A Great Future for a Varied Bags – Autumn

So slowly we must resign ourselves probably, that the autumn arrives and somehow, again, Christmas is around the corner. The year passes and you somehow don’t really know where the time has gone. How nice that the designer but attune us with all sorts of new trends for the upcoming season and there really varied trends are visible, that meet every taste with security. Let’s start with the colors look.
The two dominant notes are bright green and red. And preferably without any other colors and pretty strong. Form and design are there secondary, because it’s just on the particular occasion. Tote bags that look simply cool and casual and any woman who keeps what fashion is, should have one of these it-bags in their collection are an eternal Evergreen. The lovable Granny bags, which on our beloved grandmothers remind us so wonderfully and the typical charm of a classic handbag are an additional companion for the autumn.
Who all is too classic and maybe even a little too boring, Leo-print is probably just right. Synthetic fur, leather or fabric: about what Leo masters is with and is a particularly trendy eye-catcher in the coming season. Then we all are totally crazy for fringe: the fransiger the better and somehow we feel reminded us all a little of Winnetou, but the fringes are already cool accessories for leather bags and go a lot.
The Garnny bags are a last trend, I want to mention at this point, this is this classic square bag shape, we do know from our grandmothers and immediately feel this particular atmosphere of childhood leaves us. Maybe worth a visit in the attic? Lucky is still one of the coveted original bags from Grandma’s in the one or the other dress box times.