A Different Touch in the Room

When it starts to seem that all the rooms are very “equal” it is time to look for those projects that have a touch, sometimes a detail, that makes us realize that there are always ways to get out of the common place.
Niches inlaid and lit on the wall, a space to “play” in that kind of winter garden…but did you notice the “camouflaged” rug? A very interesting effect.
A circular distribution in an almost square room…Have you thought of that?
Instead of shelves or open niches, they are fully enclosed. Best? Worse? It depends on taste, but different, for sure!
I’ve already put a patchwork of wallpapers on a small wall at the end of my hallway, remember?But on the wall behind the couch and with this daring in the mix? Different! (And to me, it was great, especially since the other room components are neutral or repeat the colors of the papers… that’s super important!)
A room with pink walls and still up to a certain height only? Different and great for high ceilings and low natural light.
Mirror is not a different thing, but assembled and used this way-it’s a work of art! The room’s greyish and dark colors help to stay special. I really like these little mirror assemblies. And these seem to me to be jagged, for the divisions are very strong. A great idea.
Use decoration wallpaper on a canvas, turning it into a frame and still make it the focal point of the room?This is very cheap, easy and quick to do. And the effect? Very interesting. In this room the drawers used as a side table, the black and white lampshades and the table covered with fabric also have a touch of originality in a set that at first seems very classic, you see?
Joining small carpets (even more of this kind) to create a bigger one and achieving this harmony is fascinating! The colors of the other objects, especially the picture, were very well thought out.
So the points that I highlighted in these photos are independent of the size of the room or of absurd investments. It’s just creativity!