Alcatel OneTouch Pop 10, Analysis

Last January of hinted the Tablet that Alcatel was preparing a solution of range average size of 9.6 inch display and 4G connectivity.
In March it was announced officially 10 Pop OnTouch and its arrival on the Spanish market has already occurred, so I approach our analysis not only of the Tablet in question but also of its keyboard attachment making it a convertible fledged.

Good but sober and functional design

The Tablet of Alcatel OneTouch is not known mainly for its design. There is no advocacy of any feature that stands out on the majority of Tablets on the market. Rear finish has a rubbery matte material, but beyond that we could say that we we have one Tablet more.
If we stroll by your specifications we find that measures (244 x 146.5 x 7.9 mm) are correct for a device of something less than 10 inches diagonally, but shows some large Marcos top and bottom of the screen. The point where stands out the Tablet is in thickness, with 7, 9mm although camera protrudes slightly more, adding up to a total weight of 400 grams.

Alcatel 10 Pop ONETOUCH, specifications
Physical dimensions 244 x 146.5 x 7.9 mm
400 grams
Screen 9.6 inch IPS
Resolution WXGA 1280 x 800 pixels
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 Quad Core Cortex A53 @ 1.2 GHz
Graphics processor Adreno 306
Memory 16 GB + microSD
Version Android 5.0.2 Lollipop (32-bit)
Connectivity GPS, Glonass
Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n 2.4 and 5 GHz,
Bluetooth 4.0
FM radio
Cameras Front: 2 Mpx
Rear: 5 Mpx
Battery Battery Li-ion, 4600 mAh
Approximate price 259 EUR
Other data Magnetic accessories designed exclusively: housings or keyboard

As you can see we are before a device that could be called a Tablet with heart of smartphone either a Smartphone with pretensions of Tablet due to its size of screen.

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So much so that there is the possibility of using it to make calls without any problems thanks to the card microSIM that we can use on it, now, I don’t know who has what it takes to please a pileup of 9 inch face to talking on the phone with him.


This section has cost us to appreciate it since even though we have seen how it pays to the height of the SoC that integrates a basic medium range, that we have noticed some lag in the operating system when using it together with the keyboard (sold separately).
The chip Snapdragon 410 It is’ve seen him us in mobile devices such as Motorola Moto G and offers a good overall performance coupled with reduced consumption. The 3D performance stays something right if we go to resolutions FullHD, but on this occasion, despite 9.6 inch screen, Alcatel has been in resolution 1280 x 800 pixels (16:9 format) which makes it possible to play games of last generation without noticing that we are in a mid-range hardware.
Synthetic tests have not left any doubt about what we have in the interior of the Tablet and it is something that we can compare with other Tablets on the market as for example the line Samsung Galaxy Tab Active.

10 Pop ONETOUCH Galaxy Tab Active 8
AnTuTu 22.008 points 18.033 points
Quadrant 13.254 points 8680 points
3DMark Ice Storm: 5.216
Ice Storm Extreme: 2,623
Ice Storm Unlimited: 4.340
EPIC Citadel High Performance: 56.4 FPS
High Quality: 54.4 FPS
Ultra High Quality: 28.5 FPS
57.3 FPS
55.6 FPS
30.2 FPS
Vellamo HTML5: 1903
Metal: 866
Multicore: 1004

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The Tablet comes with a fairly clean Lollipop, without a heavy launcher version or else consumes RAM that just making a dent in the use of the Tablet. However that Giga of RAM integrated it seems to be something right if we abuse multitasking.
Did not like the lag we noticed when using the keyboard, press home on the keyboard and wait those two seconds to do effect encourages us to press “to see if we have not pressed well” again. All this seems to indicate that Alcatel should Polish software, at least as far as connectivity keyboard Bluetooth touch.

Correct screen, right size

The Tablet of Alcatel integrates a display of 9.6 inches diagonal, which is virtually the same size as iPad screens but in widescreen format.
It is a size that makes it quite thin to hold it with one hand vertically and, at the same time, sufficiently large as to enjoy multimedia contents.
The technology behind the screen panel is IPS and it offers a very wide viewing angles as well as precise colors from any point of view. We have detected that color temperature is fairly well calibrated, keeping a good balance and away from the small red or blue dye in white colors.
Is a point in which you have to stop thinking in the resolution?1280 x 800 pixels is it sufficient for this screen size? We are perhaps at the point more critical of this Tablet is that, although we found it as a compromise between price and performance, it is true that the size of pixel (157ppp) is significantly larger than in smartphones.
This mean? Thus if we hold the Tablet at a short distance we could see some pixelamiento in text, something that on smartphones we already seemed to have passed. It is also true that for a routine use and distances of 40 cm on the effect fades, but you have to make it clear that we do not have a high resolution display.

