Acer Predator 8 Official: Android Tablets from Gaming at 349 Euro

Acer presents to IFA 2015 its first Android tablets dedicated to gaming. Acer Predator 8 (GT-810) is a 8 inch Full HD resolution (1920 x 1200 pixels), run by CPU Intel Atom x 7 “Cherry Trail”, with 4 front speakers (Predator meets Perry) and metallic back cover. Will be available in October with prices from 349 euro.
Acer Predator 8 has a special design, but often is 8.7 mm and weighs 350 grams. On Android 5.1 Lollipop, and with a system of tactile feedback called Predator TacSense to improve the yield with the games, the pride of smaller sensors with higher density (Predator Precision Plus) United States support for a stylus (capacitive) with 2 mm drill bit.
A product different from everyone else, anticipated by Acer already in spring but now only exposed and shown in all its details. Soon will be online the our video evidence from EBIZDIR.
Acer unveils first tablet dedicated to the game: the powerful Predator 8

  • The games come alive with Predator meets Perry, a combination of four front speakers and surround sound, while Predator TacSense provides an exciting tactile feedback.
  • Exceptionally realistic images shown on the display by 8-inch FHD (1920 x 1200), with Predator technology ColorBlast
  • Engaging games and graphically rich thanks to new Intel ® AtomTM x 7, 2 x 2 MIMO wireless technology for Android 5.1 and internet connections at maximum speed
  • Has dark grey brushed aluminum back cover and is extremely thin and light, only 8.7 mm thick and just 350 grams

Berlin, Germany, September 2, 2015 -Acer today announced its new tablet gaming Predator 8 GT-810, one of the new gaming devices of the range “high octane” Acer Predator. With the elegant brushed aluminium cover the GT-810 is based on the latest Intel ® AtomTM x 7, Android 2 x 2 MIMO wireless technology 5.1, and the last, to bring the fun on the move to a new level of pleasure and involvement.
To make games, exciting and engaging films and videos, the Predator 8 GT-810 uses a high quality display FHD (1920 x 1200) with clear crystal and incredible graphics, while Predator meets Perry, a system of four front speakers with virtual surround sound and Red stainless steel protection grid, provides an exceptionally realistic stereo sound. In addition, Predator TacSense makes video games more pleasant and unforgettable, enriching them with the feedback tattile1.
Slim and light, the Predator 8 is only 8.7 mm thick and weighs just 350 grams, making it extremely portable and easy to handle with one or two hands. In addition, the soft motif on the back makes it even easier to hold in your hand.
High octane performance and realistic effects
Players will appreciate the raw power of the Predator 8. The new generation Intel ® AtomTM x 7-z8700 with Intel HD graphics (8th Jan-LP) offers graphics and amazing performance, while the standard 802.11 a/b/g/n wireless with 2 x 2 MIMO supports high connection speed and data processing up to twice the speed2, than traditional 1 x 1. Predator TacSense provides tactile feedback that makes the gaming experience more engaging and fun with a real vibration, and with a built in memory up to 64 GB with expandable via microSD up to 128 GB, players have plenty of space to carry their games, videos and music wherever they go.
Designed for games
Acer has partnered with Gameloft from the earliest moments of the design of the Predator 8 to maximize the gaming experience. For example, Asphalt racing, 8, Gameloft game integrates seamlessly with Predator T acSense to provide a realistic and immersive games. The Predator 8 GT-810 will be precaricato3 with Asphalt 8 and 320,000 game credits (about 50 us dollars).
Excellent sound and graphics to stimulate the senses
This tablet with 8-inch high-definition screen (1920 x 1200) uses Zero Air Gap and IPS to offer a superior color saturation, more visible from all angles, and crisp and clear film. Elevating the graphics to the next level, the Predator technology ColorBlast door high quality colors by professional monitors to 100% NTSC color gamut supporting the tablet.
Extraordinarily powerful, sound is provided through the Predator system meets Perry-four front speakers can reproduce a virtual surround sound and an amazingly realistic sound and with a precise dynamic without distortion. The special algorithm to intelligently distribute the sound Meets for all speaker for maximum clarity and a powerful volume, resulting in ideal audio experience for personal enjoyment and that can easily fill a room for large meetings or social events. In addition, Dolby ® audio TM significantly improves sound quality by optimizing the sound for different situations: from streaming movies or listening to music through external speakers or headphones, you can offer clear dialogue, clean, stable high midrange and bass.
Finally, Predator MediaMaster is an exclusive application Acer that lets you customize your audio and video for use in Standard mode, albums, movies and games. For example, the spread of the Game mode surround sound, color saturation and contrast are increased, while in movie mode the bass is set at the middle tier and the dark areas of the display are set to see more details.
Highly precise touchscreen to play with whatever
To provide one of the best experiences available, touch the Predator 8 is powered by Predator Precision Plus, which incorporates touch sensors smaller and with a density greater than standard. The greatest density of sensors, allows finer control, which is especially useful in FPS games (the first person shooter). It is also ideal to draw or write: the tablet can be used with any fine tip even from 2 mm and writing instruments like a normal graphite pencil or Accurate Stylus Acer, purchased separately.
Acer will provide a range of optional accessories for your tablet gaming Predator 8, including covers, cases, stylus, travel adaptors, SlimPort adapters and gaming headphones.