Toshiba TG01

At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the big coup was Toshiba in February. As with the TG01, the manufacturer known for its wide range of notebook presented a Smartphone, which again provided for conversation. But the hero of a show many device is been selected, which later never reached the maturity necessary for the sale.

  1. Toshiba TG01
  2. Data sheet
  3. Rating

Not so the Toshiba, now in Europe about the Telecommunications giant Telefonica and so in Germany via O2 for 500 euros without a contract is offered. The price is in line with the usual expensive smartphones. Continue reading  

CD Player NAD C 545 BEE

The NAD C 545 BEE (550 euro) can be changed via a button in the sound, impressed but also with full expression way of playing.

The NAD C 545 BEE (550 euro), however, with a 12-volt trigger Connector waits, to corresponding amplifier with one and turn off. The C 545 BEE reads not only MP3 files, but decrypted also WMA files – an audio codec developed by Microsoft for lossy data compression. Because of the copy protection built into WMA (DRM digital rights management =) many music services deliver better in WMA in MP3 box. Continue reading  

Harman/Kardon HK 990 Integrated Amplifier

Hard to believe how much packing material Harman/Kardon in a 1500 euro amplifier. We hope may accordingly bounce sound at the HK 990?

  1. Harman/Kardon HK 990 integrated amplifier
  2. Data sheet

The HK 990 Harman enables also the digitally tuned and cross-eyed on AV applications clientele all astonishment -. Extra for them the stereo amp brings a packed Board with A/D-, D/A converters, as well as a full-blown processor. It takes two koxiale and two optical Digital-Ins of not only the appropriate sources. If necessary, it has this (and after conversion also the analogue) to the data center that allows a bass management crossover frequencies between 40 and 200 Hertz after the one or two subwoofers ad one. After measuring out mine via enclosed microphone, the HK 990 like automatically handles this, he installs even in level, frequency and duration space corrections. Depending on the needs he builds only the deep bass or in addition the middle or even the entire listening area is above. Continue reading  

Benz Micro LP-S Pickup

If you want best sounds from your records, you should drive a classy pickup as the Benz LP-S. It speeds up your heart rate rapidly – without fuel consumption.

  1. Benz micro LP-S pickup
  2. Data sheet

There one could assume AUDIO Yes smooth evil will. All people came “only” as a short test to honor the two front runners in the pickup’s best: the Clearaudio Stradivarius for 2400 euro in issue 12/2006 and the same expensive Benz Ebony in 9/2004 evil will was certainly not in the game, but when Benz Director Albert Lukaschek now sent the new S version its top sound box “LP”, more room for the test report was a pleasant duty. Continue reading  

Speakers Canton Chrono SL 580 DC

Most manufacturers require hefty surcharges for gloss housing. With the Chrono SL series, Canton wants to show that it is also cheaper. For us in the test: The Chrono SL 580 DC (1600 euros the pair).

  1. Speakers Canton Chrono SL 580 DC
  2. Test & technology – expertise: bass depth versus efficiency
  3. Interview with Frank Göbl (head of development Canton)
  4. Data sheet

Who has the choice, the agony, the vernacular says. So fare also customers of the Hessian boxes manufacturer Canton, over 80 models available which don’t count special types for wall mounting or car speakers. Continue reading  

Turntable Euro Audio Team Forte

Huge platter, magnetic bearing with magnetic feet, the EAT Forte launches an offensive on the turntable top class (13900 EUR).

  1. Turntable euro audio team Forte
  2. stereoplay – technology in detail: deep resonance
  3. Data sheet

The idea to build a turntable, was quite influenced by the optics, Jozefina Krahulcova admits, head of euro audio team (EAT). High end drives with much acrylic and steel are not to the liking of the woman who took care of fine tubes and damping rings for this so far. A model floated before her with lots of wood that should work also elegant. The result is the turntable Forte for proud 13_900 euro. Continue reading  

Onky0 TX-SR 507

The Onkyo offers surprisingly many functions for the narrow budget. Even an iPod it can control – but only by using an optional Dockings, what with proud 90 euros.

