5 Easy Dessert Recipes for Wedding

The concern with the food that will be served at the wedding does not have to be great, just that you have the right tips and an efficient design. Some nocakes end up choosing to serve exquisite dishes and leaving even the guests lost. With simplicity, but special touches you can turn a milk pudding into a delicacy of the gods.
To prove all this. We have selected 5 simple, easy-to-prepare recipes for you to serve on your wedding day. And if you want to save some real money is also worth betting on these tips, because all the candy can be made at home even if you are not a master of cooking.

1 – Chocolate Sandwich With Cream Ice Cream

You sure have already begun to sigh wanting to try this dessert just by reading the title. It is indeed a delight and very simple to prepare. You will need crushed cereal (just two cups), cream or other flavored ice cream in your preference, 200 grams of margarine and chocolate icing.
  The preparation is quite simple. First you will mix the cereal with the margarine until it forms a very firm paste. It will spread on a baking sheet as if it were to make a cake.
It is not recommended to leave the thickness of the dough very thin and not very thick at this time. The baking sheet also needs to be lined with baking paper. Let this dough bake for 10 minutes over medium heat
Now just cut the squares or circles in the size you want and fill with the ice cream. Decorate with the chocolate coating and serve your guests.

2 – Almond Pudding

Pudding is something that everyone likes very much. The mode of preparation is the same as the conventional one. You can also substitute condensed milk with gelatin powder and 2 cups sugar if you want to make it less sweet.
The almond should be well crushed and mixed with the cream of your pudding before it goes to the refrigerator. It will add a touch more than special and a tasty crunch to your pudding.

3 – Pineapple Candy

This is very simple to do, different and will definitely sweeten your marriage even more. You only need pineapples in enough quantity to serve your guests (4 pineapples give to make 20 sweets), coconut grated (half a kilo for every 4 pineapples) and sugar (1 kilo for the amount of pineapple quoted).
The preparation is simpler still. You will mix the cut or grated pineapple with the sugar and bring to the fire until it forms a candy. Then add the coconut and stir until it loosens from the pan. Now just curl up as a brigadier and sprinkle the grated coconut. It’s a delight.

4 – Casadinho With Various Sweets

The married well are super traditional at weddings, but usually the guests take home the honey. This time, you can serve them also as dessert and surely make your guests even happier.
Everyone does not want to eat just one little box, is not it people? Then he sweetens his party with them after dinner. The good thing is that you can vary the sweets and leave the dessert even more delicious. The video below shows how to make the little chick of guava, give a peek as it’s nice to see!

 5 – Ice Cream On The Cone

Is your party more informal? So look what a sensational idea. Aside from pleasing the adults, it will also make the kids much happier. The ice cream served on the cone can still look more charming if you bring a real ice cream parlor to your party!
Like the ideas? Tell which is the tastiest! If you have used an easy and different dessert in your party too, leave the idea in the comments we are going to love!