Accomplishments in Decoration

We often see pictures of beautiful, huge and sophisticated environments in magazines and on the Internet and we think there is nothing we can take advantage of. At other times we find them so different from our taste that, after a quick look, we discard them. And still others, we do not pay attention to photos, at first, “silly”….
By doing so we are missing out on great opportunities to learn a lot about decor and also about our own taste and style. Look at what a little more attentive look can perceive:
In this photo “bobinha”, the perfect example of a suggestion that I often give to the readers (s) who write me: A curtain that has a color similar to the color Of the wall where it is placed brings lightness. Also, the monochrome print makes it not “boring”, you see? Note that this light, neutral background is perfect for dark, gray, red and green furniture (look at the table).
Another example of “bobinho”: See that the color of the wall exists in the prints of the curtain and of the carpet, pictures are formed by the same colors, almost all neutral. The pattern of the curtain is very small, so as not to “fight” with that of the carpet, which draws attention to it. This is a perfect way to use 2 prints, whether in curtain and rug, wallpaper and curtain, cushions, sofa and curtain, etc…
This sophisticated environment has many lessons: Despite using almost 2 colors, the areas are very well delimited by the use of them: In the living room, the cushions and wallpaper from (another example of the good use of prints together) draw attention, but Do not “fight” with the dining area, where red (beautiful with gray) and textures were used (the silestone of the countertop and the full-bodied fabric of the chairs). Textures and prints should be used to “enrich” environments that have few colors.
This environment is not to my taste, but look at how the background in darker gray heats up and highlights the staircase, as the light wood gets exalted with the use of gray, as the red of the chairs is perfect in this set of colors, as the Different chair and small colored elements (in green and blue mainly) bring a younger tone to the set!
So, in magazines, on the internet, decoration shows (such as Casa Cor SP and the Mostra Black that are happening now in São Paulo), watch carefully, observe the details, use your imagination to find a way to bring something to the Their environment. Enjoy the numerous lessons and examples of how to decorate well.