  1. Onky0 TX-SR 507
  2. Data sheet

The Onkyo inconspicuous from the outside affords few equipment shortfalls and is also completely without remote control. The heaviest with 9.6 kilos unit test can no doubt also when you look under the hood: discrete amplifiers and large transformer with two capacitors of the 8600 micro Farad, the Interior of the TX-SR_507 is built clean. Continue reading  

Yamaha RX V 465

Blu-ray and HD sound are on everyone’s lips. Meanwhile, even AV receiver of the 400-euro class must master these tools. Like the Yamaha, which boasts even with no less than four digital HDMI interfaces.

  1. Yamaha RX V 465
  2. Data sheet

You maybe would have let, it says in the manual under “Troubleshooting”: “If no picture or no sound be output via HDMI, too many HDMI components can be connected”. It can be used under circumstances at the same time so not all four jacks.

Although all subjects can control an iPod, there are differences in the practical implementation. Yamaha uses a special jacks, and asks the customer with 60 euros for an iPod dock to the cashier. Continue reading  

Pioneer VSX-819 H

Blu-ray and HD sound are on everyone’s lips. Meanwhile, even AV receiver of the 400-euro class must master these tools. The pioneer does that.

  1. Pioneer VSX-819 H
  2. Data sheet

And much more: an iPod pioneer via USB interface, controls the connection cable is even included, which is a huge advantage for users when compared to the competition. Pro pioneer: If the supplied USB cable should be not even tangible, you can use the original iPod. Another advantage of the USB connection: music data are routed in digital to the amplifier, which excludes the loss of the D/A conversion in the iPod. In addition to a USB connector, the supplied breakout cable has also RCA connectors for image playback. Because the pioneer can not convert the video signal and scale, it is provided but not the HDMI out, but only to the CVBS monitor Jack. Continue reading  

Subwoofer Devil M 9500 SW THX Ultra 2

The devil M 9500 SW THX Ultra 2 (1600 euro) impressed not only by its size and 65 kilograms in weight, but also by his level of strength.

  1. Subwoofer Devil M 9500 SW THX Ultra 2
  2. Data sheet

Much much help, the larger of the two hell-woofer seems built. He is the only THX licensed in the hardcore version Ultra 2. Nearly one meter height, towering two 12-incher, fueled by a big amplifier, which is really hot. The devil delivers what it promises. He brings the highest level at the lowest tones, the most fun anyway. Continue reading  

Speakers Genelec 8040 A

The Genelec 8040 A gave the legendary album “Live in concert” by Sara K, which rotated multiple times during the test in the player, (1820 euro the couple) a breathtaking authenticity.

  1. Speakers Genelec 8040 A
  2. Data sheet

The Finnish Studio supplier Genelec provides a huge range of active monitors for different listening distances. A size useful for private applications reached the model 8040 with at least 180 Watt total amplifier power and a wide range of local filters. More about this in the post “stereoplay – technology in detail: flexible by location filter”. Continue reading  

Speakers Genelec 6010 A

Stereoplay alternative: for very short distances of hearing there is a cheap alternative in the Genelec program to the 8040 A: the Genelec 6010 is available for 600 euros the pair.

  1. Speakers Genelec 6010 A
  2. Data sheet

Suffice for listening distances up to maximum of 2 metres, for example, at a desk, often smaller boxes than the next door tested. For such applications, Genelec 6010 A, which structurally resembles 8040 A, but to a much smaller and more easily fails and less expensive two-thirds builds the smallest monitor. Continue reading  

Headphones Ultrasone Edition 8

The new Ultrasone Edition 8 striking by its reflecting surface. But mostly he brilliant sound.

