Review: Tube Amp by Cayin

A tube amp behaves almost like a living organism. The Cayin VP100i chooses its partners after secret preferences. The physics is true he promises aural ecstasy. But who fits the amp?

  1. Review: Tube amp by Cayin
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In high-fidelity, there are things that every manufacturer had obstructed, but hardly a customer want to have thanks to the European authorities regulating anger. These include the banana plug plug speaker terminals of the amplifier and the guards of amps. At least for the latter problem, Cayin should have found a solution that is long-term, perfect in every way. On the new VP100i, a slightly playful, but quite attractive and practical combination of metal and glass the lush tubes team protects from touching. Continue reading  

This Letter from Steve Jobs Tea Teaches His Plans for The Apple Five Years Ago

Lost interviews, releases internally… even five years after his death continue to emerge with dropper some interesting details of the co-founder of Apple. Quartz is the last: email Jobs sent to 100 most senior employees of Apple with future plans proposed for the company.

The email was sent on October 24, 2010, little more than six years, and consists of a (very short) divided by sections list on what had to be taken into account for the time. Interestingly we can read it because it is part of the Group of tests that are being used to a demand that Apple has against Samsung. Continue reading  

Falk F12

Attract attention at any cost? No thanks! When Falk is there is modest: A discreet and yet chic black robe envelops the compact device. But the appearance is deceptive: packed with comfort is also Falk’s Newcomer F12 for 350 euro.

  1. Falk F12
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The Falk F12 is a Navi with some extraordinary features. But more on that later, we start with the bread-and-butter features: the user interface of the F12 is logical and self-explanatory, all menu settings, destination entry, and the main menu can be quickly reached from the start screen. Continue reading  

Fall Apple Revenues But The Light at The End of The Tunnel Is in Sight

All financial analyst is like a gourmet when it plays to “taste” the financial performance of a company publicly traded. Yesterday played you turn the Apple Salad, with the usual ingredients: numbers, data and percentages. Revenue and profits of the company returned to fall during the last fiscal quarter of Apple. Continue reading  

Apple 13-Inch MacBook Pro 2.26 GHz

At first glance, the 13-inch looks like MacBook Pro display size of MacBook published in late 2008. But who now Chinese are suspicious push Apple would use his success to bring standard goods at professional prices to the man or the woman who should first compare the prices.

  1. Apple 13-inch MacBook Pro 2.26 GHz
  2. Data sheet

Finally is Apple’s new entry even for $50 less than at the time the 13-inch MacBook. Connoisseur can distinguish the slightly more generous fillets from his predecessor from the last collection immediately by the way the current model. Who has the opportunity, a look at the 13 inch MacBook Pro to throw, will feature awareness, which has so far led to the violent discussions. Continue reading  

Sony Ericsson C903

The popular C902 Cybershot model gets a successor in the slider format with the C903. The improvements take place in details and are managed – but the manufacturer shows unusually low.

  1. Sony Ericsson C903
  2. Data sheet

The direct predecessor of C902 occurs even as bullion model, presents the new C903 as slider. At the pull-out keyboard, the designer but apparently won over the ergonomists: the keys arranged in three horizontal waves are difficult to differentiate look and invite you to the typos. Also quite narrow got the soft keys below the display. Continue reading  

Apple Not Celebrated The 15th Anniversary of The IPod, But His Legacy Remains with Us

It can be that you’ve not seen too much, but this past weekend has been an important anniversary in the world of Apple: the iPod has completed fifteen years. The first model, which used FireWire and had a 5GB HDD to store “1,000 songs in your Pocket”, was launched in 2001. It cost 399 dollars, 459 euros in Spain when it came out in early 2002. Continue reading  


At the first contact between the user and device is clear: no conventional NAVIGON wants to be the 8310. Hard like a stone is the casing in brushed stainless steel in your hand. 265 grams without bracket are already an announcement for a portable Navi

  1. NAVIGON 8310
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Because it is self-evident, that reflected the functions familiar from the other Navigons in bundled form on the 8310: the Intelligent route guidance “My Routes” used the driving habits, driving style and the times of day when calculating routes. The latter was perfectly in our tests – the calculated routes not differed from the ideal specifications. Continue reading  

Expect: There Will Be Streaming Live from The Keynote ‘Hello Again’

The keynote which was confirmed yesterday in the evening will be held in the Auditorium of the Infinite Loop Campus, so it will be somewhat more discreet to what we are accustomed to seeing in the Moscone Center or the Bill Graham Civic Center. But that does not mean that we are not before a major event, so Apple will offer a live video of the keynote as already it has been doing a few years. Continue reading  

Toshiba TG01

At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the big coup was Toshiba in February. As with the TG01, the manufacturer known for its wide range of notebook presented a Smartphone, which again provided for conversation. But the hero of a show many device is been selected, which later never reached the maturity necessary for the sale.

  1. Toshiba TG01
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Not so the Toshiba, now in Europe about the Telecommunications giant Telefonica and so in Germany via O2 for 500 euros without a contract is offered. The price is in line with the usual expensive smartphones. Continue reading  

Macs Are Expensive? IBM Claims That They Are Up to 543 Dollars Cheaper to Keep a PC in The Company

IBM has unveiled a secret that many Mac users know for some time: keep a Mac is simpler and cheaper than a Windows-based computer. To do this, it has used the data obtained with his own experience. From 2015, the consulting company gave the option to choose the team they wanted to their employees: a PC or a Mac.. Continue reading  

CD Player NAD C 545 BEE

The NAD C 545 BEE (550 euro) can be changed via a button in the sound, impressed but also with full expression way of playing.

