6 Different Types of Collars for Use in Your Looks

Round Neck

This is the most popular collar and you sure have several shirts that way in your closet.Because it is basic, it works in almost any visual. Can use and abuse without fear. The round neck passes the impression of broader shoulders, which is great for thin men or senior.


The v-neck is also a famous Court. If you’re short or chubby, should use it enough, because it stretches the neck, creating a more elongated silhouette. It also brings the men swing round face.

Collar Canoe

Have you heard the collar canoe? Also known as collar U, she is a round-neck version, except with a more oval and wide. Is an interesting variation. But as she shows more the trapezius and pectoralis, is better to use if you are in shape


The polo shirt is a classic men’s fashion, suggested by FOODEZINE. She gained fame in the 1920 when the French tennis player Rene Lacoste (who later would launch your brand) started to use it in tournaments and had a burst of popularity in the years 1970 because of designer Ralph Lauren. Until today the pole remains high.

Collar Henley

Ah, the henley shirt is a blend of classic collar and front button brings pole:, but no collar. Women find sexy. If you don’t yet have, buy. If you already have, you buy another.

Bonus: Turtleneck

When the cold bites, the Turtleneck (or ride) is a great option. Until there are t-shirts like that—that’s why your presence on the list—but the most stylish piece of this type is the mesh, as Brad Pitt is wearing in the photo below.