Software and autonomy, welcome Lollipop

Alcatel has been brave and is one of the first manufacturers to launch your device with Lollipop of series. In fact Pop 10 brings a 5.0.2 version and we have to mention now that we were surprised to be one 32-bit version, Despite mounting a chip’s 64-bit inside and missed part of the latent performance of the.
Alcatel OneTouch has us accustomed to the use of simple launchers with little system overload, which is welcome, but also preinstall applications of series to have a basis as the unit is switched on.
There are users who see this policy successful, I instead see personally, that these applications, mostly games and utilities occupy those 16 GB of ROM space and they are unnecessary. The positive point is that You can uninstall no problem, not as in other devices you have to uninstall the updates to a certain extent and then disable them.
As curiosities of the integrated software highlighted the use of infrared via Peel Smart Remote that recommend us content according to our tastes and allows you to change the channel on most TVs and set-top box from the own Tablet market.
It should be noted that the Tablet mounted 16 GB of ROM and there are only 11.63 GB user available It is something that might seem scarce within weeks but always can use cards microSD to expand the capacity in addition to the increasingly popular cloud storage services.
As for autonomy, it should be noted that the battery of 4600 mAh It has been good thanks to the frugality of the SoC Qualcomm who has a very content consumption. If you do intensive Tablet will hold between three and four hours and if the more relaxed use, web browsing, multimedia display can stretch battery up to approx. 8-9 hours of use.
Finally the paragraph software, leave evidence of some Alcatel customization to include its own applications store either your Update OTA, You can’t currently find new version Android: 5.0.2 (010ZZ01).

Camera and multimedia

Call me weird, but see the people down the street taking pictures with 10-inch Tablets I find it rare, and already that, not only is that with such a “tile” you are bothering the people behind preventing see.
Alcatel has integrated a rear Chamber of 5 Mpx not noted because of the higher resolution of the market and offers a quality similar to that it procured in mobile a few years ago, correct no more. There is no LED flash or autofocus, so in low light situations will do pass some other havoc to the image quality.
The software promises manual or advanced settings, but if we take into account that there is no possibility to change the approach, those paragraphs are rather lame: balance white, ISO, exposure and activate or deactivate the HDR mode.
With that same camera can record videos FullHD 1.080@30fps that they meet in situations with enough light.
Front camera has 2Mpx and not especially noted, meets for use in video calls and some cash selfie.
It is clear that the photo section is the most affected When it comes to offer balanced Tablets that should reach commitments to maintain a content device price.
As to the section multimedia because we must mention that this Tablet and its relationship 16:9 screen does that we forget the thick black lines that show 4:3 devices like iPad to watch movies or series. In addition, Pop 10 has a speaker with good sound power, although perhaps to doubt some of its location, in the back of the same.

Keyboard SmartCover

Despite not come standard with the Tablet, Alcatel ONETOUCH has given us a unit for your testing with the Tablet and we leave our impressions regarding this.
We have a device manufactured exclusively for Alcatel ONETOUCH Since you can leave the Tablet on the keyboard and be fixed by a magnetic system.
The keyboard works by Bluetooth, i.e., it would work with any Tablet or Android market but with Pop 10 device offers features such as bypass of energy, i.e. If you put the keyboard via microUSB charging and have the Tablet connected to the keyboard, Pop 10 also charges.
The size of the keyboard seems correct, in fact, this analysis have drafted it with the Tablet and that keyboard. The only problem that we see when using the set is one of the attractions of the Tablet, its thickness, We threw it by land due to the hinge system and own Tablet thickness we are going to more than double the original thickness.
We also have to mention that the model that we have received is not N-key in the layout but with so just go to settings and choose Spanish, we have written so natural with it appearing the letter N to the press the L button right.
We are at the bottom of the keyboard with a minitouchpad that rather limited has a use if we stop to think that the screen is touch, very close to the keyboard and Android is designed for this type of interaction.


We have a Tablet that we say it stands out by a great balance of price and performance. It is not a high-end Tablet, but not intended to be so. Delivers cutting-edge features such as connectivity 4 G and extras like it is the ability to control a TV via infrared.
The performance offered by its chip quad – core is correct and we can enjoy games, web browsing, and all the Android experience on Tablet provided let us know that we we do not have a Ferrari but before a utility with good equipment.

In favour

  • 4 G and IR connectivity
  • Thickness
  • Price


  • Design
  • Screen resolution
  • Rear camera AF without Flash

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The Tablet has been granted to the tests by Alcatel OneTouch Spain. You can consult our policy of relations with companies