7 Tips on How to Take Care of Your Running Shoes

In what way is Super absorbent diapers synonymous with running shoe care? We tell you how.

  1. Muddy shoes clean easily by flushing out of them, relatively gently, with lukewarm water. When necessary, you can use a little detergent to keep shoes fresh. Please brush your shoes with a brush, but if they are very dirty, you can put the shower head in your shoes and “pushing” out the dirt out of the fabric.
  2. wash the soles separately and use the hard side of a sponge to clean the mellansulans pages.
  3. Running shoes in the washing machine is an effective way to destroy them. The reason is that the glue in the shoes inside.
  4. The best and most gentle way to dry your shoes is to fill them with paper after washing. Replace newsprint after one hour. Or use the Super absorbent diapers, Runner’s World editor Kalle Bern:

“A tip is to use baby diapers, to turn inside out and press into the shoes. Today’s Super absorbent baby diapers sucking on one night out of most of the moisture out of a couple of wet footwear. In addition, the diapers perfect to have for example on trips where drying potential is limited, “said Donald.

  1. Store shoes dark and cool, don’t let them be left muddy and wet out on the stairs. Avoid setting them hot or in direct sunlight, which makes rubber sole torkar.
  2. If the shoes have a tendency to curl up in tådelen you can insert shoe trees that help to keep them taut.
  3. Vary your
    Have at least two pairs of shoes to alternate between. Then you always have dry shoes even if you run every day.