5 Best Selling Knickers!

Favorite panties of Specialità customers can be good choices for you too!
BEST SELLING PANTIES | Want to buy panties but is undecided about which model to choose? Today we will show 5 models of panties that are very successful among the customers of Specialità Lingerie. We can be proud of, because our customers have good taste, are demanding regarding quality and has chosen always buy on Specialità, liked the experience!
The choices of customers show some interesting styles, that can help anyone who is in doubt about the panties which are more suitable for every moment. In fact, we cannot say that there is a panty model that is the best of all, but there are models that fit better into a situation, indicated by Intershippingrates. We’ll show you the models and talk a little about them, so you can draw your conclusions! themselves

Padded panties

Have a perfect butt is a common dream among women. Many times a suit doesn’t bode well but you would really like to use, then you can resort to a lingerie to give an effort, as is the case with padded panties, or knickers. She has a filling in the buttocks which gives more contour to the hip, leaving the empinadinho butt and sexy. All of that without losing the comfort! She has done very successfully, if this is your case worth trying!

Lace Thong

The thongs are panties highly sought after, but the income in particular have something else to offer, by the model and the fabric. The thong is a sensual model, and the rent brings more sophistication, and the junction of these two things is a right choice, a great suggestion for men who want to present the beloved.

High waist panties

Some look to the high-waisted knickers, but who uses does not relieve the comfort. She holds the lower abdomen, gives greater security to wear clothes with fabric, especially skirts and shorts, tailoring. May not be your choice for special moments, but a lot of clothes from your closet can ask for a high waist panties, think about it!

Seamless Panties

Panties that appear as little as possible are almost unanimity among women, mainly for looks of work. The day to day calls for more discretion? So this is your best choice! The seamless finish leaves no marks even under light fabric, in addition to providing an extreme comfort for you to spend the whole day outside.

Side bikini panties draped blouse

The Bikini panties is a success because it is universal, looks good on every body type. The side draped blouse is a detail that brings a little more charm to the trivial, and so women have opted for her to distinguish a little everyday panties. After all the routine lingerie doesn’t have to be boring!
Like to know the best selling knickers of Specialità? The good choices of our customers can help you make your next purchase, take some tips from this post! We hope your visit to assist you if you have any more questions, buy panties with the best lingerie store of Brazil!