A Life Without Jeans – Possible But Senseless

It inspires the fashion world like hardly any other garment and is equally popular with men and women: the jeans. At least one variant of the popular beige dress can be found in every wardrobe. No wonder, because jeans are not the same jeans, and so far everyone has found the right model according to his taste. They are available as classic blue jeans or with different ablutions, in short or long, tight fit or wide. By the way, a large proportion of the German women (68%) prefer the loose-cut variant in the men’s world. Not for nothing, the boyfriend jeans, which are so popular with the ladies, which are oriented to the men jeans, fall out extra-wide.
Did you know that this year is already 145 years old? There are at least as many exciting facts about the most popular trousers in the world, of which you certainly did not know yet – some of them we have compiled here for you.

Exciting facts from 145 years of jeans

  • The name of the first and probably most famous jeans brand goes back to the inventor of the trousers: Levi’s. The rivet-reinforced trousers of blue cotton fabric were created by the German emigrant Levi Strauss for the American gold diggers.The special feature of the denim fabric is that the fabric itself is not dyed, but the yarn itself – that gives the jeans their typical appearance.
  • In the beginning, by the way, all the bags were rivetted with rivets.When, however, the complaints piled over the scratched horse’s saddle and chairs, the rear rivets were dispensed with.
  • Why is denim denim?Because the fabric from which the first jeans were made came from the French Nîmes – in French so “de Nîmes”, which quickly developed the short form denim.
  • Within a few decades the jeans of the workers’ pants developed into the darling of the broad population.In the 1980s, many of them were so fond of jeans that they did not even take their pants off for bathing.Well, in fact, this was less due to a particular form of affection, but rather due to the fact that the jeans trousers were up to 10% earlier in the first wash.To prevent her getting too tight, you simply took a hot bath with her trousers – so she could only go as far as the body allowed.
  • With our previous statement that at least a pair of jeans in every wardrobe, we have by the way been underrepresented – according to statistics, each German has an average of 8.5 copies.The fact that these also after some time of carrying any time once no longer smell quite so fresh, is clear.Nevertheless, jeans should be washed as rarely as possible to maintain their color.Against the smell, however, there is a simple trick: just put the pants in the freezer for a while or hang them near the shower, because the water vapor neutralizes odors.

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