5 Ideas for Cheap Wedding Souvenirs for Your Big Day

Are you on a tight budget for your big day? Save money with the cheap wedding favors and choose the one that best suits your party.
Have you ever imagined not having wedding favors to give to your guests? Even with the tight budget you can get rid of this embarrassment. Learn how to make your own cheap wedding favors here.
Having a treat to receive after the party is a tradition that everyone likes, even if it is a small treat. The choice of wedding favors is what determines your price, so if you know how to choose you can spend less than $ 1.00 per unit or even more than $ 40.
Doubt comes when you find yourself choosing something that is enjoyable, but that does not cost too much. With good ideas you can make your own wedding favors and you can save a lot more. And if you do not have the knack, you may be able to order these models much more.

Get Inspired In 5 Ideas Of Cheap Wedding Souvenirs

1 – Cupcakes

You can make a cupcake simpler so do not spend too much and still leave it handsome, plus yummy. Simply add white American briefcase cover and place the wedding date on a tissue paper for the underside of the frame. If you want to give an increase, how about rolling the candy in a cellophane paper (in the case of a firmer cover) or put it in transparent plastic boxes.

2 – Biscuit

Biscuit wedding favors can be taken into account, depending on size and art. You can make a messenger, key holder and many other treats for your guests. They can be 5 centimeters and you only pay around $ 3.00 a unit.

3 – Sandals For Wedding

If you are a creative person, you can make personalized wedding sandals and spend nothing on the manpower. They are very simple and cheap models and may even include the photo of you and your fiancé. Depending on where you live, you will not spend more than $ 4.00 each if you make more than 100 units.

4 – Scented Sachets

One of the options of charming wedding cheap souvenirs are the scented sachets. You can decorate it with ribbon and paste the name of the couple with the hot glue.

5 – Minibuquês

You can create a minibuquê using artificial plants, a label that you can make by the same computer and a satin ribbon of the color of the decoration of your wedding. This is a good option as it combines with the event and everyone can take it home.
To attach the paper with your name and your fiancé, use hot glue and to further increase your minibuque, add white lace or similar fabric.