Advantages of LED Bulbs

Very moved is the market of the LED bulbs for home. It has now been Sharp that has presented its new lights of this type. Not everything will be Philips in the digital home of the future.
LED bulbs are worth sharp despite its priced so high? Given that they cost between 40 and 80 euros, it should think about it much, but I think that they are the future and presenting very interesting aspects. We are going to see.
The first advantage new lamps is their consumption reduced without loss of brightness. Thus, they are able to illuminate as a traditional bulb but almost 10 times less consumption. And we can use them in the same lamps that we already have at home.
Lower consumption of LED bulbs on the incandenscentes is already clear and by itself would be worth the change, but that in addition, LED technology makes the duration of these much higher even with more hours of operation. Their useful life is estimated at 40,000 hours.
But there is more. How you would like to change the color of the light bulb a radiant white to a warm and intimate yellow? You can with the new Sharp LED bulbs. And all using a remote control to do so. Nothing special lamps to make it, everything is in the own bulb.
Other advantages of LED lamps make reference to the use of less polluting materials and even they retard a fire, that light up at full power from the moment in which we light them or that your lighting is completely uniform. And something that we love to those who live in hot places with mosquitoes: its light does not attract insects.
A long time ago that we had the opportunity to see a LED bulb with the feature allowing you to change the color of the light through a remote control remote.
And if that could be installed instead of a conventional light bulb, a new model allows to use it rather than a halogen lamp, the availability of a connector compatible with these. Also, this LED bulb colors It can be controlled by a remote control.
With it you can select between 16 different colors that you can emit the light bulb, as well as switch between four brightness levels or adjust the effects of transition between different colors.
The LED bulb It has a power of 5 Watts and a lifespan of 25000 hours. It allows to handle more than one bulb with the same remote control and has a price of just over $26.