this game we will have to play the role of a landlord who owns an apartment building and it has to be profitable. We will start with a couple of apartments without more decoration than two beds and will go to improving them to base add more furniture, use items in furniture and getting tenants to use them. Continue reading  

Sennheiser CX 400 Headphones II

In the listening test the Sennheiser CX 400 could unlock II (70 euro) 400 G4ME not quite to his brother CX, because this sounded slightly finer and more differentiated,

  1. Sennheiser CX 400 headphones II
  2. Data sheet

A thick trim package is the CX 400 II. So, there is not only a transport bag, a Klabelclip, winder and six different of way problem, but also as a volume control, but covering the entire area and acts as a fine control. Continue reading  

Sword & Sworcery Demonstrates That You Can Also Make Money on Android

One of the criticisms most receiving Android developers is the high level of piracy. It is a fact that is easy to download applications and install them beyond content distribution platforms as Google Play.

This has made more than one decides to rethink the strategy. However, there are those who in spite of that they are achieving success and benefits Android and Google Play. The latest to demonstrate that this is so is Superbrothers Sword & Sworcery by Capybara Games. Continue reading  

Headphones Sennheiser IE 8

The highlight of the test winner of Sennheiser IE 8 (300 Euro) is a controller that changed the bass.

  1. Headphones Sennheiser IE 8
  2. Data sheet

The highlight of the Sennheisers top model is a regulator, changed the bass. The listening passages showed that this makes sense about personal taste also,: the tester in the quiet Office settled back, the bass they tended in the field to do so, to turn something up in the. Continue reading  

Two Dresses That Should Not Miss on Your Closet This Spring

What I like about this time of year ultimately are dresses, since when I am in search of street style I see what does look a different and very pretty girl in the City provided no doubt is to wear a dress. This spring-summer will find this garment in different colors, cuts and styles, but there are two types of basic dresses that can not miss in your closet if you are looking for is a feminine, fresh style and trend. Then I tell you how to combine them and what shoes are ideal for each of them. Continue reading  

Buy a Backpack?

How to buy a backpack? That’s a question that at some point everyone we passed through the head. A while ago wrote an entry on the characteristics that have the backpack which are usually used for leave travel. But once you know everything you have the backpack, we see that it is what we need for the trips that we move to make, because beyond that surely buy it for a trip in particular are not going to enter that expense to travel only once. Apart once you make a trip before already you’re thinking where are you going to go the next time. Continue reading  

Phonechievements, Converts Using Android in a Constant Challenge

Get achievements for using your mobile phone a is given, that is the idea of Phonechievements, an application that gives you achievements based on certain actions that you make with your smartphone. The idea is an example of gamification, get to implement elements of video games to promote actions in real life.

The reward, rather than give you something physical, is based on the so-called merit that can give you get to do something that some may consider having some difficulty. Even so, the idea is totally humorous, with achievements coming to rub the absurd and that would really be to applaud in case that will stick to make. Continue reading  

Headphones Sony MDR EX 300 SL

The very direct, bright sound of Sony MDR EX 300 SL (50 euro) can be exhausting after prolonged listening.

  1. Headphones Sony MDR EX 300 SL
  2. Data sheet

The surprisingly insensitive, 0.6 m-long cable of the MDR 300 SL is EX through the supplied adapter line 1.5 metres may be extended. By default, you can find three silicone attachments in the packaging, you should try also all patiently, because the fit of the Sony is not quite straightforward for everybody’s ears. Continue reading  

Naught, a Game Where What Is Important Is The Gravity

Scroll with gravity, that would be a good summary of Naught, a platform game from the system of the game system And Yet It Moves with a graphic style reminiscent of Limbo. By gravity, we will have to let us step through various levels leading to a small demon.

The game controls are simple: we altered gravity by turning the world, whether through the gyroscope of the terminal, using the touch buttons or by sliding your finger across the screen. The small demon that we control indirectly will go where there is a drop, but we can do that it is it thrown into free fall, increasing his speed but making it more difficult to control. Continue reading  

Headphones Denon AH C 452

His brother AH C 360 distanced the Denon AH C 452 (70 euro) clear, because he possessed more overview in complex passages and gave more natural tone colors.