  1. Headphones Ultrasone Edition 8
  2. Data sheet

That developers of their creations are entirely convinced, is probably absolutely normal. The Chief manufacturer Ultrasone Florian König can also certify a strong sense of mission. So can he is downright enthusiastic about it auslasssen, what distinguishes Ultrasone headphones. Continue reading  

Samsung Galaxy I7500

Long, it looked as if the former protagonist of Microsoft HTC was the only manufacturer that brings out devices based on Android. However, now joined by Samsung to, and thus a mobile forge that has already proved a good sense for equipment suitable for different operating systems.

  1. Samsung Galaxy I7500
  2. Data sheet
  3. Rating

The South Koreans Android rather assign a private setting, is also to see that they provide the 549 euro Galaxy I7500 without digits – or QWERTY keyboard with a touch screen. He works on the capacitive principle which precludes the operation by pen. Continue reading  

CD Player Meridian G 06.2

The new CD player G 06.2 (2350 EUR) of Prime Meridian is based on audiophile high tech of its predecessor. Can he beat him sound?

  1. CD player Meridian G 06.2
  2. Data sheet

Bob Stuart, thinker and one of the two founders of Meridian, is considered expert in digital technology. He devised MLP (Meridian Lossless packing), a lossless compression technique for the high bit of the DVD-audio format. With recognised experts room correction and speaker articles (on his homepage our site) he demonstrated that he is well versed in the laws of the digital Sound processings. When Meridian replaces the successful G 06 (2200 euros) through the also Racemes CD player G 06.2 (2350 euros) after three years, are consumers then abundant technical innovations in the House? Continue reading  

Nokia 6720 Classic in the Test

The Nokia 6720 classic effect initially quite inconspicuous. But still waters are notoriously low, and so the S60 phone with inner values boasts.

  1. Nokia 6720 classic in the test
  2. Data sheet
  3. Rating

Viewed from the side the keypad of the candy bar model is lush bent, on closer inspection, the ergonomic curve shape fails but much less. Check for easy handling, the good workmanship and high quality material selection with a battery cover metal, also the keyboard leaves mostly a good impression. Only the lowest number series can be operated slightly heavier, because here the lower edge of the housing is slightly high. Continue reading  

HTC Hero in the Test

After the Taiwanese manufacturer has supplied both T-Mobile and Vodafone with an exclusive Android model, he sells the hero through various channels. The device is available at T-Mobile as the G2 touch in black colour, with E-plus in the white HTC original version and free provider in white or silver grey.

  1. HTC Hero in the test
  2. Data sheet
  3. Rating

As already the HTC Magic, also the hero puts on touch operation. His base broken off still underlines the relationship to the ur-Android Smartphone G1. On the versions of the network operators still proprietary software is pre-installed in part, G2 touch, for example, a direct access to the Web’n ‘ walk portal or the new Media Center. Continue reading  

From the Measurement Lab: What Mean Measurements for Subwoofers

Are more important than frequency responses with woofers the level and distortion; Finally they become as invisible and want to create level still tidy up in deepest sound equipment.

The metrological evaluation of subwoofers seems easy, where you need to play only the lowest range of the audible spectrum. But far from it: At the rate it begins to be complicated. Each active woofer – only those eligible for Hi-Fi and surround in question – must submit the existing speaker set in the truest sense of the word. Continue reading  

Subwoofer B & W ASW 610

Phonetically, there was little rampage, for lots of precision at the B & W ASW 610 (600 euros). Audiophiles are here at home.

  1. Subwoofer B & W ASW 610
  2. Data sheet

Concentration is the motto in the ASW 610. In the completely closed housing operates an ultra long stroke 10-incher (paper and Kevlar cone) on the short leash of a sound-sensitive Switching amplifier. A selectable Equalizer allows subtle adjustments to taste. Sonically, there’s little rampage, for lots of precision. Audiophiles are here at home.

