4-Port Hub USB 3.0 Super Speed

USB 3.0 hubs there are so few in the market but a hub with USB OTG function and normal USB is quite a special feature.
The Ugreen USB 3.0 HUB has 4 USB 3.0 ports of which three are on the front and one on the top.
At the other end of the stroke, the approximately 80cm long cable that is a bit short for use on the desktop is but for the use of the tablet / notebook has an optimal length.
In addition, there is an optional connection for a 5V power supply on the back, which is not included.
In addition to the usual USB 3.0 port is also a Micro USB 3.0 port on the device. This port is admittedly somewhat but especially for someone of a Samsung Note 3 and Note Pro his own calls quite practical.

The hub itself is made of a high-gloss plastic, I personally am not and feel of glossy but yeah classy looks it already made, the weight is pretty low which of course is nice to take something impractical when the Ugreen normal on the desk provides.
The Ugreen 20293 4-port SuperSpeed ​​USB 3.0 HUB worked fine on my desktop PC (with Intel USB 3.0 chip), my Samsung Note 12.2 tablet, my Samsung Note 3 and my Apple Macbook Pro.
Without additional power supply I could one 2.5 “HDD and two USB sticks simultaneously operate (tested on my desktop).
Clean the pace I was able to 250mb / s transfer problems which is more than sufficient and will be faster than any external HDD.
At this point I am grateful for the disposal to provide a test sample.
Conclusion for around 14 € you get offered a good stroke which perhaps through the Micro USB 3.0 OTG port but something special even for people who only have a laptop with USB 3.0, thanks to the good price should be interesting.
Ugreen 20292 4-port SuperSpeed ​​USB 3.0 HUB Adapter with micro USB 2.0 / OTG function / active support for power supply to recharge / portable design / Supports speziall for your Microsoft Surface, Ultrabooks and MacBook etc (Micro USB 2.0 OTG, Black)

  • Good price
  • Clean processing
  • good pace


  • right slightly
  • Cable a bit short for normal desktop operation


  • Cable bit stiff
  • NO microUSB 3.0 !!!

EDIT: A user had myself pointed out that he had problems with the microUSB 3.0 port. Since my Note12.2 no USB 3.0 can transfer speeds via its USB 3.0 port I could up the pace with the regular USB 3.0 port testing, here there were no problems.
UGREEN but the microUSB 3.0 Although provided with sufficient contacts the port only connected with four others = only USB 2.0 !!!