  1. Headphones Denon AH C 452
  2. Data sheet

Also at the AH C 452 opts for Denon a two-part cable from each 70 centimetres, while the other accessories are standard. In the hearing test, he immediately fell with very full bass and a dedicated way of playing. Continue reading  

Sunglasses with MP3 Player

Following the wake of Oakley and his glasses to play music, Caiyuan has presented its sunglasses with MP3, available in 5 formats: 64 MB, 128 MB, 256 MB, 512 MB and 1 GB.

Supported formats MP3, WMA and ADCPM, with a the battery life of up to 8 hours with a 2-hour recharge time. The songs are loaded via the USB connector that incorporates and, moreover, allows voice thanks to the built-in microphone recording. Continue reading  

Pursues The King Ice in The Hour of Adventure Game

Adventure time, or Adventure Time in its version, is one of the time series and our colleagues go yourself you can confirm it, or even I myself am a big fan. As any series that succeeds, merchandising has been removed, in the case of Android we have the game Super Jumping Finn.

The story of the game is very similar to the television series: the ice King has kidnapped the Princess bubble gum to try and marry her and Finn and Jake, the heroes of the country of Ooo, should contact their support. However, they do not want to go the easy way and instead of going to his enemy on foot, prefer Finn to cross half the world thanks to a kick with force. Continue reading  

Headphones Beyerdynamic DTX 60

Compared to its smaller brother DTX 50, the Beyerdynamic DTX 60 (60 Euro) kept sound more overview.

  1. Headphones Beyerdynamic DTX 60
  2. Data sheet

There are the chic Beyerdynamic headphones in blue and white also available in black and blue. Not quite so jaunty, the testers found the touch-sensitive cable so the DTX 60 – so fast and smart he also looks – is not particularly as sports instructors.

Men’s voices sounded though easily neglected, compared to its smaller brother DTX 50 he kept sound but more overview, allow for easily to hear individual instruments of an orchestra even in passages. Continue reading  

3 Clothing Maternity That You Can Not Escape These Rebates

They’re already here! as they have come to cravings rebates! In January expected sales come something that all go mad but with blissful slope of January Christmas heritage, not always can buy all the clothes that we would. Today on our blog make the selection for you and we suggest you 3 clothing maternity that you can not miss these winter sales. Remove paper and pen, you can not let them escape. Continue reading  

Future Bike Lights

Lights for bicycle of the future

Visibility is one of the major concerns of the rider in it comes to security. A good equipment and good for bike lights will make you more visible to other vehicles, pedestrians or cyclists, and also to improve your visibility. But let’s not kid ourselves. Aesthetics and modernity also concern us, so we have compiled more modern for bike lights and cool that we have found in various parts of the world. I anticipate what will be trend in a few years in this area, from bicycle led lights, up lights for bicycle mountain, city, etc.

Continue reading  

Threedot, a Microscopic Arcade

Can calificarsearse Threedot as one of those games that go unnoticed, but once you try it you hooked consumed much more time than you’d like. With a simple gameplay, but with a good difficulty curve, it is a game designed for those who want a little challenge in your terminal.

Threedot control to a microscopic being who is being attacked by others. Any contact with our enemies will make us lose a life, so we have to move tilted the terminal. To be able to destroy the enemies will have to get a few areas that create a wave that makes them vulnerable, moment in which we must use to collide with them and defeat them. Continue reading  

Sennheiser CX 400 Headphones II G4ME

Sonically overtook the Sennheiser CX 400 II G4ME (70 euro) the 400 CX II with smoother highs and bass ausgeglichenerem.

  1. Sennheiser CX 400 headphones II G4ME
  2. Data sheet

Like his brother the CX also boasts 400 II G4ME accessories and volume control. Sound but he overtook them with smoother highs and bass more balanced even.

As he reached the same level as the ultimate ears Super fi 3 Studio (7/07). This was although direct and somewhat more agile, with sharper contoured bass and more midrange, what but offsetting the Sennheiser with finer height and slightly more generous range orchestras – which the CX 400 II G4ME became the stereoplay highlight. Continue reading