3 Ideas of Outfits For Your Next Trip to the Beach

A trip to the beach can mean a full day at the beach, an appointment at the beach, a formal event or a wedding on the beach. An outfit appropriate for a visit to the beach should always be comfortable, fresh and light, but to protect you from the Sun’s rays; If you think that this outfit is complicated, then take a look at our list of ideas of outfits for your next trip to the beach.

3 Ideas of Outfits For Your Next Trip to the Beach


If you are going to enjoy a picnic on the beach, then use something light and comfortable; some Bermuda with your sandals and a t-shirt is everything you need to have a great time.
If it is the case of a formal event, then consider accessories for man; a hat and flashy glasses go very well with this style. Combine them with a pair of jeans, a shirt and some moccasins.
If you are planning a romantic on the shores of the sea, without doubt dinner a light white shirt with light trousers and your favourite moccasins.


For a romantic dinner, a flattering plus size dress in white or light colors defined by hoticle.com. Use a makeup nude with a piece of jewelry and casual sandals.
For a sporty Beach style, you use your jeans folded up to the knees, adds a long necklace on your t-shirt and complemented with a hat and glasses.
For a semi formal vacation, test with shorts and a loose buttons shirt, hat, glasses, sandals and your look is complete.