Advantages & Disadvantages of Swedish Goggles

Swedish goggles are goggles. Their particularity is that they have no joints. They are especially used in swimming competition for their lightness and their good seal.

Swedish goggles: goggles swimming kit
Swedish goggles are glasses kit, which consist of the bare minimum:

  • The glasses
  • The bridge (which connects the two lenses and element which is placed on the nose)
  • The elastic adjustment.

The three elements come together to form glasses that fit exactly to the morphology of the swimmer (eyes, round head…).
The benefits of the Swedish goggles
Swedish goggles follow well the shape of the upper face and offer a good seal. You can set as you like so that the glasses well cover your eyes and don’t let water. These glasses are light and take little space. In addition, they are not expensive at all. You can find less than €3.
In the swimming competition, it is important to be “weaker” as possible to the water in order to go faster. Swedish goggles contribute. Nothing slows the swimmer: these are smaller swimming goggles that exist.
The disadvantages of the Swedish goggles
The disadvantage of the Swedish glasses is that they are less comfortable than glasses with joints. They can cause pain on the eyes. Leisure swimming goggles have seals around the glass, and are more comfortable to wear, especially when we swim occasionally.
Swedish goggles are small goggles in kit, without joints, reduced to the bare minimum.They are particularly appreciated by professional swimmers.