Affordable Leather Jackets

The average range is up to 800 euros: it’s actually a little surprising but remember: a good leather, it’s expensive.
Chevignon (thank you Michael UN and NATO)
A good basic and unadorned leather with entry level around 250/300 euros in balance I would stay in the safe bets and staying away hoods and other padded structures. Just stick you in the B-Easy, B and B-Ever-Player. They are particularly suited to small sizes.

(Photos to come)
Temple Of Jawnz
This brand is practically born on the Superfuture forum: it offers very basic shapes with excellent finishes and materials. This is an excellent quality / price ratio in mid-range (400-500 euros).
Only problem: a deplorable customer service and really long delivery. Try to find used on forums like Superfuture.
I have
A Rick Owens bis average range, it can be found at 400-500 euros on ebay.
Gmarket (see JamaisVulgaire Guide)
One key to more elaborate treatments and subtle color: the constructions are more interesting.
These jackets are destined by clearly against slender physiques and are made to be worn and bent short: despite a more elaborate style, they are in the region of 350 euros (they were sold for 500 euros last year on Yesstyle).
If you are looking jackets in the style Rick Owens but more affordable, then it’s right what you need: the brand used for leather Vincent. Too bad, their jackets are not yet available online.
If you can invest to 600-700 euros for a good first leather jackets, go their construction is very conventional and they have no treatment. Leather is simply well made and will best suit an outfit without frills. They buy 500 resulted euros: if you go to Paris, they are in a small courtyard at 109 Boulevard Beaumarchais. And if you want to end up blind, go see the man collection of Erotokritos, next door “for the lolz” as they say (this brand really leaves me cold).
Surface 2 Air
Surface To Air has done numerous collaborations jackets: to figure it out, we must immediately forget the hype and focus on quality. These are the jackets collaboration Justice who particularly impressed me, especially Gaspard model.
This is a very good perfecto, but is priced in against evil and that without varnish marketing, would more found its place at about 650 euros. Unable to correct it because these models are ever more balanced.
Bill Tornade
The brand has come a long, and begins to make good quality leather. They can be found around 500 euros.