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This Focuses On Clothing In Large Sizes Plus Size Blog With Fashion, Specifically

Just like me.
Just like you, I’m looking beautiful cool fashion in XXL in which I feel attractive and comfortable, reported by politicsezine. It flatters my curves. That underlines my type and makes me look good.
I am Ines Cordes, built 69, live near Bremen and had a boutique and an online shop for clothing in large sizes for many years.
Thanks to my many years training and experience as a stylist, color and style consultant, coach and fashion consultant know I how to get curves in the right light, and what is beautiful and attractive curvy women.
I’ve seen countless women what cuts make sense which leg do what pants, how you can draw the attention of the Viewer, and much more.
I would like to pass on this knowledge to my customers and readers. I love to advise’s women, to emphasize your points, to give you a good feeling and sometimes even happier to make.
My life and learning are always turned around: more beautiful me feel good, be confident — so more and more I myself be and be.
When I wear the ‘correct’ fashion, then I work on others, get compliments and feel yourself in the pure.
Fashion is not a superficial story for me, but it gives me many opportunities to show my personality. It shows who I am. Every day new.
In this blog, I have compiled proven tricks and tips for shopping and styling in large sizes.
NEW! In my shop I offer selected fashion, shoes, bags, towels, and all kinds of other nice from various online stores. With me, you will find what I would offer in my boutique. If you like my style for you is something sure.
I’m looking forward to feedback (positive and negative), suggestions and comments that help me and us.
Thank you very much!
Ines Cordes
Who wants to know more about me: FAQ-questions and answers about me
That was my store “Ines Cordes-fashion up to size 54-new & 2nd hand” in Lessing road 63 in Bremen (quarter):
The best dog in the world “Lulu” is always by my side: