Kamp Nude Speaker of Vienna Acoustics Kiss

Kiss emphasizes independent Vienna acoustics (12000 euros the pair) always acts as the Latin lover tried to charm and temperament. Her character is polarized.

  1. Kamp nude speaker of Vienna acoustics Kiss
  2. Data sheet

Compactness was a standardized term at any time, and so it is not surprising that the market developed different ideas. Vienna acoustics interprets the subject of unusually generous and enriched our field with a model whose measurements bigger fail than that of many standing speakers. Continue reading  

LED Light: Appearances Can Be Deceiving

The perception of light is a very subjective matter. Regardless of the already very individually distinctive abilities of human Sehwerkzeuge, you will find hardly two people, that exactly the same judge the appearance of an LED lamp. Even a single person can perceive differently a light image because of the training – adjustment effects after a few minutes as at the start – although nothing has changed in reality. Digital cameras usually fail supposedly objective on the truly realistic reproduction of brightness, color temperature and distribution of LED light; even the values of expensive instruments offer a few clues, but often not the full truth. Continue reading  

Sony Walkman Z1000: a Player Android to The That Only You Lack Being Phone [CES 2012]

Now that Sony It has given close to Ericsson in its division of smartphones, sounds much better for “ Sony Walkman ”. The first with this name is the Sony Walkman Z1000, a multimedia player with Android 2.3, which bit is missing to be a great smartphone: in particular, the “ phone & #8221;.

In addition, the Japanese company has decided to take the rest on this device, and has included a impressive collection of audio technologies the House brand: Clear Audio, S-Master MX, Clear Bass, Clear Stereo, DSEE (Digital Sound Enhancement Engine), xLOUD integrated speakers, and comes with a set of headphones EX. Come on, what does, it does well. Continue reading  

Compact Speaker Isophon Odessa

The Isophon Odessa (8000 euros the pair) like with a Bell-clear and neutral playing style fits well with dröhnen explosive areas. Just the speaker stand thought to her is sonically not optimal, because too little stable.

  1. Compact speaker Isophon Odessa
  2. Data sheet

A real treat for the fans of very compact high end speaker comes from Isophon: with a body width of just 19 cm one Odessa of the particularly delicate representatives of its genus. Optically and technically their first appearance in stereoplay resembles the stand box designed, much larger in all dimensions Vescova, 8/2008 is the testers in remembered and that since then sells bread as cut. Continue reading  

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 +, Comparative: Competes as Well The Best Samsung among The Range High Android of 2017

The day has come and the Samsung Galaxy S8 is already among us, and yet, from This revolution that we had promised the Korean giant and that all expected have not seen too much. New expectations, and is that really… what we expected of a smartphone as the Galaxy S8?

Technology It has not advanced far enough as a leap too large, and if so, surely this Galaxy S8 not be called Galaxy S8 and it would result in one of the most anticipated terminals of the past months, a Galaxy X which is already emerging, but not dared to reach for the time being commercially. Continue reading  

Backpack for Man

The famous backpack for man

After long periods of vacation, it is now time to go back to school, back to school! Your child to have more motivation to join the college or high school, offer the necessary accessories needed.

The fabric backpack school man will certainly make him happy because he will have to wear one every day. It is the same for those going for the first time join the University after getting their degree.

Continue reading  

Nokia 5730 XpressMusic

For the 5730 XpressMusic, Nokia will just 329 euro. That is an average price for a pure music phone, but the compact, if also somewhat chubby rocker with typewriter keyboard offers significantly more and showed real Smartphone qualities in the test.

  1. Nokia 5730 XpressMusic
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The 5730 XpressMusic works with Nokia’s S60 Smartphone platform, and joins between the models 5630 XpressMusic and the 5800 XpressMusic. The here tested 5730 comes as a mobile phone in the bar form and contents itself with a keypad that is 5800 only via a touch screen operated. This 5730 XM offers a slide-out QWERTY keyboard for easy text input. Continue reading  

The Dog Bowl Special Diet!

All about the dog Bowl special diet!

You may have to be careful, you’re never quite sure how much food or kibble you gave your dog? And yet, he is overweight and the vet told you to be careful! What puzzle! You can finally store the measuring cup, we found the solution that you simplify your life and help your plump pooch to find a perfect line: place the Bowl special diet! Continue reading  

Lenovo Takes Android Ice Cream Sandwich to Your TV [CES 2012]

Lenovo have their own concept of “Google TV”… at CES 2012 Las Vegas have presented the Lenovo K91, a TV with Android, and also in its most recent version, Ice Cream Sandwich. In fact, the computer hardware is similar to an Android tablet. Your brain is a dual-core 1.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.

