3 Large German Watch Brands in Portrait

Current clocks and brand history of a. Long & Sons, Nomos and Sinn
It’s not just the Swiss who build great watches. There are also many watch manufacturers in Germany. We present three of the most famous watch brands here. 35 more interesting manufacturers can be found in the Watch magazine special German watch brands 2016, which are available for purchase free of charge or as a download.
German watch brand #1: A. Long & Sons
Twice the clocks are in production at a. Long & Sons assembled. Only when the watch functions smoothly will it be dismantled again and all components are refined at the highest level. This, of course, has quality reasons, but it could also be seen as symbolic of the company’s changing and turbulent history.
Because also the brand A. Long & Sons experience such disassembly and subsequent recreation on their own bodies. For example, the roots of the “Lange & Cie.” On December 7, 1945 by Ferdinand Adolph are long back. From 1868, with the entry of Richard Lange as a partner, she is called “a. Long & Sons “. With the entry of the younger son Emil Lange, 1871 begins the heyday of the company, in which it acquires its still-ongoing worldwide reputation in the watchmaking industry. By nationalisation on April 20, 1948, the independence of the company, which still exists as a “long VEB Glashütte”, ends. Read the Watch magazine special German watch brands 2016 , as the brand A. Long & Sons in the modern age recovers to old size and what focus they are currently setting in the design of their watch collection at WatchTutorials.org.
German watch brand #2: Nomos Glashütte
With the new series Neomatik, Nomos Glashütte 2015 starts with the production of automatic watches, which are as flat as hand-lift models and are soon to develop into a significant second segment. For now, Nomos is mainly known for hand-lift clocks.
DUW 3001 is called the completely new, very flat and Chronometerfähige automatic movement, which is first installed in ten clocks: The models Minimatik, Ludwig, Orion, Metro and tangent in two variants give the starting signal in a “first edition”. The Orion thus receives for the first time an automatic inner life. The caliber DUW 3001 is just 3.2 millimeters high. For this to succeed, a new train had to be calculated, among other things. And it has developed its own assortment, which made the Manufactory independent of Switzerland: The in-house Hemmungsbau group called Nomos Swing System. It was introduced by the Watch Metro to the Baselworld 2014 and now also works in the DUW 3001. Find out more about the beginnings and the current clocks of Nomos Glashütte in the Watch magazine special German watch brands 2016.
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German watch brand #3: Sense Special Watches
The 1916, born in the Alsatian Metz, Helmut Sinn finds an early fall on airplanes and subsequently visits a flight school. The conclusion coincides with the beginning of the Second World War. Later he becomes a blind instructor and art pilot. 1961 he founded the company “Helmut Sinn special watches” in Frankfurt am Main, which focuses on navigation clocks.
The watches, which are produced in Switzerland but are distributed under their own name, should combine good legibility and high quality with the günstigstmöglichen price. In order to achieve the desired good value for money, special watches sell exclusively through direct sales. In the course of time, classic pilot clocks are created like the sense 103, which is still in the program today. Through word-of-mouth propaganda, the company has become an insider’s tip in subsequent years. 1985 is the move to the current location in Frankfurt. The decisive incision in the company’s history is 1994. Read the Watch magazine special German watch brands 2016, how it went on with the company Sinn special watches and get an overview of the current clocks. mg
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