Accessories Trends Spring Summer

The holidays are approaching and you want to know what accessory especially not forget in your suitcase? We spotted you for the 10 accessory headlights summer 2016 and selected the best 40 products!

The Glasses Round Suns

This summer, they are rounded glasses that we put our nose! And not hesitate either to play originality: color branches and especially glasses mirror totally trends. The sunglasses become THE piece to complete her look.

The Fanny Pack

The current fashion is totally regressive so what better than to go for the banana bag? 1, because it is convenient (your old uncle repeat for years) and 2, because brands compete in originality to offer funny templates, classes or stylish. Go ahead, jump on it!

The White Sneakers

For this summer, the white shoes are still in trend. You can do most of Stan Smith? Know that there are many alternative models, but also materials. There is a pair with just what it takes to stand out and you win. Otherwise, you can highlight the timeless Converse.

The Fringed Bag

Big return bohemian look this summer and with him one of his pieces flagship: the fringed bag. Available in all possible models (straps, pouches, shopping bags), everyone will find happiness. The only requirement of the (real or fake) leather!

The Fun Bag

Summer is for fun. So to give a touch of fun to our evening looks, choosing a wallet with an original form: the more fun the better!

Spartan Rising

Ever wanted to look like a Greek goddess (or just after a gladiator why not): Spartan rising are for you! An original choice to accessorize a garment, one of the musts of summer.

The Gold Tattoos

The temporary tattoo is always trend this summer and better! For what better way to have the totally cool tattoo on the beach that goes with our swimsuit? We opt for a golden version applied to a slightly tanned skin effect guaranteed!

The Crew Neck Collar

Want to adopt the 90’s trend this summer? To do this, why not indulge in a crew neck collar so fashionable during the nineties. The boldest most will choose the collar effect plastic tattoo, the same they already wore it 20 years ago!

Panama Hat

You do not have a hat on your head? Too bad for you, because the panama will accessorize the heads of all fashionistas! Perfect for sunny days!

The Arm Bracelet

A nice alternative to an original jewelry: a bracelet that is worn on the upper arm. In gold or silver version, it will be perfect on a skin tanned by a beach day. Discover our selection of accessories shopping summer 2016 in the slide show above on