The NAD C 545 BEE (550 euro), however, with a 12-volt trigger Connector waits, to corresponding amplifier with one and turn off. The C 545 BEE reads not only MP3 files, but decrypted also WMA files – an audio codec developed by Microsoft for lossy data compression. Because of the copy protection built into WMA (DRM digital rights management =) many music services deliver better in WMA in MP3 box. Continue reading  

“Downgrade” Is over: Apple Leaves for Sign Installations of IOS 9

A movement like this we should not be surprising in the case of Apple: the company no longer digitally sign iOS 9.3.5 facilities, so it is no longer possible to pass that version from iOS 10. For practical purposes, has made impossible the downgrade on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch compatible. It has also stopped sign installation of tvOS 9.2.2 in the fourth generation Apple TV. Continue reading  

Harman/Kardon HK 990 Integrated Amplifier

Hard to believe how much packing material Harman/Kardon in a 1500 euro amplifier. We hope may accordingly bounce sound at the HK 990?

  1. Harman/Kardon HK 990 integrated amplifier
  2. Data sheet

The HK 990 Harman enables also the digitally tuned and cross-eyed on AV applications clientele all astonishment -. Extra for them the stereo amp brings a packed Board with A/D-, D/A converters, as well as a full-blown processor. It takes two koxiale and two optical Digital-Ins of not only the appropriate sources. If necessary, it has this (and after conversion also the analogue) to the data center that allows a bass management crossover frequencies between 40 and 200 Hertz after the one or two subwoofers ad one. After measuring out mine via enclosed microphone, the HK 990 like automatically handles this, he installs even in level, frequency and duration space corrections. Depending on the needs he builds only the deep bass or in addition the middle or even the entire listening area is above. Continue reading  

Have Hacked IMessage? Some Users Have Begun to Receive Messages in Chinese

Go ahead by the time the magnitude of the incident is unknown, but some users have reported that his account of messages would have been hacked starting to receive many messages in Chinese. Apparently, these users would have received the classic safety message that advises that message has been activated in another account, with the only option of pressing ‘ok’. Continue reading  

Benz Micro LP-S Pickup

If you want best sounds from your records, you should drive a classy pickup as the Benz LP-S. It speeds up your heart rate rapidly – without fuel consumption.

  1. Benz micro LP-S pickup
  2. Data sheet

There one could assume AUDIO Yes smooth evil will. All people came “only” as a short test to honor the two front runners in the pickup’s best: the Clearaudio Stradivarius for 2400 euro in issue 12/2006 and the same expensive Benz Ebony in 9/2004 evil will was certainly not in the game, but when Benz Director Albert Lukaschek now sent the new S version its top sound box “LP”, more room for the test report was a pleasant duty. Continue reading  

Apple Could Introduce Its New Lineup of Mac on October 27

Finally, it seems that the rumors were true, and that we will have new Mac before the end of October. Website ReCode indicated that on October 27 was the date chosen by Apple for their next press event, which would officially launch their new Macs. According to the source, the event could take place in Cupertino, and soon we would receive the invitation of press, as usual, to learn more about release. Continue reading  

Speakers Canton Chrono SL 580 DC

Most manufacturers require hefty surcharges for gloss housing. With the Chrono SL series, Canton wants to show that it is also cheaper. For us in the test: The Chrono SL 580 DC (1600 euros the pair).

  1. Speakers Canton Chrono SL 580 DC
  2. Test & technology – expertise: bass depth versus efficiency
  3. Interview with Frank Göbl (head of development Canton)
  4. Data sheet

Who has the choice, the agony, the vernacular says. So fare also customers of the Hessian boxes manufacturer Canton, over 80 models available which don’t count special types for wall mounting or car speakers. Continue reading  

Turntable Euro Audio Team Forte

Huge platter, magnetic bearing with magnetic feet, the EAT Forte launches an offensive on the turntable top class (13900 EUR).

  1. Turntable euro audio team Forte
  2. stereoplay – technology in detail: deep resonance
  3. Data sheet

The idea to build a turntable, was quite influenced by the optics, Jozefina Krahulcova admits, head of euro audio team (EAT). High end drives with much acrylic and steel are not to the liking of the woman who took care of fine tubes and damping rings for this so far. A model floated before her with lots of wood that should work also elegant. The result is the turntable Forte for proud 13_900 euro. Continue reading  

Tim Cook, “Rookie” in Politics But Considered for The Vice Presidency of USA According to WikiLeaks

Normally a WikiLeaks leak not concerned us too, but today to be the exception to the rule. A series of post of the head of the campaign of Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, has been leaked in the well-known web and reveals that Tim Cook has been on a list of possible candidates for the Vice-Presidency of the United States by the Democratic Party of the country. Continue reading  

Onky0 TX-SR 507

The Onkyo offers surprisingly many functions for the narrow budget. Even an iPod it can control – but only by using an optional Dockings, what with proud 90 euros.

  1. Onky0 TX-SR 507
  2. Data sheet

The Onkyo inconspicuous from the outside affords few equipment shortfalls and is also completely without remote control. The heaviest with 9.6 kilos unit test can no doubt also when you look under the hood: discrete amplifiers and large transformer with two capacitors of the 8600 micro Farad, the Interior of the TX-SR_507 is built clean. Continue reading  

Apple Sentenced to Pay VirnetX â â Finally Has The Patent on FaceTime

The pulse that keeps Apple with VirnetX patent troll has given an unexpected twist, definitely condemning the Court for signature of Cupertino to pay a whopping 302,4 m $ for violating two patents related to Face Time. Both companies have maintained the swords aloft in a litigation that lasts for six years now, but it seems that it has finally come to an end. Continue reading