Accessories: a Dress Three Looks

The challenge lies in the transformation from one styling to another exclusively with shoes and accessories. With this theme is great fun. I’ve been wearing this long sweater for several years now and I wear it as a dress.
Belt:Bonprix 12,99 Up to 120 cm
Ankle boots brown 69,90 Zalando winter collection 2012/13
Leggings:Evans 15 Euro
Here the accessories used with dress from a2zdirectory:
Accessories are anyway a topic at big size sizes.With the whole “Tüdelkram”, as one says in Hamburg, one can not only spice up, but also control the views of the beholder.A statement chain leads in any case into the Dekoltee, a belt in the Köpermitte, a bag (I am Taschenfreak) can complement or even a style break conjure.
That is why I have some drawers full of pockets, shelves full of jewelery and a meter of wooden strips for hair clips, not to mention one or other pair of shoes.
Derselbe Pulli ruffled – ready for the Afterwork club and more.
Leggings:Evans 15 Euro
Shoes:Evans, E-Wide, last season 39,90
(these shoes are for sale, only worn inside, as new, because they are too big for me, I wear 41, a 42 fits loose).
Necklaces and hairs:H & M
Here the accessories used:
What’s more, the little things are often not very expensive, can be made by themselves or bought at the flea market.Say, for a new outfit does not have to be spent immediately a fortune.Trend parts or colors can also be found in only one piece of jewelry.Also a good trick to take the current ‘nice neon’ trend with you.
Again the same outfit a bit towards Rockabella
Hair and flower:H & M
Shoes:Tamaris wedge heel pumps 39.90
(these shoes are also for sale) Once worn, for the outfit on the Maite Kelly Show, I can not move elegantly in it.
The used accessories on a litter:
A few years ago I had a trick on a girlfriend. This is still with new clothes still in the stores, where there are cheap accessories and has bought equally suitable. So I do it since then. Works great, but only as long as you have no allergy to the whole stuff.