8 Pair of Sports Glasses Suitable For Running in the Sunshine

We have listed what you should consider when you’re buying sunglasses for running and tested eight of this season’s pair, check out the winner here!
Shop sports optics specializes in sports glasses. Lars Quinn, owner of the shop gives you his best tips here!
What is a good criterion when choosing sunglasses for running?
-The most important thing is that the glasses fit properly without Bob. The easiest way is to choose a couple that are lightweight and have adjustable näsdel. If, in addition, can adjust the bows, it’s a plus, says Lars.
To adjust and customize the sunglasses are relatively hard, so it might be nice to have a professional fix your expensive glasses. An experienced optician can see directly what needs to be adjusted, and can, with the help of heat bend to the bows to suit you better.
Different types of light
But the fit is not everything. Different types of lenses work differently good for sunny or cloudy weather.
-Ideal for most types of relationships is a photo chromatic lens, which changes color based on the Sun’s brightness. When does the same lens in all weather.
Good to keep in mind when it comes to photochromic lenses is that they don’t always have time to adapt when one runs into and out of the shadowy areas of the forest, which also must keep an eye on how the surface looks.
UV protection
UV protection is, however, no need to think about when choosing sunglasses for running. It’s just the stained glasses with blue lenses that do not have 100% UV protection. Lenses with a blue mirror, on the other hand, is good, if it is as a film on a lens that is not blue. All the glasses in this test has full UV protection.
-All the modern sports glasses of good quality has a high level of UV protection. But those who have a yellow-orange-brown tone are better able to effectively remove the blue light, which makes the eyes are less tired.
If you wear glasses in everyday life because of vision problems, there is also the possibility to grind the lens that is on from the start of several manufacturers, sports glasses. Required very large correction, it may be necessary to grind a loose bet instead, which it attaches to the inside of their sports glasses.

  1. Lens
    Made of plastic. Most manufacturers have their own name on the plastic, typically polycarbonate or NXT. Light transmission will be graded from 0 to 4, where 0 is transparent lenses and 4 is the darkest lens. All categories must be protect as much against UV radiation-the lens is the CE mark satisfy the requirements of UV protection.

Photochromic lenses change the prevailing light conditions. Polarized lenses remove glare from wet roadways. Yellow and orange lenses bring out contrasts. Many lenses can also grind to fit the myopic.
2. Arc
Are usually made of plastic. Some frames have a sweat top brake and replaceable rubber parts in näsdelen and at the bows. There are also models with a mount for a minibåge with sanded glass, which sits inside the lens.
3. Skalm
The bows are part of the arch. Is the rubberized so they sit better as you run. Many arms are bendable to allow you to customize the fit.
4. Näsdel
Usually made of rubber, which makes it fit better on the sweaty noses while running. May be adjustable to suit different noses.
The tip!
To avoid fogging on your glasses, there are imspray to buy at most opticians. When you stop or lower the speed so the wind will not help to wick away moisture from the glasses, then you can move up the glasses a bit on the nose so that it ventilate better.
This year’s winners: Bliz Tempo
Retail price: 800 SEK
Weight: 24 grams
Facts: Comes with a replaceable darker lens and an additional, enhancing orange lens. Optically compensated lenses with 100% UV protection.
Adjustable näsdel, adjustable shafts with removable sweat brake. The price also includes a strap for securing the glasses further around the head. Hard case included.
+ Lightweight with great fit. Do not move while running. Nice light in most lighting conditions. Good wind protection. Affordable.
Cannot be combined with ground glass in any way.
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