Men Worry about Both Look like to Us? We Wonder What They Say The Latest Studies

We live in a society obsessed with appearance and aesthetic perfection, but?affects more if you’re a woman? We pressed and, consequently, are more obsessed? A study conducted by the journal Body Image has come to the conclusion that each time its appearance worries men more and more and there are fewer differences. But the pressure is still different for boys and girls. Continue reading  

What We Do with Children and Screens? This Is What The Experts Say

It is Thursday night, is approaching the end of the week, everyone is tired, rain (or has done lot of heat) and children have not been able to go out, so they are already two hours playing with the tablet. In other words, it is the time of day when you feel every modern parent guilty. Continue reading  

10 Emotional Phases of a Moving

At the end of the last move that had done, I removed two boxes that would never come to place and I sat on the floor. I relied on the wall where to go sofa which still did not have and put God to witness that would never make a move with my own hands. Something should fail in the transmission of the message because just yesterday I finished with my last move. Continue reading  

We Feel That The Technology of Past Was Coming to Save Us to Check That We Can No More with Her

I adored my mobile. It gave me a freedom that had never before experienced, allowed me to work from anywhere, be quickly and efficiently, and solve problems in a snap. Until I realized that I live attached to it, most stressed that never and to work more hours than I’ve worked in my life and Unable to disconnect. And what is worse: the last studies suggest that stress elevates and lowers productivity. Continue reading