After the Loss, Latin Singer Finds Your Pet Monkey

The Singer Has Mobilized Social Networks To Help You In The Search Of The Monkey

On Saturday night (8), the Latin singer has posted a video on their social networks for help to the residents of Rio de Janeiro to find your pet monkey, Twelves. He was very excited and worried about the disappearance of the animal, which, according to the singer, had fled.

According to the video, Twelves had escaped and the last time he was seen was in a condo near the Woods of Barra da Tijuca. The Latin singer was visiting the Rio de Janerio when it happened, where he has a residence. But he and your monkey live in São Paulo, where fixed Twelves hangs out with a caregiver.

After the mobilisation on social networks, on Sunday morning (9) the monkey was finally found. With the help of a recorded audio by caregiver and amplified with the use of a megaphone, Twelves heard her voice and appeared. The singer recorded the time of revival meeting and posted on your Instagram.
“Thank you so much for your prayers Brazil!!! I had faith that God would not leave us in the lurch. After going through a Creek, through Bush and entering more than 30 condos by complex of Barra da Tijuca, we can finally find him, detail, far away from my house, in a humble residence near the Lake of Jacarepaguá airport. ” He writes in the caption of the video.
The Latin singer finishes the post saying: “it was exciting! My will was to crush the Twelves of anger, but the happiness I found him spoke louder. Look at his little face of disoriented. You’re grounded! ” I’m glad this reencontroteve a happy ending.