A Journey through The WWDC and The Stories of Their Surprising Early (Video)

The Conference for developers of Apple or WWDC always has been, is and will be the most important event of the company. Quotations in which it takes to present new devices such as the Mac, iPhone and iPad are great but your software is, what makes differences. This not be downplays the exquisite finishes of a Retina MacBook Pro or Mac Pro but without the operating system would not be more than product design.
Therefore, that each WWDC is a milestone within the annual Apple road. Year after year we are in what have been working the past few months and how developers can take advantage of these new developments to create amazing new applications. If I had to do a review, after so many hours of keynote, it would be very difficult to condense and skipping so many and so many great moments. In spite of this I’ve tried.
The video that you can watch highlight important moments that, for some reason, marked the history of the keynote for WWDC. Many are missing but I hope you enjoy it. Remember that they will not be the last, with each new event we will be adding and in Applesfera we’ll tell you everything.