Buy Less But Buy Better, The Golden Rule

Small I always wanted to be a millionaire. Now, with a little perspective I realize that what I really wanted to be was someone important, but society teach us that we have to live in big houses, driving expensive cars and spend Christmas on the beach to prove to everyone that we have had success in life. All of this under the age of 40, of course! Continue reading  

#ShareTheLoad: Ariel Campaign in India to Educate Men about Their Role in Home Care

A campaign that encourages men to engage in household chores and share responsibilities has become a trending topic on the India with more than three million of viewings. The reason of its success? A spot full of empathy and emotional that engages and which reconciles us with the previous generation: that of already mature men who face the change of the role of women in society. Continue reading  

Beware, Your Future Boss Is Watching What You Do on The Networks

Companies claim to consult social networks of their (futures, especially) employees. To start: recognize that you are going to gossip is ugly, very ugly. But I read that this will seriously and ask me what, how, when and why while another line I start to castrate my Facebook make me anonymous on Twitter, to privatize my Instagram and obviously, fulminating my profile of Tinder. I what I know. Now I’m afraid. Continue reading  

Ideas For Vintage-Style Salons

When we decorate a living room always we seek comfort, charm, quality and attributes that can be found in vintage style, that fashion has become in recent times. The halls of this style enrich the beauty and history of the old pieces with avant-garde and modern accessories, combination ideal to recreate a cozy and unique environments. Continue reading  

We Are Still Collecting Less That They (Is a Fact), But How Much Less and Why?

Up to 25% less for the same job. The statistics do not lie, but they can be confused. The latest annual survey of wage structure that collects report work, collect as elaborated by UGT shows us that equality continues to be more far from what we would like to. But it is not so easy to explain it, not everything is as black. Our first intention was to make a calculation of the percentage difference in different sectors between men and women, to give you an idea of how much they earn more each month. But we found a great complexity. If you were a man, you would not win more, work somewhere else or you have improved your otherwise very different conditions. Continue reading  

Micromachismos: The Other Feminist Struggle That We Need a Better Vaccine

What machismo is still latent in our society, unfortunately, is something that almost no one dares to deny. The gender-based violence or the wage differentials between men and women are, perhaps, the most flagrant examples. We recognize them and the vast majority of ordinary people, men and women, We reject those behaviors. But, what happens with the? micromachismos? Continue reading