ADAM Audio Column MK 3

We all know the attraction, to take advantage of a technique that not everyone has the own hi-fi system, be it tubes or turntable. With the speaker, where dynamic chassis dominate, the Magnetostaten make up the famous Gallic village against the mainstream. Such as ADAM audio.

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Magnetostaten with foil membrane are so to speak the refined version of the Ribbon: increasing impedance such as electromagnetic field, a multiple spiral or curved track onto a non-conductive membrane film is applied, usually glued. So can build more in the width of the drivers and benefits Piega yet from the light weight and smooth drive – and infinity are prominent advocates of this mode. The admittedly more challenges in terms of attaching the magnets (they must equally close to the traces be) and own bundling (the membrane may be not too large).
The combination of a large powered membrane surface and a small, the omnidirectional speak squaring the circle of magneto-static, adequate sound beam area, managed in the 1970s the physicist Oskar Heil: he folded a large Magnetostatic membrane several times and let drag harmonies similar to swing it. Publicity given to this concept has mainly ELAC with their JET tweeters. Not only for the tweeter, the German boxing specialist ADAM uses the Heil’sche principle but also in the midrange.
That is a gamble, because here the vibrations continue slower pace and more air needs to be moved. In the new column MK 3 a significantly enlarged, with a sharper zigzag grid X-ART midrange from 800 hertz is therefore used, in slightly refined form already in the high-end active box tensor Delta (AUDIO 6/09) plays. Speaking of active: ADAM developer Klaus Heinz is a supporter of the active principle, in which each receives an own amplifier for years. The column MK 3 there as full active version with built-in power amplifiers, of course what should bring some Hertz depth and overall a little more precision in the bass thanks to the ability to better reconciliation.
To optimize the passive version, the bass reflex channel is very deeply, what requires a large volume of housing. The two 17-cm drivers from a specially designed self bonding membrane sandwich must also work in parallel until in the midrange. Moreover until the great takes over then the small X-ART, both incidentally in favour of a uniform circular beam behavior with slight sound guides provided.
Despite similar genes the tall Adam Column defected sonically a trace of the already tested representatives of the tensor series: you reached in the choral passages of Lehár’s “Eva” (BOSIC, CPO) not quite the analytical resolution of the half active Delta, sounded for a good portion of round and laid-back. You would call “Not afraid of monitors!” to the homogeneity and tonal warmth, squinting Hi-Fi fan, but just the column showed that a high degree of precision not necessarily at the expense of the enjoyment has to go. Tonal and character she defeated incorruptible neutral score like the ME Geithain ME 150 thus in the same, (AUDIO 9/07), without however to reach their casual spatial and prominent concert hall atmosphere.
That was probably not the goal: the ADAM is rather aimed at listeners who directly and intimately like it, who prefer the immediacy of the breathing of a studio recording of the somewhat unaccountable spaciousness of a live recording. It about, the sound innovators by Whitetree was fascinating (“Cloudland”, noble; 6/09) to be able to literally listen to when working on any control and any short sample. The Geithain tried to bring this authenticity and space sounds, what not always managed, while the ADAM rather than represented them, what they are: brilliant sound experiments that relate their musical atmosphere straight out of a certain artificiality. Dynamically, the column was this exalted beyond any doubt: Michael Jackson’s “thriller” sounded though in the bass emphasizes sober and controlled, sprayed but otherwise of dynamics and commencement.
ADAM column MK 3

Manufacturer ADAM
Price €5600.00
Rating 96.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

General data
Dimensions (W x H x D) 23.0 x 120.5 x 30.0 cm
Weight 32.0
Color Walnut, cherry, gloss black
Technical characteristics
Bass principle Two-way bass reflex
Number of ways 3
Working principle of full Active passive
Connections single wiring
XLR connectors
Space adaptation
Surround complementary.
Laboratory characteristics
Maximum volume upper value 106 dB
lower cut-off frequency (-3dB) 40 Hz
Lower cut-off frequency (-6 dB) 37 Hz
Nominal impedance (audio) 4 ohm
neutral, ultra-precise monitor, thereby clearly and dynamically sensitive
room not so deep bass slightly sober,
Bass quality 90
Bass depth (bass Foundation) 85
Attention to detail (precision) 110
Dynamic 100
Maximum level (vitality) 80
Neutrality 100
Imaging 100
Spatial (airiness) 80
Processing well
Sound judgment outstanding 96
tested in issue: 9 / 09