5.1 Android Will Allow to Select The Connection Wi-Fi and Bluetooth from The Quick Settings

It begins the drip of leaks about the developments that lie ahead with the version 5.1 Android Lollipop of which have known its existence this morning. After appearing first images that did not nothing we now again have new images on this occasion If that show us something new.
As we see in the pictures that accompany the news we see as Android 5.1 We will be able Select and change connection Wi-Fi and Bluetooth from the Quick Settings toolbar, without having to go into the normal device settings as with the current version of Android.
Speedy Android 5.1 adjustments panel Lollipop shows some dates in the name of the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings. Clicking on that arrow you will see from the quick settings Wi-Fi networks and connections Bluetooth device can be connected to at that time our. Gracias to this novelty will be a little quicker to select the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, Since not having to open the normal settings we will see faster connections available.
Probably during the next few hours and days go knowing more innovations that lie ahead with 5.1 Android Lollipop. Another novelty that rumored is that you longer put the mobile completely silently and that sound alarms without having to configure the priority notifications, something which is not possible with Android 5.0.