Taking advantage of the possibilities of the operating system, the TV can be controlled through a voice interface, using an advanced system that allows a very natural language. If we don’t want to talk to the not-so-silly box, it will come accompanied by a remote control with touch surface, directional pad, and motion sensors. This will facilitate the control of according to which games, avoiding having to lift the 42 or 55, inch TV. Continue reading  

Trendy Tote Bag Pattern

Here’s what the tote bag of autumn winter 2015-2016 in: trends more fashionistas to models must have of the season, we discover together the most interesting proposals and interpretations the coolest spot on the catwalk and already available in-store.

Tote bag, which is the right compromise for those who need a large day bag but it’s not a shopper. A model you can wear under any circumstances and to take to the Office without any problem, with a volume that is able to accommodate folders and documents to take with you. Continue reading  

Compact Speaker of GamuT El Superior 3

Speed and hardly More credible wit are the major strengths of the GamuT El Superiores 3 (15200 euros the pair), the spatial as well. Homogeneity and neutrality know to please, but not outstanding.

  1. Compact speaker of GamuT El superior 3
  2. Data sheet

The chances of finding a far above average transducer at the Danish brand GamuT are truly excellent, because company founder Lars Goller was head of development at the chassis manufacturer scan speak, which is one of its kind in speaker circles the most prestigious, with customers in all parts of the world for many years. Continue reading  

Extended Battery for Samsung Galaxy Note, with Support Included

It is one thing that obsesses us increasingly in these times and our fondness for smartphones our battery life. Each time terminals can offer more possibilities, but the biggest problem is that the physical world which depend on our terminals have limitations and powerful batteries are incompatible with the obsession of the current mobile phones make increasingly thinner.

Therefore, if one wants to increase the capacity of your battery only you are two options: search prototypes of new expensive batteries and which are still in phase of experimentation, or giving up a thin terminal and buy a thicker battery and enjoy security of greater autonomy, which at Mugen have already shown many times that know it well to do. Continue reading  

More Sports, More Winter. Wintersports Insurance Arrives

Ski Plus evolves to Wintersports, the most complete insurance for winter sports.

Inter- world sports insurance designed for those who practice winter sports: Wintersports . An insurance that not only covers the practice of skiing and snowboarding, but also covers other sports such as ice climbing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, dog shooting and cross-country skiing, among many more. Continue reading  

Spelt Pillow Benefits

To sleep very well: the spelt pillow is the most comfortable of all

The spelt ball of the pillow you offers flexible comfort but firm for nights of dream.

Cuddle pillow spelt against you, like the teddy bear comforting your child. Padding is studied so that you can mold it at your leisure.

A pillow that is natural, comfortable and convenient.

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Develop Interactive Glasses with Android in Spain [Innocent]

Update:All of this news is a joke, on the occasion of the day of the Holy Innocents, on 28 December. Therefore the content is false.

As we know very well in this blog, Android is synonymous with innovation. And today we are pleased to announce a Interactive glasses with smells, sounds and also flavors such as promotion of tourism in Spain. It is the idea that being developed at the Department of computer engineering from the campus of Orihuela of the University Miguel Hernández of Elche, work that is being conducted in collaboration with Keio University in Tokyo and the National University of Singapore, where it has established the scientific basis of these glasses, focusing at the moment on the possibility of recognizing someone else through the transmission of smells and sounds , as reflected in New Scientist. Continue reading  

T-Home Speedport W 920V

To anticipate it: the Speedport W 920V is a goose. He brings the PCs in the House via DSL on the Internet as a DSL-modem-router, also wireless on request. In addition he as ISDN and VoIP PBX desk phones, cordless phones and fax machines – both connected to the analog and the digital versions.

  1. T-Home Speedport W 920V
  2. Data sheet
  3. Rating

The T-Home customer can rent the Speedport W 920V for 3.95 euros per month. Advantage of rental solution: with time, the rent drops staggered (after two years to 3.55 euros, after five years to 75 cents), also can you upgrade without large investments at given time on a newer model. Who wants to buy the device better, gets it for 200 euros. Continue reading  

Google Calls on Developers That They Optimize Their Apps for The S8 and LG G6 Galaxy Screens

When Android started to emerge, many developers who were accustomed to working in iOS, complained that was a strain publish applications SO Google have to optimize them for different phones that had that software.

Curious is that today there is no such complaint, although possibly If they lose more hours count on optimizing apps for the Galaxy S8 and LG G6, presented the first yesterday itself. And it is that Google wants, so early, third-party apps to be ready for these new formats of vision. Continue reading