B & W ASW 610

Manufacturer B & W
Price €600.00
Rating 54.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

Dimensions 31.0 x 31.0 x 37.5 cm
Weight 12.5 kg
Principle of construction of housing closed
Phase variable Yes
Switchable phase
Space adaptation (text) Bass extension switchable
Measurement microphone
Remote control volume?
Remote Controls phase
Remote control crossover frequency
Entrance LS-terminals / XLR / RCA
Output LS-terminals / XLR / RCA
High-pass filter
Short conclusion Enclosure operates an ultra long-throw 10-incher (Cone from paper and Kevlar). An equalizer allows subtle adjustments to taste. Sound machtr eswenig rampage, for lots of precision
Sound points
Max 75 points)
Bass speech
maximum 24 points)
Bass depth
maximum 24 points)
Bass level
maximum 24 points)
Measured values
maximum 10 points)
Max 15 points)
maximum 10 points)
Overall rating
maximum 120 points)
72 good – very good
Price / performance Very good
tested in issue: 8 / 09


Stereoplay Technology in Detail: Features for Advanced Users

In the luxury class is the trend for special products with exceptional properties, whether optics, sound, equipment, or simply maximum level.

The spectacular to the abyss by Martin Logan is less its equipment with filters and convenience features than rather the intention, closed woofer similar to level set to make as competitors with bass reflex tunnel or passive membranes.

As a rule of thumb can apply that refraining from reflex openings makes a woofer with comparable lower cut-off frequency and membrane surface in the maximum dynamic up to 10 decibels quieter. Offset this shortcoming can be only by More long-strung chassis and more power amplifiers. Continue reading  

Stereoplay Technology in Detail: Low-Cost Specialists

Who wants to be sure to find the woofer best for its own purposes, should be before purchasing deal with the possibilities of the devices, consult say the Web sites of the manufacturers, where partly seen the full manuals.

The times, where the facilities of the woofer limited to the regulation of volume, frequency and phase, go slowly but surely to the end. Already the smallest models are partially controllable, often there are advanced filter functions. Continue reading  

Subwoofer Nubert AW 441 Black & Black

Bargain-savvy buyers are best served by Nubert 441 black & Black (369 euros) with the Nubert AW, sonically as well as technically offering Paroli many expensive devices.

  1. Subwoofer Nubert AW 441 black & Black
  2. Data sheet

So small, so inexpensive and already a classic. Nubert has further developed its entry level model only gingerly by the AW 440 to the AW 441 and offers these now for a mere 10 Euro surcharge with a black, high-gloss front. The equipment shows all important inputs and filters including remote control. Measured values and sound are a hit for money. Continue reading  

Stereoplay Practice: So Easy, So Good

Where you put the woofer, is a matter of taste. Close to the speakers, the sound is often homogeneous, in corners of the room, they achieve a particularly intense stimulation without big stress the woofer.

What ever makes a Woofer and how do I get it in my chain? Subwoofers are specialized, incredibly powerful in relation to size and price utility boxes on deep bass. Their lower limiting frequency, say their deep bass capacity is mainly by the electronics the size determined and not so much. They are indestructible by limiter normally. Continue reading  

Vivid Audio Giya speaker

A South African boxing forge causes a sensation with refined enclosures and an ambitious technology. Exclusive test of the vivid Giya (32000 euro).

  1. Vivid audio Giya speaker
  2. stereoplay interview with Laurence Dickie
  3. Data sheet

In the early 1990s the was only moderately successful speaker manufacturer B & W made a decisive step. The British developed a real super speaker – free of all financial pressures -. The result was the extravagant (fully active) worm box, which later became the basis of all B & W Nautilus models. in 1997, B & W Nautilus speakers then launched an unprecedented success story and worldwide is the largest provider of high end speakers today undisputed. Were the key protagonists behind the ur-Nautilus project: B & W CEO Robert Trunz and developer Laurence Dickie. Continue reading