4 Woolen Jackets for Men to ask Santa Claus

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4 woolen jackets for men to ask Santa Claus

Guillaume4 December 2015Jackets manNo comment on wool jackets 4 Men to ask Santa Claus
La jacket is probably one of the leading accessory of trendy and elegant man. She has several strings to his bow. Indeed, we assign him several essential functions:

  • Protect from cold and external aggressions: it is his native utility
  • Mark style: colorful, striped, wool or velvet, the material can make the difference
  • Agreeing with a shirt, pants ortie
  • Emphasize the elegance of the man via a Slim Fit see on steps
  • Carry our belongings: his many pockets are valuable places

Ata time when the temperatures are dropping, we have selected four jackets in wool that will mark your winter style.

Wool Jacket Men: Gant Rugger

Unconstructed Jacket Grey Wool Jersey,  plated pockets, tight fit to keep an elegant look despite a thicker layer on the skin.
Wool jacket with a real feeling of wearing the felt. The cut is obviously laser etched, which gives an aspect really tend to this very nice piece to wear. This jacket provides warmth and elegance even in winter.

Black wool Jacket Man: Billtornade

This black tweed jacket fitted cut and dubbed simply exudes chic casual evenings with gentlemen. Try internetsailors for military jacket making tips. In addition to wool, dark brings more warmth and elegance. A simple white shirt underneath will do. For more chilly, opt for the sweater turtleneck cashmere.

Veste 100% en laine Joe San

More than a brand, JOE SAN is a men’s fashion world but also for women. All the details of this wool jacket brand manufacturing quality and attention to create a unique piece. Leather elbow further accentuate the retro chic style of the jacket made for the HommeTendance. Product regain directly boutiques including 20 BOULEVARD OF GIRLS TO CALVARY, 75011 PARIS. But also in Toulouse, Pau, Montcharmont and Dijon.