Acer Renews Its Line of Tablets with Lollipop and Approach in Education: 8 Iconia and Tab 10

Android tablets are not dead, although this year for the time being we have seen few representatives in the category. In New York, Acer today unveiled two new tablets with Google’s mobile operating system. The Taiwanese manufacturer renews Iconia with an eight-inch model and another ten education-oriented. Entry teams that bring about many interesting developments both inside and outside.
Acer, that Yes, does not change her course on Android and another year focuses on teams with modest features and a more discreet to position itself with the price profile. Despite that, a couple of details that seek to differentiate themselves and offer a unique tablet within a range where increasingly there are more models and the competition is more hard-fought are saved. We see in detail what we can expect from these new Iconia.

Acer Iconia 8, neither big nor small

In its day the Iconia range sought their niche with an eight-inch model, a more or less intermediate point between seven and ten inches, formats that once dominated the category. Stay in them with a weight of 355 grams and 9.5 millimeters thick. Curiously, in the back bet on a pattern similar to the tartan fabric (Yes, like the checked shirts) to improve grip and make it more comfortable in hand.
On the screen, as said before, 8 diagonal inch IPS panel with HD resolution 720 p and technology zero air gap to remove airbag that sometimes occurs between different layers of this component. In the respective to the touch we find one of the differential points of this model: smaller tactile sensors which, according to Acer, make it much more accurate recognition with fingers.
Also be able to use pencils with a thickness of up to 0.2 mm Although the tablet will be sold with a stylus as an accessory to draw on the screen. Sounds good, but it remains to be seen if it works as well as the technology used by other competitors, the reference here is Samsung with their phablets.
Processor count with a Intel Atom that, for the moment, Acer has not given more details. The RAM is not specified but is likely to come with 1 GB. There will be two memory configurations: 16 or 32 GB that you can expand with microSD cards. Software will come with a 5.0 Android Lollipop with few aesthetic changes but with a few own applications.
Screen capture with three fingers, an app for taking quick notes and a kind of system of multi-tasking gadgets to have small applications open at the same time… Nothing exceptional or that can not be used with applications of Google Play. At the moment know the exact data of the battery, they speak of 8.5 hours use but do not give many more details.
The Chambers are composed of a pair of 3 and 5 megapixel, the rear has a sensor 88 ° angle to capture more items when we take a picture. A priori it sounds like it will be an item with little prominence and which give little use because although it is not fair to judge a House by its resolution, it seems that the sensor will not be exceptional.
The Acer Iconia 8 will be released in Spain next month of July at a price of 179 euros If we opt for the 16 GB version. It will be available in ten colors and time as will be the model with double the capacity have not yet confirmed.

Acer Iconia Tab 10, thinking of the College

Acer goes up the step and the Iconia Tab 10 seeks a more full and education-oriented model. They orient it as a tablet oriented classrooms, but you can buy it freely regardless of the contracts that they conclude with different schools. As said before, a more complete tablet specifications.
Processor Intel Atom, 2GB of DDR3 RAM and three choices of internal memory: 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. The display has a size of 10.1 inches and Full HD resolution. Details about the panel technology have not given, but all indications are that it will be an IPS also. What we do know is that it will also have Zero Air Gap and more accurate touch technology to recognize gestures and stylus. In the software we start an Android 5.0 Lollipop with few modifications and a few applications House brand.
In factor form is repeated the pattern type tartan on the back with silky plastic as the main material and thus ensure a better grip. As for the dimensions will have 260 millimeters wide, 176 long and 9.7 thick with a weight of 560 grams. The battery will provide less autonomy and will, according to Acer, on five hours of use.
Acer Iconia Tab 10 most affordable configuration will depart from a price of 299 EUR If we opt for the 16 GB version. You have to try both teams but feel giving from the sheet they are discrete teams where they will compete mainly on price with other similar tablets. The design is differential but also key.